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[JK] - Looks like we're in ONE now ...

Day 1,740, 13:42 Published in USA USA by John Killah

Oh no, now you’ve gone and done it …

Good evening America … It’s article time!

On the Agenda today –
2) - God of War Articles
3) – Mississippi isn’t known, for Pizzas

1) – ONE is back, didn’t you know?

Oh boy, now it has happened. Remember that ONE died? Well, it’s kind of back.

It’s now called 4FUN.

Now, I hear cries of “Oh here we go again …” But you know what? Not caring.
So, lets start off at the beginning. First, we had the admins propose this little challenge, and some of us thought “Cool, this FCUK.U (Purposely misspelt it because I cba to go for the full name or get a FP) alliance is gonna be fun”

Then we find out, we’re in a different alliance to what everyone thought. Fair enough … But first off, it was with Hungary.

Eww … That’s disgusting. But it gets worse from here of course … Because now we find out the UK’s joined too. So now we got a disgusting country we should NEVER be allied with, and a redcoat turncoat as allies. I MIGHT be able to overlook that

BUT I WILL NOT OVERLOOK SERBIA. This is where I draw the line.

Now, lets look at the countries we’re allied with in this “alliance” with – Spain, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, United Kingdom and Brazil. We’re omit the UK and Brazil for a moment. OH LOOK, THE CORE COUNTRIES OF ONE

That’s right, the USA is now “OFFICIALLY IN ONE (4FUN)”

Cull your calls of “it’s only for one month” before I beat you. It’s not the point. Our President came into office calling Evry’s Foreign Policy to s*** and joining the calls saying “Evry wants us to join ONE”

But look who’s brought us into ONE now … the same person calling Evry out. This isn’t just a fun stunt, THIS IS HIPOCRACY OF THE HIGHEST F****** LEVEL!

I’m certainly adding my voice to the calls for impeachment. Hungary I could stomach, BUT NOT SERBIA.


I wonder what his cabinet think (Inside joke).

2) – Enough God of war articles?

Yeah, gonna be a bit of a party pooper here.

God of War articles … Enough of them already?

Don’t get me wrong, when someone achieves something, it’s cool to shout about it, to let people know how awesome they’ve done.

But let’s admit it to ourselves. The amount of God of Wars in this game, it isn’t as big of an achievement as it used to be. They’ve done a great thing, yes, but it’s not as special anymore.

Now, GoW*, GoW** and GoW***, THOSE are still special because they’re harder to get .

So please, if you’re gonna do a “Congrats [insert so and so in here at your pleasure], new God of War” article, wait until there are more than one people to congratulate.

3) – Pizza in Mississippi? F*** No

When I got told I was running in Mississippi, I shrugged my shoulders. Congress isn’t important to me … been there, done it, and bored of the intense derp fest that is usually present.

Until today when I heard Inci had failed the nation by letting Pizza get onto the ballot in one of their states. I facepalmed so hard, I think some of my grey matter became dislodged and came out of my nose.

And then it gets even better … he snuck in … in Mississippi. Yep, he’s running in the state I was meant to be blocking in.

Well, that happened (Inside TFS joke)

So let me ask any of you reading this … Stop the madness. VOTE FOR PIGINZEN IN MISSISSIPPI!*

* - F*** Party Lines, I’d rather PiZ get into congress than Pizza.

A segment in my paper which is a special place where people can talk briefly about anything eRepublik related. It’s a place where I can help bring them out into the media spotlight
Todays Guest! – Jack Mensley

What I shall discuss on this fine paper with ink and whiskey is a topic often seen, but never is considered. This topic is party unity and ethics.
It is my firm believe that a party should be unified not under their leadership, party president or figurehead. What a party should be based upon is the fundamental rights of their country and the efforts to continue the livelihood of their nation.
AMP is a party that was brought up by the eUS Military under a particular cause, but over time it expanded to a greater party then it was before. It had grown from supporting only certain people to placing it’s efforts in aiding entire eUS and it’s militaries. This expansion soon lead to AMP growing to the party it is today in which it aids it’s own members.
That being, a party should not be about gaining more power for unintended purposes, but gaining power to use for the members who gave it and to even extend it to the nation’s citizens.
This only can be accomplished by unification of party members to contribute to the party in helping it grow, gain power, and even help new members in their education of the game mechanics and showing them how to contribute to the party.
It is my firm belief that a party should not be centered around one person, but the history and the members of it’s own.

