[MaartenW] An interview with the Wiki

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And now for something completely different. Today I have interviewed the eRepublik wiki following a self fulfilling prophecy principle. I prepared some vague questions and clicked the random page button until I found something that made any sense.

Welcome Wiki, I have used your information for a decade and I am glad to finally meet you in person! By many you are considered the finest historian in eRepublik but can you tell me something about yourself?

I am the official on-line encyclopedia of the browser game eRepublik.
Right now, Tuesday, December 11, I have a total of 22,730 articles. I'm based on neutral and factual information.

22730 articles, wow I awe in the size of this lad. Absolute unit. *slaps roof of wiki* you can fit so many pages in this


Okay ... lets start with the questions then. Can you provide me with a person that did something significant with his time in the new world?

Everyone in my database has their own significant story.

Could you tell us one of those stories then?

was a citizen of Canada, a son of MazzyCat and a passionate journalist.

He was a journalist? What did he write about?

Shoi's first article "Introduction" appeared in the New World on Day 1643, in his newspaper A Rookie's Foolish Ideas. He took the Canadian media world by storm. starting in the summer when he had tons of free time, posting daily articles for a long period of time. His articles have been widespread, amassing over 750 subscribers in less than 8 months, although he claims that 300 of the subscribers come from ilphen's devious subscriber buying. He has since backed off the promise of daily articles due to school, but still manages to post an article during the work week as well as a Saturday article and a Sunday article.

He has stuck true to his promise of weekly Saturday and Sunday articles, with occasional breaks due to personal reasons (re: lethargy). His Saturday article, "Weekly Power Rankings", details the top and bottom 5 performance for countries during the week from his perspective. His Sunday article, "Around the World", covers the various fronts and wars taking place, with before and after pictures for each war. Both weekend articles also feature the music of a wide variety, from mainstream music from Owl City to anime music from Haruhi Suzumiya. While he chooses the music for his Saturday article, he offers his viewers the choice of music for the Sunday article. He has since added graphical art to accompany every article.

His trademark sign-off phrase, "Until next time, take care!", has been used since the very beginning.

That was interesting indeed! Do you have something else you could tell us about?

*"牛!" wiki then proclaimed in Chinese.*

Ok lets limit output to languages I can read please, another one?

I have a story about the SOS Brigade.

Euhm what is the SOS Brigade? Some MU in need of soul saving?

No it was a Japanese political party back in 2012, the name is short for "Save the eWorld by Overloading it with Something fun!" Brigade.

That abbreviation makes no sense, but ok lets hear it!

They were a group of players who feel that by overloading the eworld with fun things that we will save it from slowly coming to a standstill that they would save players who would have left due to boredom, and that through keeping fun and activity levels high, that this game would continue to be fun to play.

"eRepublik is full of opportunities to exploit. The system is open for you to use as you like to accomplish what you like. There is this little box of things recommended that you do, but if you truly want to be active you need to break out of that little box. Two-clicking is boring. You come on once a day and click two buttons and you vanish. Eventually a player who two-clicks will find something far more interesting to occupy their time. When they do they will leave eRepublik and we will be down a player."

The opposed having winning as a goal in the game. They had a philosophy on the matter; can you win at life? What does that mean? Do you tick off the awards you can get? What after? Did you have fun? Realize the game isn’t over yet? Why not do what you want? To us gaining accomplishment in doing what you want, and going all the way to the top of your goals is winning.

When you started this story I honestly thought it was about Japanese people in catsuits spamming anime girls all day long ... I was not prepared for something this deep 😐 Please go to the next subject, I don't want to cry.

This is the story of Quitz, quitz was the eldest brother of 3. He came to life after first his eldest brother Narz and then his middle brother Lemm were banned for the usage of multiple accounts.

Hah serves him right, in Dutch we have a proverb: "Not even a donkey bumps his head twice against the same rock." Next!

On 20 January 2015 there was 50 % more gold for each gold pack and Energy bars were 30 % cheaper

I thought you said all your stories had significance?

I know, but look at those discounts!


Wellington is a region in New Zealand. The region's capital is also called Wellington and is the former capital of New Zealand. It has historically been the less populated of the North Islands two regions. The main resource is deer and the languages spoken are English and Maori. The region is currently occupied by Macedonia.

Haha I am not sure what thought is funnier, Macedonians performing a haka ritual or Maories suddenly worshipping Alexander the Great.

I do not understand.

Euhm never mind, next story please!

This is the story of one of the early alliances in the game. PEA..


That's indeed the slogan, are you familiar with this story?

Yeah I was a part of peace a long long time ago ... and the phrase is catchy ... but please, continue.

PEACE stands for People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence and had 30 members all around the globe(, disk or whatever barbapapa shape you believe in). The alliance was built around the Charter of the PEACE Global Community.

The Global Community PEACEKeeping Force (also known as the PEACEKeepers) was the official army of the Global Community. They were the multinational armed forces consisting of soldiers from all member nations. The Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community was the supreme commander of the PEACEKeepers.

Two military conflicts tested the new alliance within days of its formation. On August 27, presumed PEACE protectorate Mexico attacked Spain as part of a failed Spanish political takeover that had been ongoing throughout the month of August. PEACE rushed to the aid of the local population and due to the quick thinking of PEACE strategists that instructed PEACE forces to use Portugal to isolate the Spanish and Mexican Territories, the conflict was adverted. On August 29, Romania, seeking to expand its borders, invaded Hungary before their MPPs with any PEACE nations could be finalized. PEACEKeepers, many of them fresh out of the Mexican conflict, were rushed to the defense of Hungary.

Those were the days I wish I could say I remember the specific events well, but I don't. We're running out of time. Do you have one final story to tell us?

Konrad Neumann
, "the Duke of Northern Netherlands" was a German and Netherlands political philosopher, politician and a patriot. He held the position of President, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador, Congressman, and was the Party president of Open Mind Germany. Konrad was pronounced dead March 2011, was brought back to life by Prophexy on day 1345 (27 July 2011). He stopped playing for real sometime in first half of 2017. He was also citizen of USA, Belgium and UK.

A few special mentions are given to him:
I, Daniel Parker, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, hereby award Konrad Neumann the title of
Officer in the Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw for political dedication to our country.
I, Daniel Parker, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, hereby award Konrad Neumann the title of Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau for civil contributions to our nation.

Oh I knew Konrad well but I must honestly say that I haven't given him any thought for a long while. But there is stories there, many stories. It makes me wonder how many stories I have forgotten over these 11 years fighting, living and working besides these people. I suppose many, was it therefore wasted time? I do not think so. Its impossible to remember all that is happened with all of us all these years all over the world. I hope you will be still here to remind us in the future about these stories dear wiki and archive our adventures that have not yet come to past. Thank you for speaking with me today and we should do this again sometime!

Not a problem, at your service whenever I'm needed!