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[KLINAC] Company's profit for CANADA & CROATIA

Day 1,701, 05:50 Published in Canada Croatia by K l i n a c

Greeting eCanadians,

Today you have something new, an article with pictures!!!
I made a financial report for all the companies Q1-Q6.
I took the prices at 05:00 (erep time).
Food bonus is 1,6 and wep bonus is 1,4
The salary is 256 CAD

The salary in canada is too high, if the salary does not go down than the industry (companies) will stack!

Jo rvatine i balkančine,

ima izvještaja i za vas!
Uzeo sam cijene u 05:00 po erep vremenu, bonusi su 1,6 na food te 1,4 na wep!
Plaća je 200,1 HRK!

Stanje se vratilo kao i prije uvođenja raketa, uvijek se iste stvari isplate.
Nema puno filozofiranja!

Jedino što se trenutno isplati je nadograditi treninge, BESPLATNI I 0,19 - OBAVEZNO SVI!

Picture of the day ( PIKČUR OF D DEJ)



Ines1986 Day 1,701, 05:55

Zbilja si talentiran.

Adelboden Day 1,701, 05:57

dobra cica!
p.s. nove ribice?

travuljaga Day 1,701, 06:03

paint van gogh!

BeDva Day 1,701, 06:03

bote bre, samo tako..
a minusa opet u q3/4 wepu jaooooo leleeee

BeDva Day 1,701, 06:05

e i pičkr of d dej rulez xD

AZTE Day 1,701, 06:06


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,701, 06:54

v zadivljen sam tvojim umjetnickim sposobnostima : D

ArkAngeIus Day 1,701, 06:56

vote za naš grb xD

U n K n O w N
U n K n O w N Day 1,701, 06:56

Sve si bolji slikar xD

Rebelsy Day 1,701, 07:01

akademski slikar klinac

Absentee Day 1,701, 07:08

pa uvijek je desna manja od lijeve, kod tebe sve naopako -.-'
il je ova ljevoruka? : D

Xichael Day 1,701, 10:41

I think that version of the Canadian flag should be adopted as the official one.

Doctor of Souls
Doctor of Souls Day 1,701, 11:07

CHOOSE YOUR SEXY NURSE: please vote&sub and sorrz mate for some SPAM comment

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Day 1,701, 11:10

Wait for WRM prices to go down,

BacoST Day 1,701, 11:47


Don Milli
Don Milli Day 1,701, 12:07

Nemoj kopirati Zdravka xDDDDDDD

Adrastos Amon
Adrastos Amon Day 1,701, 14:34


Niko Snow
Niko Snow Day 1,701, 21:17


mhilly Day 1,702, 10:52

Nice article!
It shows how unbalanced the company productions are. Lower Q company owners will never be able to rival higher Q owners for employees. Specially since the job market is global and citizens will flock to the country that maintains 100% bonus and lower income tax for work.

Sally Willis
Sally Willis Day 1,703, 04:13

This is an excellent analysis which supports my own views on the economy.

eCanadians! Vote for me for Congress on the 25th.

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