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[Machiavelli] eTurkey- eIran Situation

Day 2,186, 15:42 Published in Turkey Ireland by Machiavelli

Hi everyone,
I see that there are too many misunderstandings about that situation and results of it. Most of eTurkish people know something about it but foreign people should know whats going on too. Let’s look deeper!

From the start of negotiations between Iran and Turkey about renting 3 regions, both side agreed on an agreement which will be valid for 2 months at June. This agreement renewed on September for 2 months again. So this month it hasn’t renewed and some disagreements seen on those two governments. It doesn’t mean Turkey is an betrayer or agreement-breaker. Also there are no any words given to eIran that it will be renewed forever. Its a choice of current government. I am not in government in this month so I don’t know about details, only heard about some insults and anything like that. As you know, it can’t be reason for any battle against two country those brothers for a long time. There were another misunderstandings and mistakes on my Ministry of Foreign Affairs term between those countries, but we solved it immediately. That can be happened again.
Main reason of starting a war, seems like most of eTurkey citizens were bored and want to start a war. (Results of voting about a serious war or not / %59) and Iran’s attitude on meetings, not going to discount on renting price. Also as most of eTurkey citizens say “excitement” on game.
There are too many ideas on fight to eIran or not in eTurkey. People splitted, some of them fighting for their own country, some of them for opposite side.
Anyway, there is a war and both sides want to gain it. Wish it would not happened ever. But according to that situation, we have to take this battle!

All of allies and friends!




Machiavelli Day 2,186, 15:42

[Machiavelli] eTurkey- eIran Situation

Seyneym Day 2,186, 15:43

o zaman sal

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 2,186, 15:43


UCH1HA Day 2,186, 15:45

üç üç üç 😃

Mustafa K. Ataturk
Mustafa K. Ataturk Day 2,186, 15:46


Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 2,186, 15:46

'As you know, it can’t be reason for any battle against two country those brothers for a long time.'

you are wrong.eTR and eIR were never brothers

Mousavian Day 2,186, 16:02

Study the history of erepublik. there were always brotherhood except a 8 month period

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 2,186, 16:13

we had mpp for months but we were never 'brothers'

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 2,186, 17:24

eRepublik birthday
Jun 19, 2012

Be nice to newbies.

Faraz.RevengeR Day 2,186, 16:35

Ask your oldies before posting such a ridiculous comments 🙂

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 2,186, 16:47

i am old enough dont worry,this is not my first account.if eTR considered eIR as a brother,would there be this war?

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 2,187, 01:11


Faraz.RevengeR Day 2,187, 05:56

When you talk about history,it contains the whole story since the beginning,not just past few months.

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Day 2,187, 05:59

i am talking about past few years

Talas 751
Talas 751 Day 2,186, 15:46


Talas 751
Talas 751 Day 2,186, 15:47


Albus Day 2,186, 15:56


but lets be honest my friend

you need fun so you attacked Iran

this is the only reason of this war

at least accept what you did like a tru Turk

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 15:59

there is many reasons my friend, as I wrote, excitement is one of them. it had happened and we can't change it. Just try to have fun 🙂

Albus Day 2,186, 16:03

Turkey should choose someone equal of his power
Attacking to an ally that gave you his own regions and when there is an agreement just for excitement is not a true behavior

this is the reason that some allies of turkey fought for Iran side

I hope Turkish gov can see his fault and will of his people and stop this nonesense

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 16:04

i hope it will be finished soon too 🙂

Mustafa K. Ataturk
Mustafa K. Ataturk Day 2,187, 05:05

I think this guy missed Iranian's trolling to our CP through PM's. And thank you for admitting that Iran is not a strong country. I am gonna be honest. When we argued the war in our cabinet PM, I did not to want to attack, but after I saw your people's attitudes everywhere, I realized that Iran is actually not a brother and has never been. o7

RIZA BABA 26 Day 2,186, 16:00


crazy.ottoman Day 2,186, 16:02


sbhttn Day 2,186, 16:04


behnam jabbari
behnam jabbari Day 2,186, 16:06

Don't tell jokes man Iran wasn't honest? Iran didn't want to make an agreement?
I told your official to publish the conversation but they ignored cause they wanted to hide all realities from their people you know why? because they wanted to show IRAN is deal breaker NO it is not like that
these are a little part of realities just JUDGE and find out you are betrayed:

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 16:09

dont publish logs, its not ethical at this moment. I did it once and saw what its really wrong.

