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[KSA-NaN] eKSA ? i didn't know ...

Day 1,980, 10:15 Published in Saudi Arabia France by Empror AnoiRoS

intro :

eKSA ? i didn't know ...

That's a question that everybody on eRepublik say, they don't know what is eKSA.

Someones say : " it's a quite corner of the eWorld "

And someones say : " it's a good target for occupation "

But we say : " We are a strong country, it's true that we don't have too much active population, but we have Great Players, Elite Fighters. Right now, we have just 30 actif citizen, but until now , we dealed 256 Million damages in OUR RWs. that's a big effort and that's a sign that we have elite fighters from all arabian RL countries. "


Algeria :

Egypt :

Irak :

Tunisia :

Marocco :

Palestine & Lebanon : the resistance army

Our Anthem :

موطني‎ موطني‎ Mawtini Mawtini

Our Future Projects :

We are already preparing a big babyboom and we are studying a way to make an economical system to make our nation powerful.

Our Allies and our friends :

Our Allies are : The NaN alliance :

Our friends are :

KSA in RL :

The Holy City : Mekkah

Al Madinah :

Al Ryadh :

The desert : Sahara

Conclusion :

eKSA is now on the right way to build a strong nation specially with NaN alliance, that's cool , after we done our babyboom , we will be one of the greatest eCountry in eRepublik.

Hail eKSA ! Hail NaN !

Best regards,

By Anoir Kossentini



Altaer Day 1,980, 10:22

Hail KSA
Hail NaN

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,980, 10:52

Voted from Egypt

FISH FASH Day 1,980, 11:26

i like this well done and go forward best luck brothers

wars 7
wars 7 Day 1,980, 12:27


cakson Day 1,980, 16:03

Hail KSA
Hail NaN

hazem95 Day 1,980, 18:08


Admiral General Omar Aladeen
Admiral General Omar Aladeen Day 1,981, 01:42


مَــوطِــنــي مَــوطِــنِــي
الجـلالُ والجـمالُ والسَّــنَاءُ والبَهَاءُ
فـــي رُبَــاكْ فــي رُبَـــاكْ

والحـياةُ والنـجاةُ والهـناءُ والرجـاءُ
فــي هـــواكْ فــي هـــواكْ

هـــــلْ أراكْ هـــــلْ أراكْ
سـالِماً مُـنَـعَّـماً وَ غانِـمَاً مُـكَرَّمَاً

هـــــلْ أراكْ فـي عُـــلاكْ
تبـلُـغُ السِّـمَـاكْ تبـلـغُ السِّـمَاك
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي

مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي
الشبابُ لنْ يكِلَّ هَمُّهُ أنْ تستَقِـلَّ أو يَبيدْ
نَستقي منَ الـرَّدَى ولنْ نكونَ للعِــدَى
كالعَـبـيـــــدْ كالعَـبـيـــــدْ

لا نُريــــــدْ لا نُريــــــدْ
ذُلَّـنَـا المُـؤَبَّـدا وعَيشَـنَا المُنَكَّـدا
لا نُريــــــدْ بـلْ نُعيــــدْ
مَـجـدَنا التّـليـدْ مَـجـدَنا التّليـدْ
مَــوطِــنــي مَــوطِــنِــي

مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي
الحُسَامُ و اليَـرَاعُ لا الكـلامُ والنزاعُ
رَمْــــــزُنا رَمْــــــزُنا
مَـجدُنا و عـهدُنا وواجـبٌ منَ الوَفا
يهُــــــزُّنا يهُــــــزُّنا

عِـــــــزُّنا عِـــــــزُّنا
غايةٌ تُـشَــرِّفُ و رايـةٌ ترَفـرِفُ
يا هَـــنَــاكْ فـي عُـــلاكْ
قاهِراً عِـــداكْ قاهِـراً عِــداكْ
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي

dus2oor Day 1,982, 11:29

ممكن أحد يفهمني وش السالفه ههههههههههه
سجلت في اللعبه لأني شايفهم مستحلين السعوديه ماقدرت أمنع نفسي من التسجيل لازم أعرف الطريقه بس أحد يعلمني ليه حاطين السعوديه ؟

greg L
greg L Day 1,986, 23:57

Voted, may be just 30 players here but everyone counts and NaN counts. HAIL eKSA, HAIL NAN. Keep up the good work friends.

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