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[Legion] Super Saturday

Day 1,641, 01:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Rodney Mckay

Greetings fellow soldiers of Legion.
I'm writing this article to announce a grand new event.

This Saturday will be 'Super Saturday' for all your wonderful members of The ESO Legion.

Anyone and everyone in Legion who completes the DO (25 kills or more) will get 10 Q6 weapons from myself and legion.

Mr Legoman trying to get his 25 kills

Also as an added extra.
Everyone who does the 25 kills will be entered into a prize draw for 10 prizes of 100 Q5 food each.
(10,000 Wellness overall)

So, everyone get your weapons ready for Saturday and happy fighting.

Thanks for reading.
Rodney McKay


Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Day 1,641, 01:01

First :3

Oscdar Day 1,641, 01:25

^Firstfag 😃

Crispy Squirrel
Crispy Squirrel Day 1,641, 01:53

Love it!

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Day 1,641, 02:19

Nice. :0)

iquitbye Day 1,641, 02:27

brilliant 😃

DeathJester Day 1,641, 02:44

Crap, have to work and got a party >.>

Nice initiative though! Have been happily using the 25Q6 by ESO as well 😃

N W G Day 1,641, 03:27

i be there like always 🙂

Great to see Legion still doing more to help those with less

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,641, 04:00


Proponent Day 1,641, 04:11

Super Saturday? Hmm.. I wonder what day this will be on.. 😛 Anyway voted.

Sambo112 Day 1,641, 04:32

^ erm...tuesday obviously.
Great work Rodders and the legion!!!

Gordon Strachan
Gordon Strachan Day 1,641, 05:32

Get them guns blazing!

CheetahCurtis Day 1,641, 07:35

Mr Legoman is only going to get 10 of his 25 kills from that picture

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Day 1,641, 08:27

What you don't see Cheetah, is off to the left out of shot is a pile of lego men all dead.

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,641, 10:36


Knight teutonic
Knight teutonic Day 1,641, 11:51

hummm sounds fun

William Cold
William Cold Day 1,641, 13:27

I'm in !!!

Geordie Ripper
Geordie Ripper Day 1,642, 01:46

Daily Order completed

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,642, 09:07


Aaron O'neill
Aaron O'neill Day 1,642, 09:16

Daily Order Done 😛

CheetahCurtis Day 1,642, 09:39

I don't know whether to post, but I've done it anyway

Knight teutonic
Knight teutonic Day 1,642, 11:08

done as well

J.A.R.V.l.S Day 1,642, 14:50


Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Day 1,642, 15:30

I will be checking the legion regiment kills list tomorrow.

And rewards will be given then.

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