[LETO] Welcome Czech Republic + Info

Day 2,444, 11:46 Published in Israel Israel by LETO HQ

Dear LETO Brothers and eWorld Citizens,
We will now report to you the latest changes in our alliance with several news to keep you update😛
- SG and HQ changes;
- A new Brother joins our cause;
- Some updates in LETO’s charter;
- Considerations.

First of all, our SG NueveOcho has resigned due to RL problems and has pointed HK416 (dSG) and D.A.G (SC) to run the alliance till the term is over. We hope he can solve his problem and wish him all of luck in RL. Come back soon Fella!
So now these are the Headquarter members:

Secretary General (SG)
Deputy Secretary General (dSG)
Advisor to the Secretary General (aSG)

Supreme Commander (SC)
Assistant Supreme Commander (aSC)
Juhannus Petrus
Deputy Supreme Commander (dSC)
Deputy Supreme Commander (dSC)
New Faustian Man
Deputy Supreme Commander (dSC)
Mr Sherlock Holmes

Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SoFA)
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs (dSoFA)
leal9001 (Yoradorc)


Secondly, we want to give a warm welcome to our newest Brother, Czech Republic!
Czech Republic obtained 10 positive votes to join the alliance, while there were 2 member countries that didn’t cast their vote or pronounced their opinion in this voting process.
So now we want to begin to strengthen relations between Alliance Members and the Czechs, in order to build a relation of trust, commitment and availability.
We hope the Czechs will like this new chapter walking along our side. o7

We also have to report some updates done in our charter. Two weeks ago, we revised our charter in a meeting and started a voting process to change some articles. We approved the following changes:

- Article 4:
“...Full membership within the alliance can be obtained by 100% vote of full member countries of LETO … Removal of a member country can be done by ⅔ (66,6😵 of the Full member votes of Asteria including LETO vote.”

- Article 6:
“... if there is a draw, SG will have the right to make decisive vote (Except for in the case of re-election of SG, in which case SG of Asteria must cast the decisive vote).”

Some considerations:
I´m so glad to have this opportunity, despite the sad reasons that led to my nomination as SG, but I guarantee that I will do my best to keep up to this responsibility. This month all of our country members obtained congress but the work can´t stop here, there are plenty of other things to improve. I will focus my attention on the most urgent aspects that require a solution. I know I have only a few days to do it, but these are important matters that can´t be delayed. We will stay strong and united as brothers should be, and I hope to get a better alliance by the end of this term.

Hail Australia!
Hail Belarus!
Hail Canada!
Hail Colombia!
Hail Czech Republic!
Hail France!
Hail Iran!
Hail Israel!
Hail Montenegro!
Hail Peru!
Hail Portugal!
Hail Republic of Moldova!
Hail RoC Taiwan!
Hail Leto!
Hail Asteria!

Secretary General of Leto,

Supreme Commander,