You can get more of Jack Mensley below, click the link to go to their newspaper!

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None today

Susan Coffey … oh god yes!

Keep it chillin eAmerica!




Jack Mensley
Jack Mensley Day 1,740, 13:44

First for the awesome article

Oblige Day 1,740, 13:49

Voted for PiZ > Pizza.

Also, looks like someone is grumpy THEY'RE not a GoW yet :3

egemen_i Day 1,740, 13:52

ne diyonuz amk turkce yazin

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,740, 13:53

It's quite funny the past 2 administration plan to ally us with Poland is actually coming to fruition by the guy who denounced them.

Ironic much.

Zelja Day 1,740, 13:56

now your task as a nation for the next month is to find even dumber president, you have been quite successful with the past few, maybe you can even elect serbian as your president (since its only for a month)

there might be players who are opposed to this, such as the one who wrote this article, but eventually they will fade away, I watched enough side switches to know the mechanism of it...

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,740, 13:56

Silly Oblige ... I just reached World Class Force, I'm pretty happy with reaching that :3

Zelja Day 1,740, 13:56

the next thing thats gonna happen is that you will fight against your former allies, the trolling will start from both sides, and you will happily accept side switch....

playa566 Day 1,740, 15:02

Havent read much into this whole alliance thing plato set up but pretty sure it wont last for long either way. So seems its going to be a short battle of the alliances or something ?

jadiv Day 1,740, 15:09

Hey JK, can ya write a god of war article 😃

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,740, 15:23

>_>! xD

BogusTR Day 1,740, 18:22

what a silly president we have. uk, hungary, poland, +serbia?...

Relorian Day 1,740, 18:37

A single month of MPP's that wont get renewed (well unless the forums retards win again) is not plunging us into One. Its simply going along with the idiotic contest the admins cooked up to force more people to buy more gold.

It is funny though seeing everyone panic like the sky is actually falling, meanwhile those with the intelligence to see that 1 month 😕= entering ONE are laughing at the chicken littles.

Relorian Day 1,740, 18:38

BTW, Much love to JK, even though I think he's panicking.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,741, 02:34

I'm far from panicing, i'm fuming that our president is being a hipocrit and people are going "it's only a month". If someone else was CP, you'd all be screaming blue murder wouldn't you? But just because it's Glove, it's all good. I mean, lets not get started on the fact he's been cutting some of his Cabinets PDB access because they disagree with him.

ErrOrka Day 1,741, 04:19

"Hungary I could stomach, BUT NOT SERBIA."
I feels ya brah

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Day 1,741, 05:40

Someone needs to explain how we went from F.U. of C. and K. -Unofficial to 4FUN? Admin jerks us around and everyone is blaming GloveisLove for getting us into ONE....

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,741, 08:01

I could take you more seriously if you could actually SPELL THE WORD HYPOCRITE. Actually, no, I still wouldn't take this seriously.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,741, 08:26

Trololololololololol :3 Sorry, can't take you seriously over the trolling you're attempting 😃

JyM22 Day 1,741, 08:27

Quit your whining and backtalk, where's the Crolaysian NE we "asked" you guys for? At this rate, you won't be in ONE... I mean 4FUN for long. Could be time for another wipe.

Fitisin Day 1,741, 08:34

>Could be time for another wipe.

Go on..give it a try.

JyM22 Day 1,741, 08:46

^Fitisin you're a good guy so I'll give you a protip:

I'm just here to reinforce stereotypes and make it seem like your worst fears are indeed coming true. It's my way of trolling.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,741, 09:36

huehuehue, Tears so delicious :3

also, Boobs Fix'd (Courtesy of Kara Beth pointing it out)

Apress Day 1,741, 15:44

vote and sub \o o7

if anyone is interested you can read my e-news :

NEIL ARMSTRONG August 05.1930-August 25.2012

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