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[Kylero for CP] The next step...

Day 1,893, 20:57 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

My fellow eBelgians,

With great pleasure, I put forth my candidacy for Country President. I seek to continue the efforts of BrunoCND to make eBelgium more secure and stable. I am pleased to see the baby-boom, and would like to harness that energy to gain some insight on how the next generation of eBelgians see our nation.

I will be everyone's President!

Now to the boring stuff...


Home Affairs
1. Continue efforts to integrate new citizens into eBelgian culture, help them find the forum, and learn how to get free supplies.
2. Continue to have a robust National Security apparatus to root out Multis and uncover PTO threats.

Foreign Affairs
1. Build strong diplomatic ties with all nations that share our interests.
2. Maintain a base of Ambassadors in most countries that will allow us to know the state of the New World.
3. Continually evaluate our relationship with CoT to ensure its a worthy venture.

National Defence/Military
1. Provide for TW exercises to keep our military trained and ready for combat.
2. Bring fun elements back to the military by giving out awards for exemplary action.

Finances and Economy
1. Continually examine our budget and reform programs as needed.
2. Keep taxes at an adequate level that will incentivize investment and promote economic opportunity for our citizens.
3. Continue speculating on the Monetary Market.
4. Explore new and innovative ideas to grow our economy and ensure the triple bottom line of people, profit, and place!

1. Promote legislation and policies that are fair and comprehensible.
2. Seek to make the judicial system more equitable and fair.
3. Promote gender, sexual orientation, and racial equality. Seek legislation that can ensure this in our community.

More to come.


p.s. I need a party to support my candidacy.
p.s.s. All Multis will be caught and executed on site, their homes destroyed, and their families indefinitely detained.



Kylero Day 1,893, 20:59


BrunoCND Day 1,893, 22:23

Good lucjk

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,894, 00:40

Good luck Kyle

RooieLente Day 1,894, 00:44

Can I interrogate their families ? 😉

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,894, 06:42

thought player " everyone " was a multi 😛

Jofroi Day 1,894, 06:59

Good luck Kyle, I've the feeling that this month might actually be your month 😉.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,894, 07:29

Veel geluk, dat ga je nodig hebben. 😛

Stijn Puttemans
Stijn Puttemans Day 1,894, 08:47

Good Luck!!!

Chihiroh Day 1,894, 10:51

Good luck, why not this month indeed 🙂

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,895, 11:22

I think it is about time ^__^

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,898, 22:26

good luck

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