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[Liberty CA] Pretty Much Everything.

Day 1,963, 07:59 Published in Canada Canada by Pat Harper
Greetings Bitches
(Compliments to Leo Balzac)

I will start off the article with a big congratulations to Homer for an excellent term as Country President, as well as a big thanks for his donations to keep many players and my MU on track during these hard times. I wish him best of luck in his second term.

Moving onwards I would like to announce some recent stats:

Blue = 1st Division. Red = 2nd Division Yellow = 3rd Division. Green = 4th Division

I have been very impressed with one person in particular, and that person is RedeemingLook.
Over the last few weeks this soldier has wrapped up 24 Battle Hero awards and continues to get them, usually once or even twice a day. Of course I would like to thank Uncle Buck for his article on Battle Heroes for this success, but it was down to RedeemingLook to put this advice into action.

Congratulations to:
- Angelo Bonsi – Supreme Marshal
- Tokerr – Legendary Force ***
- Kilbupere1 – World Class Force
(There are more but I only count those who post in the feed + are high enough level)

New regiments are now in full swing:
Regiment 1 : Able Company – I-Bleed-Blue-93
Regiment 2: Delta Company – Vastly Frozen
Regiment 3: Easy Company – Oinyo
Regiment 4: Baker Company – (No Captain)

Regiment Logo’s are now in working effect.

I am going to give some information on the leading figure heads of Liberty CA:
Commander – Pat Harper
Originally from the eUK, Harper came to eCanada for further experience and to take a break from certain people. He created the Military Unit ‘Liberty CA’ early January and since has put in huge amount of time, effort and money into building it up to what it is today (88 members, ranked 4th in eCanada)
Hard times IRL and in-game have effected Pat’s supply efficiency, but with help from his second commander and kindly donation from people not only from the MU but all over the eWorld, have kept the MU running full steam ahead.

2nd Commander – Sm1tty
Sm1tty is a great guy, and together with Pat has built the MU at an incredible rate. He is a great tactician and gives everything to the welfare of the Military Unit and eCanada. Sm1tty also has a passion for train spotting.

Able Company (1st Reg) Captain – I-Bleed-Blue-93
IBB is a very successful eCitizen, currently the dictator of MDP, and the MoD of eCanada, he somehow finds enough time to support his regiment and set the DO accordingly. He is a great guy and enjoys streaking naked through libraries.

Delta Company (2nd Reg) Captain – Vastly Frozen
This man is a complete noob, who wants to change his name to Cuppy Cake Yums. He is dead to me. (iloveurly) VF also has a great interest in the Brentwood Bowls club.

Easy Company (3rd Reg) Captain – Oinyo
An utter bible basher, who gets drunk and makes incredibly stupid videos of himself wearing hipster hats and all sorts, posting them on youtube. In all seriousness he is a great guy and is a very dedicated captain. He runs competitions and gives fun to his regiment.

Donations so far:
- Stephane Boothe – 30 GOLD, 50000 CAD, 800 Q4 weapons + more. (Sadly left the game)
- Venerable – 5 GOLD, 10000 CAD.
- Oinyo – 2000 CAD
- Sm1tty + Pat Harper (more than I can count)
- Sanika Jameson – 30 Gold
- Mary Chan - 100 Q7 Tanks
- Oliver Dietz - 1 Q1 food, 3.29 gold, 138 Q7 Tanks
- CanadianCowboy - 5 GOLD
- kwest78 - 20 GOLD
- Klop123 - 5 Gold, 100 Q7 Tanks
- mwcerberus - 200 Q7 Tanks
- TheCanadianPunk - 100 Q7 Tanks
- xLil Ninjax - 2000 CAD
- panzer1990panzer - 5 GOLD
- Xvidian - 1000 CAD
- Homer J Simpson - 10 GOLD, 100 Q7 Tanks, 200 Q7 Food, 3000 CAD

A big thanks to all donators.

There are not a great deal of updates this month, Liberty CA Lotto coming soon.
Also, I have noticed people not fighting because the cannot afford to move. If that is the case, please message me and I will send you some CAD!
Fight Hard, Fight Smart. o7

Thank you for reading. Vote/comment
- Pat Harper (Liberty CA commander)

Links and references

Please vote for this article at the top of the page before clicking on any of these links.
LibertyCA WIKI
Commanders WIKI
The 2nd Commander
2nd Commanders paper
Liberty CA


Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,963, 08:08


Got nothing on the Dragoons tho

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,963, 08:09

Blah Blah, get in my bed

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Day 1,963, 08:11

I'll be there tonight.

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,963, 09:01


Great article PatHarper

and love the new banners

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,963, 09:01

for a full list of the rank ups during the week you can check the stats pages

Comment deleted

Strength and Honour

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 1,963, 10:14


Marshal858 Day 1,963, 10:28


Great Article and a great MU

VastlyFrozen Day 1,963, 12:00

What can say, CuppyCakeYums is a great name

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,963, 14:51


Centurus Day 1,963, 15:09

Nice to see some people not in the MU donating! Much appreciated!

I wish I was rich enough to donate!

klop123 Day 1,963, 15:11


CptChazbeard. Day 1,963, 15:14

I eLove you Pat o/

Plugson Day 1,963, 15:15

Nice work ~ keep on growing

LF52 Day 1,963, 18:59


Plugson Day 1,963, 21:15

I still can't find the kitchen sink.
/misleading title

Oliver Dietz
Oliver Dietz Day 1,964, 02:15

bad article, not even worth reading 😉 iloveu pat

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,964, 13:03


Also, I am in a library right now and and plotting my next move carefully

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,965, 07:39


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