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[JK/AMP] Who do you support?

Day 2,213, 20:12 Published in USA USA by John Killah

MOAR EMINEM! … This time, “Sing for the Moment”

Oh dear god, runs for your lives, it’s a JK Article!

Why are you supporting someone?

It’s a rarity for me to publicly endorse someone for the AMP Party President. I honestly can’t remember the last time I wrote an article and said “I SUPPORT THIS GUY FOR PP!” … The reason behind is simple -

I’ve been in leadership over 2 damn years now (What am I doing with my life?!) and i’ve come to the point where I don’t feel the need to try and sway people into voting a certain way. I dunno about the rest of you, but I like the middle … like in a Jammie Dodger! (GTFO if you don’t know what one is, go google it) The biscuit is great but it’s that jam in the center that is the attraction.

That’s what I am. I’m the middle in my party. I don’t lean one way or another, I just sit back, and go with how the party votes. You win the election? You get my help, no strings attached ever. I serve my party, not it’s leadership, I will always do what I think is the best for the party, and sometimes that’s led me to speak out against the PP and disagree.

Anyways, moving on from that tangent, I’m 99% neutral most of the time. Do I have my own interests in the elections? Sure, every man has his opinion on people and how’d they’d cope … I just keep it to myself.

This election however, I figured i’d show a bit of support!

Right … who?

I’ll make that bit short and simple - I’m supporting Malarkey83 for Party President.

Why? -

* - In comparison to last month, Malarkey has been nothing but on the ball. If he’s on IRC (which is everyday), he’s not sat there laughing, joking and doing nothing. He’s working, he’s engaging with Leadership about his ideas and what he wants to see.

* - Like above, he speaks to leadership, but doesn’t impress his will upon them like a dictator. He speaks to them with respect and opens the door to DISCUSS the plan. It’s not a “Do this now”, it’s a “Here’s what i’m thinking, what’s your thoughts?”. To Malarkey, there is no dictator type stance, just an honest debate and swapping of ideas.

* - He’s not in this for the glory like some people do it sometimes. Sure he could of left it at this term and said “Job well done” … But no, he wants a 2nd term to IMPROVE upon what he’s done, to IMPROVE upon the Party further. He understands not everything has been perfect, and this is him trying to go one step further and fix them.

* - His ethics are admirable. To him, the PP Spot isn’t a position of power just for the hell of it, in his own words, he ”wants to inspire others into leadership. If he feels he has inspired even just one person, he thinks his job is being done right”

Why not the other candidates?

First of all, let me say that just because i’m supporting Malarkey, it’s nothing personal against other candidates. I wish them both the best of luck in the race.

Each has their own unique skills and abilities that make them right for the job, but at the same time, they have issues that I see are a hinderance and makes them unsuitable for the job at present time

There isn’t a universal standard for who’s ready and who isn’t. I just judge based on my own criteria.

So there ya have it folks … I’m throwing my support to Malarkey … What about you?

The man of Integri … who am I kidding, i’m just a joker really



John Killah
John Killah Day 2,213, 20:13

First Denied because JK CAN into support.

Goxi HN
Goxi HN Day 2,213, 21:01

war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war war

emdoublegee Day 2,213, 21:22

he's got my vote to! Been doing a bang up job this month, I look forward to him continuing it next month!

Syz2 Day 2,214, 08:43

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs! ✯ ✯ ✯

Malarkey has been a great PP, would love to have him another term!

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