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[Kylero for CP] Priorities

Day 1,901, 13:23 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

It's been said that you should vote for what a candidate prioritizes rather than what they promise. So here's what I will prioritize if I become CP:

1. Direct all new players to the forum to show them that there is an eBelgian community. The eBelgian forum is legitimate and the best place to discuss eBelgium's future, become involved, and feel a sense of community.
2. Add more elements to the military experience. Add more awards, recognition, and specialized training programs and assignments.
3. Training war. Explore options for a training war to jumpstart our economy.
4. Party relations. Because of the increased importance of party politics, I want to stress the importance of active leadership in eBelgium's political parties and ensure that we are all working for the shared interest of a free and active eBelgium.
5. Promote our local economy. Explore ways to get our local economy moving again through a Made in eBelgium working group.
6. Increase our national security practices. Recognize possible PTOs, act to prevent the PTOs if they are underway, and root out and report Multis.
7. Reducing our national income deficit. We need to take a serious look at our expenditures and why our income is low before we run out of money.
8. Reform or eliminate laws that work against the people of eBelgium. We don't need laws that are authoritarian in nature, reducing the rights and freedoms of eBelgians.
9. Find innovative ways to do things. Be open to new ideas that are well thought out and effective. I'm open to changing the status quo, but not just for changing's sake. We can do things a different way, but only if we as a community think it will be more effective.
10. Encourage an active media. Find ways to reward active writers.

My next article will reveal my Cabinet. Stay tuned!



Kaad Day 1,901, 14:57

Nice ideas!

"3. Training war. Explore options for a training war to jumpstart our economy."

A training war oblige us to destroy our alliances. Then we have to ask alliances again, but it cost 10 000 BEF per alliance. That's one of our greatest expenditure, and that's why we have MPP with all CoT countries.
However, having allies is great for the country because it allow citizen to fight and do DO without moving and pay 20 BEF. It also protect us in case of invasion.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,901, 15:25

good luck

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,901, 17:52

Good priorities and I hope you have a policy that will enact and reflect your priorities. Regardless, good luck and voted.

Kaad Day 1,902, 04:40

+1 konrad

Goncalo Farinha
Goncalo Farinha Day 1,902, 14:08

i like this

SX80 Day 1,902, 22:50

@Kaad: if you organise it well, you can have a TW close to the end of the running MPP's, so the loss can be minimised, and secondly, during a TW many citizens spend much more in troops and weapons to do additional damage and get those TP medals, which does boost the economics a little bit, but more importantly it generates additional gold for your training upgrades. Also during the TW you usually have a DO set on the TW when possible, so you can still complete the DO without moving.

We may loose a little of the MPP's, and perhaps a few days of moving expenses for the DO, but it has its benefits as well.

Kaad Day 1,903, 04:08

Yes but in that case, the TW must be prepared more than one month before.

Kylero Day 1,903, 06:53

^thats what im talking about

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 1,903, 12:21

And I got diarrhea after reading this article and those comments.

Genesis X
Genesis X Day 1,903, 12:24

Me too. 😛

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