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[Jelly] Hello Lithuania :D

Day 1,271, 04:16 Published in Lithuania Indonesia by irvan permana

First of all I would like to thank you very much for accepting us to be a proud Lithuanian.
As new citizen I would like to know about your eCountry, To know each other and strengthen our relationship.
So would you

Give me one sentence which describe about eLithuania

And as gratitude I’ll give the best sentence 50 fut q3 and 10 tanks
But don’t worry, everyone who participated will get satay, my favorite food from indonesia 😃

Free 10 food q3 who participated


Nb: to know about us Jelly Jelly-wiki



calon rakyat jelata
calon rakyat jelata Day 1,271, 04:17


Raima Day 1,271, 04:20

eLithuania is best country to live (:

gliookas II
gliookas II Day 1,271, 04:25

Lithuanian logic: "a neighbor's house burns down. sorry that it is not my brothers house..."
check this 🙂

Atsigauk Day 1,271, 04:33

eLithuania is best country because we have epic past, shameful present and obscure future.

ZiguA Day 1,271, 04:43

eLithuania is not perfect, far from it, here we also have our own problems, but we always solve those problems fast and forget that they ever existed and fight shoulder to shoulder against our enemy like brothers and sisters ! That's what to be Lithuanian means

irvan permana
irvan permana Day 1,271, 04:54

4 comment and i already liked it : D
nexttttt \o/

Miracle Day 1,271, 05:01


kNoksas Day 1,271, 05:19

Our eCountry has the best chicks in the whole wide world! : D

Lurk Day 1,271, 05:37

Because one of our most favorite food is šašlykai

BEaST'as Day 1,271, 05:40

eLithuania :
Air Force - turkish Memphis Belle
Naval Force - indonesian Jelly Army
Who is next..?

Lurk Day 1,271, 05:45


underground troll army from lithuania

somp3l Day 1,271, 05:49

nice 🙂

Prince Rizkyputra
Prince Rizkyputra Day 1,271, 05:51


no pict mean HOAX... 😮

Second time
Second time Day 1,271, 06:15

Lithuania is the best !!!!!

Edex Day 1,271, 07:06

One might say it is because:
1. VILKAI!!! o7
2. T

Tusheng Day 1,271, 07:16

JellyMaxxx... vote to the TOP

Btw.. Irvan maho...wkwkwkwk

pnoneb Day 1,271, 07:56

Because we troll enemy media when the war starts 🙂

LS HQ Day 1,271, 08:11

ELithuania like Real Lithuania has a long and proud history. No matter who atac us and how strong he is-lithuanians fight till the end, with raised head.

pantera7 Day 1,271, 08:23

because our eLithuania president is the most younger president in erepublik time scale(I guess), but he is so perfect and good lover and he makes me feel crazy(;

what is more, eLithuania has "First country lady", what means president wife. And guess who she is?😉

qriepiek Day 1,271, 08:58

@pantera7 who??

irvan permana
irvan permana Day 1,271, 09:08

: O

i liked that spirit : thumbup

hmm.. let me guess
vyygis? X D

and qripiek is so upset because he already has first country lady : (

pantera7 Day 1,271, 09:12

nope. our president is GliookasII and I'm his wife(;

pantera7 Day 1,271, 09:14

p.s. I add your donate food to my [PPPLPF]. It's First Lady Pantea7 charity and support fond to help other eLt people by food, guns or even tickets... (:

qriepiek Day 1,271, 09:31

pity me...
is there any esingle girl in lithuania??

x D

Lelliana Day 1,271, 10:26


Atsigauk Day 1,271, 12:01

Lithuania is the best country because the biggest joy for Lithuanian is to teach foreigner to swear in Lithuanian. 😉


Lord Artur
Lord Artur Day 1,271, 13:53

First of all we have delicious food in the hole world is: Zeppelins
Second we are like 300 mens, you see that movie? - i think you seen.
And the last think, we glad because you join this country.

Lord Art(h)ur

Jogaila Day 1,271, 14:20

Jogaila- LDK Poland king and Lithuania lord. In eRepublik feature CP, LP(LINKSMA PARTIJA(happy party))PP. Remind this word Jogaila is the best nick name in game. Mhhh... Where my bread with tank???

mir3s Day 1,271, 15:56

eLithuania is a great country but with shamefull government. Like in reality, same shit happens here, since a person gets some power in politics all he care is money.

Lelliana Day 1,271, 16:09

5G is such a power!

mant0kas Day 1,271, 16:25

There is no place like eLithuania

BadMail Day 1,271, 16:35

is there any esingle girl in lithuania??

threesecond Day 1,271, 18:39

is there any single girl in eLithuania?

Sionk van Guloon
Sionk van Guloon Day 1,271, 19:15

is there any single girl in eLithuania?

vosakz Day 1,271, 21:35

Watch Out.. Now All jellys serching for eLithunian girls = )

vyygis Day 1,271, 22:40

thats why they came here 😃

Jogaila Day 1,271, 23:04

do you know? Lithunia was best place to live in all world not serbia, no romunia, no poland or othert country only Lithuania. When by best time in lithuania minimum salary was 12LTL, GOLD salary was 50-65LTL but you think job salary is very small no problem job salary was apperentice 20LTL it is very big!!! Grain was 0.07LTL Food was q1 0.55LTL. Our neighborns was travel to our country to buy same grain and food. What you think about eLithuania ? Now I again wont food but this time with tank if you can:-)


hail jelly army o7
Hail Jogaila o7
Hail our CP Gliookas II Hail my eUNCLE Pantera7
Hail ABC

Otute Day 1,271, 23:59

Free hug for Jelly army ^.^

Manvys Day 1,272, 01:11

The strength of the Lithuania lies in unity 🙂

Sionk van Guloon
Sionk van Guloon Day 1,272, 01:42

hello Otute.. (;

eLeetOne Day 1,272, 02:21

Because only in Lithuania ethnic minority becomes majority. sadly.

qriepiek Day 1,272, 02:24

hi otute... o/

x D

Azartiskas Day 1,272, 09:27

O7 !

CrayonEater20 Day 1,272, 10:48

Because Lithuania is most united country in the world!

o0n3m00o Day 1,272, 18:01

hi otute! hi lelliana!
~o~ 😃

wandrip Day 1,272, 18:22

hi otute...

Kursis Kurenas
Kursis Kurenas Day 1,273, 03:31

Because eLT likes Jellies and Jellies like eLT. God bless our friendship.

Toris Laurinaitis
Toris Laurinaitis Day 1,273, 04:11

It should be noted that the United States of America never acknowledged Lithuania's incorporation into the Soviet Union, and so recognized Lithuanian independence even when Lithuania was not independent.

Lebarot Day 1,782, 01:03

s143 + add

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