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[JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT] TWO and Eden merges to create THR33D3N

Day 2,001, 02:00 Published in Hungary Hungary by HUpakolas neje Szamanta

Dear Citizens!

Times are always changing. We have seen many friends turning against each other and many enemies signing first only NAP-s and ceasefires, later MPP-s, just to become best friends.

Times have changed. Two former top alliances of TWO (ONE) and EDEN now see a growing common threat called CoT. CoT has been expanding both in EDEN's and TWO's spheres of influence, which made many former EDEN members leave their alliance and sign MPP-s with TWO nations.

Considering our noble battles we have fought in the past years, we, nations of TWO and EDEN believe that we can't let our old foes go just to be replaced by a corrupt, dishonourable villain. We can't let part of e-Republik's history go down in such a way.

Therefore, from tonight 3AM server time, the old alliances of TWO and EDEN are no more. From tonight 3AM server time, a joint alliance THR33D3N is founded by members of old TWO and old EDEN. Any nations who left EDEN in the past 30 days are free to join THR33D3N on their own wish.

Temporary HQ will be consisted of old TWO and EDEN leadership as well as country presidents. Member nations have 15 days to elect one representative after every 1.000 citizens for the first THR33D3N HQ that will draft the alliance's constitution after June's presidental elections.

Subscribe to THR33D3N's official newspaper for latest battle orders!

May our friendship be strong, may our common past will strenghten our common future!

Hail THR33D3N!
Hail TWO!
Hail EDEN!


Uhron Day 2,001, 02:18


HUpakolas neje Szamanta
HUpakolas neje Szamanta Day 2,001, 02:22

Hail THR33D3N!
Hail TWO!
Hail EDEN!

Gomboc.Artur Day 2,001, 02:33


Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,001, 02:38

lol v!

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,001, 02:42


Nintsen Day 2,001, 02:57

Comment deleted

romanian spy
romanian spy Day 2,001, 03:36

persze magyar verzió megint nincs.
mustela putorius banda.

Teleki Kolos
Teleki Kolos Day 2,001, 04:25

Szamanta nem is tud angolul (magyarul se nagyon). Ezt is csak bemásolta valahonnan.

HUpakolas neje Szamanta
HUpakolas neje Szamanta Day 2,001, 22:47

Ez a cikk jetICSicska gépén van előkészítve hogy megjelenjen. Június 4-re tervezték hogy minket megalázzanak.

Archfeldspar Day 2,002, 14:33

e Pluribus unum.

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 2,001, 03:47

Ooooh...give me a break ! Some EDEN countries will never join TWO .
Merging of TWO and EDEN is more perverse than a hardcore porn .

Komjatius The Hun
Komjatius The Hun Day 2,001, 10:22

What is your problem with hardcore porn? 😃

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 2,001, 12:01

hardcore porn is ok, but everything more perverse than this, like above named new alliance, is to much for me xD

VAse the Great
VAse the Great Day 2,001, 12:09

My point is, there is no fun, no's....blaaack...I mean ,come one, EDEN and, this is like in case some thief to rob you, and after all you ask him to f*ck you...

Now it happened and is called Assteria!

mkdfighter97 Day 2,001, 03:51

Hail traitors.

Wildrunner Day 2,001, 03:56

it was about time, after months of lies and hipocrisy it was about time to put the cards on the table 🙂

Visor90 Day 2,001, 04:53

Comment deleted

rRonin Day 2,001, 04:54

Ez egyre jobb bakker 😁)

Pelgarian Day 2,001, 06:22

I sense.... I sense .... bullsh*t.

Roiwizd Day 2,001, 06:32


guest8495 Day 2,001, 07:20

Hail romanian - hungarian brotherhood!

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Day 2,001, 07:39

yeah, right!

Proli a Rajen
Proli a Rajen Day 2,002, 04:16

Magyar-román két jóbarát..dugják fel egymás bocskorát.....

guest8495 Day 2,001, 07:22

Rumuński, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do bitki, i do szklanki!

neis Day 2,001, 07:32

What thinks Ernst Von Jakob for this ??? ....also GregoryGay has father complex....

SzuperPandamaci Day 2,001, 07:35

GregoryGay is so up in the Romanians ass, that he doesn't care about anything now-a-days...

AnonymV Day 2,001, 08:12


Pioca a Gyulolkodo
Pioca a Gyulolkodo Day 2,001, 08:37

Szerintem kamú

Zsiger pasija Bobby Ewing
Zsiger pasija Bobby Ewing Day 2,686, 13:26

Jó dolog a régi cikkeinket olvasni, mi?

cen1 Day 2,001, 09:04


Heil Romania Brothers o7
Heil Greek Brothers o7
Heil Argentina Brothers o7
Heil Colombia Brothers o7

Fail CoT! Very dangerous alliance who wants our territories. Hurr durr etc...


..wait what?

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,001, 09:22


DonaldMcKwacz Day 2,001, 09:25

eeee wtf

Rhual Day 2,001, 09:39

New Media Mogul project, I like the way you lie :3

It deserves the sub

Gyurka Day 2,001, 10:15

Mi lesz ebből?

Allea Day 2,001, 11:12

minditthalunk o7

bannme Day 2,001, 11:12


GobnatIa Day 2,001, 13:40


Kero One
Kero One Day 2,001, 14:23

Hail Jockey Ewing \o/

autosportmania Day 2,001, 16:02

A THR33D3N betűinek alapjai nincsenek egy síkban. (:

Nalaja Day 2,001, 17:46

még nem is hangzana rosszul: THR33D3N, ejtsd: TRIDENT. De kamu.

HUpakolas neje Szamanta
HUpakolas neje Szamanta Day 2,001, 22:45

Igazából tudom hogy a tervek már ott pihennek az asztalaitok fiókjában tavaly augusztus óta. Azért is írtam ezt a cikket hogy jól keresztül húzzam a jeticsicskák számításait. Most vagy új nevet találnak ki vagy egy olyan néven fut majd a Jeticsicska Alliance 3,0 ami először egy minőségi trollcikkben jelent meg!
Ezt egyétek meg droidfüggelékek!

Nalaja Day 2,002, 00:11

LoL of the day

MR Anonymous98
MR Anonymous98 Day 2,001, 20:05

Hail CoT!! 😃

Adika13 Day 2,001, 23:28

Hail! (mindenkinek, ami tetszik)

WDGcc2154 Day 2,002, 01:44

egyszerűbb lett volna ha az a neve, hogy TR33, benne van a 3 is meg az EDEN logo is 😃

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,002, 06:10


Georgian Wrestler
Georgian Wrestler Day 2,002, 06:33

a joke that will last 1-2 months max... you cant just brake the balance and have 70%+ of the damage in 1 alliance... anyway that will show who are the damage seekers and who are the true allies

Mort13 Day 2,002, 08:42

Ha már itt tartunk akkor már miért nem kötünk mindenkivel szövetséget, meg NAP-ot??? -.-

AnonymV Day 2,002, 11:02

Bullshit .
It can't be real
I gonna leave Hungary if it will be allied with romania

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