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[LAP] The Renaissance: Building at Home and Abroad

Day 2,157, 08:52 Published in USA USA by Azazel Romanov

Building a strong foundation for our country is important to its continuing welfare and sustainability. One of the most longstanding problems of our country has been the lack of a viable, strong, and helpful 5th party. Feds, USWP, AMP, and WTP have all built themselves to be longstanding institutions of our country, but AFA has refused to abide by the norms of our government and has repetitively sought to propose laws or accept citizenships that are harmful or disruptive to the nation’s well-being. Aside from that, they can’t even seem to hold onto their party month after month, running the same failed candidate over and over. So this is where the Liberty Advancement Party (LAP) comes in.

A group of United States citizens has come together, all of us from different parties and focuses, to build a new party that can take a seat among the other Top 4. Irule777 was just elected Party President, and has established a vision for our party moving forward. I would like to hit on some broad themes our party would like to address. AMP has long been focused on the military, Feds on the nation, USWP on leadership, and WTP on participation and openness. LAP is about restoration. Our name has its roots in two older parties that used to be permanent fixtures in US politics: The American Advancement Party and the Libertarian Party. Some of you might even recognize the logo of the AAP being adopted by our party. Both have been important parts of our Top 5 history but decayed to lose their stature. LAP proposes a renaissance for the eUS: to build at home and abroad.

Building At Home

Many by now have seen Gnilrap’s article about raising the right men. LAP would like more promotion of player recruitment, retention, and supply. Our government does its best to cover the last two goals with the Department of Education and the Department of the Interior, but there has been a lax effort on the part of parties and government to seek new ways to bring players on board. Military and foreign affairs also tends to push domestic issues other than ATO to the sidelines. We have seen babyboom movements in South America, Asia, and Europe that have brought waves of new players, whether that is a steady tide or a tsunami. We should dedicate some part of our effort in doing the same. We can continue to blame the game for killing growth, but our apathy and shifting of responsibility doesn’t excuse us either. LAP wants to become the party focused on the new player at home, and provide more support for our domestic initiatives like Education and Interior, and link these to the Media and Defense Department more effectively.

Building Abroad

I have personally touched on this previously, and other foreign policy experts have also considered this a continuing issue for the United States. As a country, we have not made steady commitments to our allies and have a reputation abroad as being unstable and unpredictable. Although we have remained faithful to CoT throughout our membership, there have been moments of temptation for us to jump ship or seek new opportunities while our mission in the current alliance is not over. Most parties tend to overlook foreign affairs and shift full responsibility to the current congress or president, but as a political party we must stake a position on what goes on beyond our borders. LAP supports our current involvement in CoT, and we would like to push the eUS to be a country continually faithful to its commitments abroad. This means we are with CoT to the end, and should it reach its fate seek to continue relations with its former members while pursuing new relationships to build and develop. An eUS devoted to its allies and firm in its loyalties is what the world needs to see.

Why Us?

In order to build at home and abroad, we need further support for our cause. While we do not seek to force you out of your established homes or parties, we invite all to join us who wish to support our cause. We will also seek to build relationships and partnerships with other 6th parties to find ways to consolidate our success. We will be a party dedicated to our country’s foundation and reputation. We will seek to involve new members of our society in government institutions and their parties, even if they do not seek out our LAP for their home. We are working on getting all of our operations working, including our forum, our IRC channel, and our party’s infrastructure, and all help towards these goals would be appreciated greatly. We want to make this country better, not for us, but for everyone.

It’s a formidable goal this month, but we are pushing to get involved in the Top 5 by congress elections. We will be building a congressional list for our first roster, and have sign-ups available to you. We would love you to be a part of the process.

If you have any questions about this movement, do not hesitate to contact myself, Irule777, or other leadership listed in this article. Working for you means getting your feedback.

Liberty Advancement Party Communications Head



Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Day 2,157, 09:03

First reserved for LAP

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,157, 09:12

Good Luck with this....

Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo Day 2,157, 09:24


Deepchill Day 2,157, 09:37

Good luck

irule777 Day 2,157, 09:43

For LAP!

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 2,157, 14:00

In love right now-
You got any Libs on your team?

Thomas Killah
Thomas Killah Day 2,157, 18:13

For Liberty! For Advancement! For LAP!

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,158, 08:25

There was once upon a time a movement called 'US-AIM', which I felt had a real feel for how America felt; then suddenly silence. I can't help but wonder what might have happened had the American Independent Military units had not fallen silent....

AlmightySo Day 2,158, 12:29

gime a LAP dance baby!!!

Deonthe3rd Day 2,161, 16:50

Good thing this article is in the contest for the 50 gold... It would be a clear winner. Free LAP dances for NewAzazel 4 life 😃 \o/


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