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[LGQT] Candor is Gay Party: A Sea Cow eReligion

Day 1,880, 19:47 Published in USA USA by Candor

Lord GQT

The Candor is Gay Party would like to invite you to join us.

We promise not to mentor you, we don't have a Treasury. We have forums that are barely used. We're a Dive Bar. Eventually we won't be gay anymore and we'll change our name back to Nos Dive Bar, but Slosh is passed out so for now we're gay. We don't mind, it gets us drink discounts on Wednesdays.

You can be gay or not, just so long as you clean up your own puke, for the most part. Good looking lesbians who sign up in pairs and let us watch sometimes get the table next to the kitchen, which everyone knows is the best table in the house.

We stand for ladies, bathroom lines and 2-for-one sea food buffets. And we believe that the Sea Cow is a sacred creature who will take all of the chosen one's into his realm to share eternal bliss and endless sea food buffets when we die, if we have been faithful servants of his Holy Cowness.

Eternal Sea Cowist Paradise

We will be buried in the warm waters of the deep blue South Pacific, as all good and faithful Sea Cowists are.

We believe in playing eRepublik just as a Sea Cow would.

Besides that, we mainly do mischievous and despicable things only people who are truly gay and/or often drunk can do.

Can you accept Gaylord Q. Tinkledink as your personal Sea Cow savior?.

All hail our Lord GQT and bow down before his greatness.

The Candor is Gay Party would like to invite you to join us.

All hail the Sea Cow!

LGQT in our slogans!
LGQT in our articles!
LGQT in our box of milk duds!


Candor Day 1,880, 20:10

FIRST to praise his Holy Name. Lord GQT!

FirstLaw Day 1,880, 20:12

So many religions. I don't which one to choose to end up sinning against!

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Day 1,880, 20:15

Awwwwwwwwww just look at that face. It's so cute.

Publius Day 1,880, 20:38

GQT is a sea cow, pass it on.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,880, 20:53

best birthday present ever-- my friend's gay daughter and her partner came over specifically to let me watch them neck on the couch all night.

my wife is a sea cow, pass it on.

weasel2 Day 1,880, 21:00

I looked in for a Black Butte and you say you're just out. I'm going to try over at the Ash.

pop George
pop George Day 1,880, 21:01

some things do not need to be shared...

Thedillpickl Day 1,880, 21:22

"LGQT in our box of milk duds!"

How LARGE are those milk duds? If a sea cow is about they may not taste like chocolate.

Hadrian X
Hadrian X Day 1,880, 21:40

Everyone loves 2-for-1 seafood buffets. Pure brilliance.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,880, 22:07

Awesome. How can I help?

pop George
pop George Day 1,880, 22:25

^write articles praising Emerick, cause no one in Candor's crowd wants to think for themselves cause they want to worship the most asinine brat to be found in-game (that kinda sums up your game play as well)...

MazzyCat Day 1,880, 22:25

LMAO! I wub that sea cow! SO CUTE! I want one.

Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 1,881, 00:32

c:\cow it is a sea of

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 1,881, 03:10

LOL, WHEN we die, LOL. Who says we'll die at all? Imortality for everyone! We are the 0.0001%!

I had a gay waiter once, and he was into me (not minding or trying not to notice I was with a girl). The best waiter I ever had. All I had was to blink and he would be there with a new round of drinks.

o Gravy
o Gravy Day 1,881, 05:56

so gay

poe101591 Day 1,881, 07:12

Does his godliness perhaps go by the name 'Urf' sometimes?

Viarizi Day 1,883, 03:13

LGQT in our slogans!
LGQT in our articles!
LGQT in our box of milk duds!

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