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[Kylero for CP] Concession

Day 1,812, 17:07 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

Cue mood music.

My fellow eBelgians.

The path to victory for my Presidential campaign has closed. It is with this knowledge and keeping eBelgium's interests in mind, I would like to congratulate our next (unofficial) Country President Lily Jayne Summers on her victory!

I would like to thank my supporters for their efforts and let you all know that the work doesn't end here. I urge you all to join me in working alongside CP Lily Jayne Summers and her government to help solve the issues that face eBelgium. We may disagree at times, but when we all work together towards a common goal, there is nothing eBelgium and her people can't accomplish.

At this time, I am conceding victory to Lily Jayne Summers and will re-examine how I can best help carry out the goals that I addressed in my campaign. If you have yet to vote, please do so keeping in mind future unforeseen instances in which the CP may not be able to fulfill their duties. Please use your remaining vote wisely.

I am happy with my effort throughout this campaign, and do not see it as a waste of time to raise some important issues that our country should address.

Thank you for listening.




MaryamQ Day 1,812, 17:24

Thanks for reaching out to work with others to fix what needs fixing. Best of luck to eBelgium in the coming month!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,813, 02:02

Better luck next time

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,813, 02:14

A lot of respect for you, Kylero. I hope you'll be available this month to help out, you'll definitely be a fantastic contribution.

Jeiry Day 1,813, 05:43

Nice words from Kylero.

And congratz' to Lily.

NLSP Day 1,813, 06:08

I'm glad when words like "working together" and "working alongside" are put forward, cause that signifies the willingness to work for the good of eBe, something that stays essential.

Ely.nea Day 1,814, 11:35

i see you have more votes, it's nice that. Sure good luck to the new president.

Chihiroh Day 1,814, 11:59


Hmm, got some inspiration from someone? 😃

Anyways, I admire your sense of responsibility towards our lovely country, and hope we will see more of your suggestions ; )



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