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[Kylero for CP] Plans for the Future

Day 1,808, 19:45 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

My fellow eBelgians,

I am going to further elaborate on my plans and policies for when I am elected Country President on the 5th of November.

If you want eBelgium to keep on going in the same direction which includes:

- Debt crisis: We are spending much more money than we take in. In a few months time we will be bankrupt and all the higher skilled players will leave to go back where they came from. Leaving you with a squandered treasury and nothing to show for it.

- Police State: There are many laws on the books that can be used to silence non-conforming eBelgians and even strip them of their citizenship with a simple Congress vote. This would bar you from taking part in the community.

- Oligarchy: The ruling/deciding elite will continue to cast the "other" as a threat. They'll say you're not to be trusted and shut you out of the discussion.

If you don't want this anymore, this is what I offer:

I will scale back the supplies as it is just draining our treasury. Supplies should be simply for new players who want to fight but don't have a lot of skill.

I want to establish an eBelgian War Academy. This military academy will have different tracks (tiered):

General Infantry (GI) track will teach recruits the basics of warfare and tactics. Completion of this track will allow soldiers to be eligible for supplies (its easy, don't worry). But this will cut down on the waste of supplies.

Logistics track will teach organizational supply to participants. The goal is to learn best practices of army logistics. This track will be required for anyone wanting to be supply officers.

Special Operations track is classified. You'll know when you know 😉

Leadership track is for those wanting to be high ranking officers and ultimately commanders. This track is meant to instill the core values of leadership and skills to increase esprit de corps.

Courses will be taught by highly experienced instructors.

My military overhaul will also include new awards and recognition. Awards will be created for merit, skill, and discipline. If the military is a vital aspect of this game, it needs to be more than clicking a button and filling up a bar.

We are on an unsustainable spending binge. Sure, we want to help out new players, but I know there are a lot of older players around here who have the means to help new people out. The state doesn't need to provide all of this. By donating weapons and foods to new players, we are short-changing them for the future when the bubble bursts.

We need to protect eBelgian company owners by evaluating our import taxes. We need a kick-start to our local economy and I would commission a Made in eBelgium working group to find ways to promote consumption of locally made goods which will inspire local entrepreneurs and increase our tax base.

Bottom line, we need to get serious all while ensuring one of the three key aspirations of most eRepublik players, Business Guru.

We need to be a little more open-minded when it comes to new ideas. Raise your hand if you're tired of writing something on the forum and then see a snotty remark by someone saying that "its useless" or "dumb"? Its almost like clockwork around here. Even when people make very good points, they get called "whiners".

Look, its very easy to say "no" to something (or not say anything at all), but it helps a whole lot more when you say why. This is why people leave. They can't handle the obstruction, and just give up or close down. This isn't good. This is how we stagnate.

My goal is to change this. I want to encourage people to use their heads and remember that there is another person, who took the time to write something (for eBelgium), and that they deserve a little respect. We should all have a common interest, FUN IN eBELGIUM.

So these are some of my ideas. I would be interested in doing an interview (looking at you Cooke4444) so that I could answer some specific questions.

For you older players, you know me, and know when I'm trying to make a point. For you newer players, understand that I am not a rogue threat, and I have good intentions.

So please consider voting for me on the 5th to get some new ideas rolling and some problems solved!

CP Candidate

Oh, before fap, please apply for:

Minister of Defense
Minister of Finance
Minister of Home Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Multi Affairs
Minister of Education and Culture


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,809, 01:52

"Oligarchy: The ruling/deciding elite will continue to cast the "other" as a threat. They'll say you're not to be trusted and shut you out of the discussion."

Fully supported just for that part of your manifest \o/

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,809, 02:41

your manifest reminds me of those of monsieur guillontine.
You want to change a lot, some good, some not so good changes imo.

But just don't make the same mistake as MG if you become CP. You have a month! That's 30 days, so you don't have to force everything to be done in the first 7 days.
Belgian congress is usually very conservative, don't forget that.

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,809, 02:45

also, you're one of the few who can manage to get support from AVegan/Lin0leum/Wim AND from the so called "established elite". That's a privilage and a big advantage, so don't screw it up with radical manifests.

Kylero Day 1,809, 11:09

thank you tecuvo. i am fully aware of the MG presidency...i was there. i understand completely how congress works and how to propose laws and reforms in a way that promotes discussion about important topics. i have a good grasp on who are key players in terms of wants and desires for ebelgium and will work hard to reach compromises on shared interests where possible. its really about getting people together to find common ground and to explore innovative and new ways to do things.

BrunoCND Day 1,809, 14:11

"supplies waste" ? What do you mean Kylero?

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