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[Kravenn] Request your Xmas Gift (Free Food)

Day 1,858, 14:23 Published in United Kingdom Greece by Kravenn

Ho Ho Ho, Looks like that end of the day is not for now and in some days : it will be Christmas.

For most of us, it will be a nice time but sadly : not for everybody.
That's why I decided to help those who deserve our attention : our young players.

These last days (when I didn't wrote an article) : I prepared a lot of cakes for our young players

Well like I mentionned : these cakes won't be for everybody and I decided to add some conditions

You are eligible to 50 Q2 food if

- You must be a UK citizen
- You must be between level 1 and 27
- You must add a comment just below where you mention that you want your Xmas gift

You are eligible to 100 Q2 food if

- You are a UK citizen between level 1 and 27
- You add a comment below where you mention that you want a Xmas gift
- You are a TUP member

Having some fun with one of our young citizens

Remember to request you Xmas cake 😉



Niemand Day 1,858, 14:25

Help for young players is always nice. Voted & shouted!

alittlec4 Day 1,858, 14:30

Nice gesture, in the spirit of giving I will match the energy that Kravenn is offering to the first 20 people who comment and are eligible.

Meghan Day 1,858, 14:47

i want an xmas gift and cake man. Thanks bro

behnam jabbari
behnam jabbari Day 1,858, 14:47

Im not british but any way happy xmas bro

Cotarius Day 1,858, 14:54

Happy Xmas

GameChanger Day 1,858, 15:26

Donate mine to NHS

alexg737 Day 1,858, 17:06

Cheesecake for all!

Nice one Kravenn.

bearoam Day 1,858, 18:40

Happy Xmas....
Hail TUP


General Slim
General Slim Day 1,858, 18:56

I would like a gift... Thanks!

lancer450 Day 1,858, 19:43

Merry Christmas! Great initiative for helping younger players. Voted.

Elshi Day 1,858, 20:23

Happy Christmas everyone. I'd like a gift 🙂 (And I've voted in return)

shipamogli Day 1,858, 20:25

Voted for the UK kids, and for the Christmas! Merry Christmas for all citizens of all levels \o/

David Norman
David Norman Day 1,858, 22:22

i want an xmas gift and cake too, thanks and voted

prostokreten Day 1,858, 22:58



Kravenn Day 1,859, 23:11

Done till David Norman 😉

Amokkel Day 1,859, 23:31

Nice 🙂

Weirdstuffs Day 1,859, 00:01

I hope level 27 is also included because I'd really like a x-mas gift!

Dartonn Day 1,859, 00:49

Christams gift please.

Onage Day 1,859, 01:00

Some cake please.

Jimbobfrey Day 1,859, 01:07

Could I have 50 Q2 food please?

wigibob Day 1,859, 01:55

v91 already subbed

I want cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please)

Alicization Day 1,859, 02:42

I would like a gift, thanks! Only 50, but merry christmas!

Keldonis Day 1,859, 03:59

v101 already subbed, I would like a gift! Thanks

Deepfryedmarsbar Day 1,859, 04:00

happy xmas!!! v 102

Crustymango Day 1,859, 05:20

v105 Could I have 100 Q2 please? (Already a TUP member). Thanks and merry christmas!

JHarris Day 1,859, 05:54

I'd love an xmas prezzie just joined the game

yurigavin Day 1,859, 06:09

I would like a xmas gift, v106 and TUP member

peter chals
peter chals Day 1,859, 06:24

merry xmas,

Abraxaas Day 1,859, 06:40

i would like a gift, merry xmas

LongShotzZ Day 1,859, 06:42

I would appreciate a Xmas gift please. V108

Mihalache Catalin
Mihalache Catalin Day 1,859, 07:14

merry christmas

Flange243 Day 1,859, 07:44

I'd like a gift cheers & merry xmas

Sir Earl Sofiane Richa
Sir Earl Sofiane Richa Day 1,859, 08:54

je veut

Saiwun Day 1,859, 09:24

Tu parles francais? Mais tu habites en la UK!

Billy Cooper
Billy Cooper Day 1,859, 10:06

I would like gift, please.

Bollinger720 Day 1,859, 10:17

Merry Christmas! I've goined your military unit ! Please can I have soime more?

stoker8 Day 1,859, 10:20

Can i have my xmas gift please? 🙂 i am a TUP member 🙂.

Kanati Day 1,859, 11:41

Cake me please! NOM! v112

Sweet Cersei
Sweet Cersei Day 1,859, 12:29

This is indeed a nice gesture Kravenn!
I'm not a TUP member, but I wouldn't mind a bite of those Xmas cakes.. *smile*

Merry Christmas everybody!!!
Oh, I almost forgot: Vote 113, Sub 600..

Gem Holden
Gem Holden Day 1,859, 12:30

i would like a gift plz

Anaxima Day 1,859, 13:03

merry christmas Kravenn!

I like cake plx 😃

Wadworth Day 1,859, 14:26

I would love a Christmas gift please.

Merry Christmas to you all

Gareth.4686 Day 1,859, 15:40

I'd like mine

alittlec4 Day 1,859, 16:14

In keeping with my offer I have transferred food to the first 20 citizens who were eligible under the rules Kravenn set out.

Had to go all the way done to Saiwun as we had a couple of banned users on the list and a cheeky Canadian trying for some food.

2 users had insufficient storage space, I have messaged them and will transfer the goods as soon as I hear back from them.

Merry Christmas Everybody

Hugo Lilly
Hugo Lilly Day 1,859, 19:41

Merry Xmas Kravenn!

Jorge Gonzalez von Marees
Jorge Gonzalez von Marees Day 1,859, 21:01

merry xmas everyone!

PaulMoadibe Day 1,859, 22:36

have a very merry christmas everyone....

can my gift be a ferrari 🙂 hehehe..
take care everyone......


Zachary Pinder
Zachary Pinder Day 1,860, 00:39

Hi I would likechristmas gift please.

bananaboy378 Day 1,860, 01:15

hey, could i have i have a puppy for christmas?

or food.......

Kravenn Day 1,860, 03:47

Done till bananaboy378

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