behnam jabbari
behnam jabbari Day 2,186, 16:12

So do not advertise that Iran wasn't honest and they didn't give discount
We said ok we give you the lands and 30G was nothing for those Regions
but we said ok we give it for brotherhood look at log
then what happend?

behnam jabbari
behnam jabbari Day 2,186, 16:13

3rd log is clear we gave and accepted the rent and price just for brotherhood but you were not honest abit

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 2,186, 16:11

With greeks like your brothers I wish you good luck

watch your ass from your greek brothers

Sor3naa Day 2,186, 16:13

Comment deleted

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 16:15

this is not a propaganda or anything like that. its just your mentality 🙂

Sor3naa Day 2,186, 16:17

Sorry I had to delete it . It is Prop man . You know it's not true that you "deserve" to attack us ! If the rent was over , you gotta give us our regions back and then plan an attack . Still couldn't expect other countries to support you attacking a pro-TWO country and waste their dmg !

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 16:19

i didn't say its war true or not. also i am not in gov, just personally article 🙂

Sor3naa Day 2,186, 16:15

well This article doesn't make any sense . You're basically saying that you wanna have "excitement" so other people help you be more excited by winning a non fair war !

You gotta work more on your propaganda skill man ! This is not working well for you !

Dionisopoulos Day 2,186, 16:16

Greece fight for Iran!
Greeks fight always against Turks!
o7 Greece
o7 Poland

o7 unofficial Military Unit!

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 2,186, 16:17


Dionisopoulos Day 2,186, 16:16
Greece fight for Iran!
Greeks fight always against Turks!


Dionisopoulos Day 2,186, 16:20

Do you speak Greek?Ahh..i forget Macedonia is Hellenic Area!

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 2,186, 16:25

in your dreams maybe

Dionisopoulos Day 2,186, 16:35

Haha...You just do a PROPAGANDA because you country don't have History!

Faraz.RevengeR Day 2,186, 16:33

So you sayin you got bored and then (according to your article) you attacked your "long time brother"?
is this the way of diplomacy in the Turkish gov?
"dudes,we are bored.let's invade some brother country for excitement"
This just sounds like a cheap propaganda to me.

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 16:38

it has been criticized there. read carefully 🙂

Faraz.RevengeR Day 2,186, 16:44

I did
But you should know Justifying a wrong action just make it worse

Machiavelli Day 2,186, 16:46

what you want? write an article and say ppl that fight against turkey? national interests come first. its valid for me and you too. ofc you want to win that battle, but turkish ppl want to win too, dont forget it 🙂

Vote Alert
Vote Alert Day 2,186, 16:43

panpa boşver brotherhood u felan hayır yok o ipnelerden

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Day 2,187, 23:13

hahaha , Really Funny 🙂


RomyTr Day 2,187, 02:20

Here is the aggreement...

last 2 matter :
10) This agreement will be regenerated each 2-3 months.

11) This agreement will be canceled only if both side refuse that / do anything against the agreement.

this aggreement doesnt need to renew for 2-3 months... and can cancel only BOTH SIDE REFUSE.....

did both side refused the aggreement? nope...

so: sorry but eTurkey CP is aggreement breaker by that NE...

Machiavelli Day 2,187, 04:55

you are partly wrong RomyTr,
in international system an agreement can not effect the future except its own terms. that agreement could be refused in 2-3 months those the agreement signed if both side want it. so after that agreements terms end, there is no reason to blame any government for breaking an agreement.

Mustafa K. Ataturk
Mustafa K. Ataturk Day 2,188, 11:17

Kufur yazip sildigimi sanmayin, romy'e yazdigimin aynisini yazmistim ama gormez diye onun yazdiginin altina kopyaladim. 🙂

RomyTr Day 2,187, 05:17

"11) This agreement will be canceled only if both side refuse that / do anything against the agreement."

by this way you are wrong @machi, "ONLY if both side refuse"....

so you had to update this aggreement last month.. update means, you may add rental etc.. But you didnt do this too..

This aggreement STILL valid, cos "both side do anything"...

only TR NE'd on iran, and breake, but Iran didnt breake yet.. Now, This aggreement will finish, only if they do anything, or declare....

Dont explain me the matters, cos i wrote and signed them 🙂

Mustafa K. Ataturk
Mustafa K. Ataturk Day 2,188, 11:16

Romy you are definitely wrong. Don't play games here. It could be broken only if both sides refuse the agreement in that 2-3 months period.

Otherwise, Iran could use it on its advantage and could continue the agreement forever and Turkey would not have broken the agreement.

In your manner, Turkey would have had to pay rent forever. That is unaccceptable. You know that.

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