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Интервју со LOTUS BLACK - Швајцарскиот Премиер [PAL]

Day 1,866, 03:51 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Palavko

Поради желбата за зацврстување,подобрување на односите и подобро запознавање меѓу еМакедонија и еШвајцарија направив интервју со еден од највлијателните луѓе во еШвајцарија.


Interview with eSwiss Prime Minister Lotus Black

Q:How did you first hear about eRepublik?
A:I first heard about eRepublik from my brother who also played the game for about a month or two before I started. It was advertised in the news. Quite impressive actually, a lot of people joined the game that day.

Q:Can you tell for the Macedonian people hwo is Lotus black?Like a short CV

A:I was e-born in Slovenia on 15th February 2010. After a while I moved to New Zealand to help with their political situation and decided to stay, cause there are a lot of great people there. I have been on the sidelines for a long time. Being a good soldier, always following orders. In the middle of v2 of eRepublik I decided to take a little break from the game and I came back in the beginning of this year. I moved back to Slovenia to join MU Angry Angels and a month later I moved to Switzerland where I found my home. Here I decided to try and be more active in the community so I started with a simpler job as a vMoD. From then I have been in every government and in September I decided its time to try myself as a CP. Some of you might remember me from that time, it was right when we were negotiating about our regions. I have been also very active in CoT. In August I was the Military Commander, last month the Public Relations person and this month I'm the Supreme Commander of the alliance. So all in all I would say I've come a long way from a simple soldier.

Q:What was your best and your worst moment in the game?
A:The best moments in the game are always when you see your work is being appreciated. When I was elected as the CP (even if I ran unopposed) I was really happy and it was a great month, I look back on with joy. I haven't had a really bad moment in the game, but I have to say that I'm not happy right now, when we have a PTOer in our midst.

Q:How do you see the international position of Switzerland?
A:I would have to say, that Switzerland is doing great in the alliance. This month we are holding presidency in CoT and I see us as being appreciated and regarded as equal members like we should be. After months of being more involved in international politics we have gathered a lot of contacts and made a lot of friends, which I think is great for a small country like ours.

Q:How successful has the government been in dealing with the PTO situation in the Switzerland?
A:The PTO threat hasn't been eliminated yet and I don't see that happening any time soon. In that manner we have done everything we could to protect the country even if the evil, that is the main PTOer himself, manages to win next months CP election. In light of that we hope our friends will stay by our side and understand the situation we are in and stay patient until we resolve it.

Q:Last question, some message you want to give to the people of Macedonia, and, if you want, a personal opinion about them.

A:In light of recent developments between our two countries, I'm happy to see that our relationship is getting better. I hope it will get even better in time since we are allies now and I wish MKD best of luck with their endeavours.

Lotus Black :Happy holidays and great new year to you all!



Palavko Day 1,866, 03:52

Интервју со LOTUS BLACK - Швајцарскиот Премиер [PAL]

MACEDONIAN T REX Day 1,866, 04:12


NotSoEvil Day 1,866, 04:15

Одлично ! В + С

Davorsk8 Day 1,866, 08:05


mojlek Day 1,866, 08:25

go go go lotus! 🙂

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Day 1,866, 08:33

nema cica nema vote xD

MadelineJoshua Day 1,866, 08:34

Hurra for Lotus Black ! : D Best CP of Switzerland ! o7

Troter Day 1,866, 08:43

vote za Lotusa
znam kako je biti stranac u nekoj drzavi 🙂

HladenSpricar Day 1,866, 08:49

Kak se može PTO-at Švajcarska kad u kojoj ne živi nijedan Švajcarac? : D

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,866, 09:34


Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,866, 09:37

Thank you Madeline : )

Troter: Yeah, but with awesome people there its always a pleasure, right? : )

Špricko: Shhs You know you love me : P

Rican Day 1,866, 11:14

/me loves some Lotus Black !

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