[KHMC] A new day

Day 2,097, 00:04 Published in Australia Australia by Lord TJ


I start by acknowledging the commanders of the KnightHawks and the Hawks, past and present and those who are no longer in the corps, the party or in life. In the modern >2009 era, I acknowledge the High Commands of the late Sam Cougar, Sir_C0nstant, Henry the 8th, Ronnyjnrjnr, scottty and Binda, the Captains Callumh123 and Styvesant - and all who have piloted in-arms, or represented in power from the political corps we today call the KHMC.

Although the MC is a civilian council today open to all, it is important to acknowledge those close bonds with the corps that brought it to fruition and with those ties that still remain. Commander Henry the 8th remains close to us, by our side, in our ears, in our beds.

He is our leader, but you the members are its governors. KHMC is grateful to Camshaft for his recent service as Party President when B u z z and a faction of multi PTOers attempted to takeover our party. It's not the first time this evil plot has been attempted. The country was with us - watching, waiting. We got him and drove him out. He now sits on the benches awaiting deportation.

TODAY: We chart a new course - or a course back to the past depending how you wish to relate to it.

First order of business is setting a party policy. Commander Henry has sent through his thoughts - please members send through your own. As soon as I get command of the KHMC forum the discussion will begin. Within days, we'll have an operating document.

On party positions - the floor is open. Members message me for the positions of Vice President, Secretary General, Councillor and Spokesperson.

On Congress - nominations have opened. Please come on in and file for candidacy. KHMC and KH unit members will have first preference and others will fill. The more experienced will meet to determine Senate mechanics and numbers.

It's a start to a more open and democratic process, but for now we have to stabilise the party. I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone that for the better part of the past month we've been under PTO rule - a few things will need to take precedence.

On the Country President nomination - Hurrah. First month probably forever when KHMC will have a pre-selection. Similar to the APP's established method, candidates in and outside of the KHMC will be able to put their name forward (PTOers forget it - just forget it).

From there debates can be held etc and a vote taken by KHMC members. While there is no rush for this to start, I'm happy to receive names from now on if people like.

Our doors are open - willing and waiting to have a genuine dialogue with other parties, their leaders and members, in the hope of securing our country and its political system.

My respect is with the members who are its democratic body and with the country we call home.

Mick Gatto
KHMC President and Senator