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[Liberty CA] Recruiting today!

Day 1,897, 14:23 Published in Canada Canada by Pat Harper
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Part of the Liberty movement.

Lately my 2nd commander and I have been putting all of our efforts into expanding our military unit ‘Liberty CA’. We have boosted ourselves to 28 members and are continuously rising. It is great to have so much support from so many people, it has really helped us out.
This article is going to include what we at Liberty CA are about, and general updates on what is going on.
What is Liberty CA all about?

Main Features:

- Fights for Canada, her allies and neutral nations.

- Is not connected to any political party.

- Every member matters and everyone has a voice.

- Is relaxed, yet well organised.

- Rewards members for achieving, with gifts.

Other Features:

- Informs members of allies issuing supplies, so members can get supplies for free.

- Follows direct battle orders from the MoD

- Allows members to work for independent companies (of the military unit).

- Uses the military unit feed as the primary method of communication and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) as secondary. [#Liberty] [#LibertyCA]

- Caters for all levels of player from the experienced, to the newbie, highly active, to the 2-clicker.


There are two types of supplies in Liberty; supplies issued via the internet relay chat (IRC) and supplies issued via the MU area (in game).

IRC supplies (or strike supplies) are issued in relation to how many 'FF' or food fights you have. This is the amount of health you have divided by 10. For example if you have 450 health, you have 45 FF's. For every 6 FF's you have you will receive 1 Q7 weapon. IRC supplies are issued from Liberty's IRC channel (#Liberty) on the Rizon server (

In game supplies are issued on a daily basis, everyone is entitled to the same amount of in game supplies and these can be obtained by posting in topics offering supplies in Liberty's MU area.
The supplies are daily and follow this pattern:
WHILE CANADA IS AT WAR: 10 Q7 weapons + 480 health per day.
WHILE CANADA IS AT PEACE: 10 Q6 weapons + 480 health per day.

Bonuses and benefits


In Liberty there are many bonuses available;

Increasing your Military Rank:
- 5 Q7 tanks for each rank gained up to General
- 10 Q7 tanks for each rank gained after General

Increasing your Level:

- 5 Q7 tanks for each level until Lvl 25
- 10 Q7 tanks for each level after Lvl 25

Earn a BH while fighting for an Ally or critical battle: (post screenshot)
10 Q7 tanks

Every Elected Captain gets:
10 Q7 tank election bonus

Daily Kills Bonus:

- 50 Kills gets you 5 Q7 tanks
- 100 Kills gets you 10 Q7 tanks

All you have to do is post in the MU feed your achievement and tanks will appear


Include; resistance war support, a supply heads up and community support/advice.

Resistance war support, Liberty helps allies of Canada as well as the Canada itself organise resistance wars in occupied regions. Members can organise resistance wars in the MU area, and once a target is agreed on and multiple members support the resistance war the unit will focus on this RW and issue supplies to aid in the success of the RW. This gives our members 5 Gold and a RW Hero medal as well as liberating regions.

Supply heads ups, members are alerted to allied nations issuing supplies for the liberation of their regions. Members can then go to our allies and get free supplies to fight for them.

Community support/advice, is available to everyone in the MU area, where advice is only ever a post away, and regularly members give to new members in need of some extra help.
Assistance required

LibertyCA has opened its doors for workers looking to help supply LibertyCA in its quest to become a top MU in eCanada. We are now accepting applications for workers in our Q6, Q7 and WRM facilities. Please contact Sm1tty if you are interested.

We need:
- Quartermasters - (Help dish out supplies)
- Recruitment officers - (I do stress that I do not want to 'steal' members from other MU's, it has to be totally free choice aiming at those who are openly not happy with their current MU or without an MU.)
- Media - The more media the better really.

Profile borders

These are not compulsory but I noticed people liked using them. I can make them for you if you send me your acquired image. They look like this:

Stars are given to show your rank/standing within the MU.
1 Star = Member
2 Stars = Working in the MU, either in a factory or holding a role
3 Stars = Captain
4 Stars = 2nd commander
5 Stars = Commander

Thank you for reading. Vote/comment
- Pat Harper (Liberty CA commander)

Links and references

Please vote for this article at the top of the page before clicking on any of these links.

LibertyCA WIKI
Commanders WIKI
The 2nd Commander
2nd Commanders paper
Liberty CA


nathaner Day 1,897, 14:26

sounds great
if i was Canadian i would join

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,897, 14:35

voted o7

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,897, 14:35

Chaz you now have got me googling Lights GIFS 🙁

VastlyFrozen Day 1,897, 14:35


CptChazbeard. Day 1,897, 14:37

You wanna google the porno she done a year back

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,897, 14:40


looking good (;

D I W Day 1,897, 14:44

Keep up the good work

iquitbye Day 1,897, 15:47

if i was in Canada i would be in that mu and stuff ^__^

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,897, 16:50

Come to me honeyhoney

crisfire Day 1,897, 16:56

If I wasnt a die hard Crimsonite I would choose this over any other MU eCanada has

TheBurningMan Day 1,897, 17:05

Give me liberty or give me death!

Nah just give me liberty.

GameChanger Day 1,897, 17:08

I was subbed to you back when you talked about different types of rifles. #hipster

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,897, 17:18

Can't beat dem rifles. Didn't get any votes though 😛

Plugson Day 1,897, 19:05

Looking solid ~ always good to have an MU develop that can help out eCan players

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,897, 21:26


Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,898, 13:39

tl;dr but Liberty CA is on a good track.

The.Dude Day 1,898, 14:25

Good Luck!

Oinyo Day 1,898, 18:27

😃 Well you guys got me on board!

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,898, 19:28


need i say more

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