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[JDP] Special Interview: Xavier Griffith

Day 1,884, 17:57 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by giladahgua
(Venezuelan Andean, eVenezuela)

“Selamat pagi, siang, sore dan malam. Selamat datang di Special Interview. Saya, Janisatya Dido Pranata. Sebelumnya saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih yang sebesar-besarnya kepada teman saya, giladahgua, karena bersedia menerbitkan artikel ini di Korannya. Sebagai Duta Besar eIndonesia yang baru untuk eVenezuela, saya telah mengajukan citizenship application kepada Pemerintah di sana. Namun karena membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama, saya pikir citizenship application yang saya ajukan akan ditolak. Oleh sebab itu itu saya mengadakan wawancara eksklusif dengan seorang tokoh dunia. Namun tanpa saya duga, belum sempat artikel ini diterbitkan, saya sudah mendapat pemberitahuan bahwa saya telah menjadi Warga Negara eVenezuela. Itulah sebabnya mengapa pada episode kali ini saya menerbitkan artikel ini melalui giladahgua
Pepatah mengatakan, “Semakin dekat shaf kalian dalam Sholat, semakin besar juga kemungkinan kalian akan saling bersinggungan”. Pepatah ini agaknya juga berlaku dalam dunia politik. eIndonesia dan eAustralia. Semenjak kemunculannya di eRepublik, hubungan dua negara yang saling bertetangga ini begitu dinamis. Berbagai konflik bersenjata terus mewarnai sejarah panjang hubungan di antara keduanya.

Pada kesempatan kali ini, saya kedatangan seorang tamu yang sangat istimewa dari eAustralia. Beliau adalah Mr. Xavier Griffith, Perdana Menteri (CP) eAustralia. Thank you so much Mr. Prime Minister, for this honor.”

Xavier Griffith:
“You are welcome, Janisatya. Thank you for contacting me. I'm happy to do the interview for you. Its good that an Citizen of eIndonesia would like to Interview and eAustralian with our past the way it has been. It has always been my hope that eAustralia and eIndonesia could forge stronger bonds of friendship.
I hope that my responses will be understood in eIndonesia and that they won’t offend the eIndonesian people if a reply does not fit Indonesian Custom or comes across in a bad light, the written language can be hard when translating from one language to another, especially English because it is so hard to learn, even for those that speak it. 🙂 Feel free to ask your questions I am happy to answer them for you.”

“Okay, are you a real Australian in the real life?”

Xavier Griffith:
“Yes I am, I live in Victoria.”

“I see from your profile that you had been in eAustralian Senate for 17 terms, eIsrael Knesset for 1 term, 3 terms as eAustralian Prime Minister, Commander of the Order of eAustralia, and many more. Wow, I must say you have an outstanding career in eRepublik, Sir. Is politic your real passion? And why is that?”

Xavier Griffith:
“20 terms in the Senate (Congress) overall, the ingame recognition badges were not out when I first started playing eRepublik in Oct 2008. Yes to both, but in RL more international politics than local. In erepublik because it is the only thing that keeps the game interesting after doing what you can ingame and I get to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, learn a little about their RL country and cultures as well. In RL because of a degree, half of which is International Politics. In some ways eRepublik Politics is similar to RL Local and International Politics 🙂

“From all of positions that you have achieved, which one is the most challenging and interesting for you? And please explain the reasons.”

Xavier Griffith:
“The most challenging would have to be the Prime Minister’s (or Country President’s) Role. In all three terms I have hit the office with something occurring and always work with a good team in my cabinet. Something is always going on but I have trust in my team to act upon my decisions and not against them. In eAustralia, we see the Senate as a check and balance against the Executive (the CP and their cabinet) so they will not always go along with the CPs plans or desires while they are in office. It is a delicate balance for the eAustralian CP here, no communication with the congress or trying to force them to do something can upset the balance and they will do the complete opposite of what you would like, I always try to work closely with the Congress to ensure we work together, but never dictate what they should or should not do without full agreement first Impeachments are rare in eAustralia, instead the Congress here just refuses the CP assistance or rejects proposals and makes the CP term extremely difficult.”

“Okay, we all know about a very long history about the relations between our great enations. What do you think of it?”

Xavier Griffith:
“I have seen and been involved in every Australia-Indonesia conflict since beta finished, when Australia was wiped by Indonesia. I have been involved in nearly every negotiation with the eIndonesian government for all of them.
Most, of the early history was fun, it was all part of the game and there was quite a lot of friendly banter and friendly game insults that made it fun for both sides, and many of us had eIndonesian friends that we talked to regularly, however things turned nasty with the eIndonesian PTO of our eNation, at that point RL seeped into into the game on both sides, I found that sad. Generally I don’t have a problem with eIndonesia as an eNation, like all enation and RL ones, there are always some idiots that try to spoil it for everybody else, you can’t judge a whole eNation based on just a few people who may or may not even be RL members of that nation.”

“eIndonesia-eAustralia War is an unforgettable event for many eIndonesians. It is considered as the most tangible evidence of how eAustralia was very dismissive and insulting eIndonesia. My question is how the eAustralian citizens, particularly those who experienced this event, respond to this right now?”

Xavier Griffith:
“This I believe would be the eRepublik Beta war back in early 2008 I would assume. I don't even think there are any eAustralians still in the game that where around then, and very very few left playing that joined like me after eIndonesia had wiped eAustralia from when I joined in October 2008. With that most don't really think about it because they never experienced it in the first place and there have been so many other times that eIndonesia has wiped us that are far more fresh in the general eAustralian population.
Generall speaking I don't think eAustralians really worry about it, the biggest issue for most of us that went through was the insulting eIndonesian PTO by the Angels and Demons group, that is still what reflects upon eIndonesia from an older player perspective, it's seen as dishonourable, although most eAustralians that went through it see those that participated as dishonourable specficaly, not all eIndonesians, alot of eIndonesians where very unhappy with it as well for the same reason.”

“Is there a shift in perspective the people of eAustralia to eIndonesia after this war?”

Xavier Griffith:
“There has been a huge shift in the eAustralian perspective of eIndonesia over the last few months or so, mainly because of the idea of finally being able to look at working as part of an alliance awaits eIndonesia instead of us always being enemies. It has added a wonderful new experience and dimension to the game that a nation we have seen as an enemy for 5 years could soon our allies if we are accepted as members of CoT, and there is an enthusiasm of that strange new occurrence and how it will bring us closer together with a chance to gain a better understanding of each other.”

“It seems that there are so many eIndonesian citizens who follow the progress of discussion between the two countries about Western Australia region. Can you tell us, Mr. Prime Minister, what is the eAustralian government's official stance on this issue?”

Xavier Griffith:
”eAustralia is happy to allow eIndonesia to have Western Australia, we understand they need the resource and its part of the game mechanics, eIndonesia however seems to want to keep regions that are effectively useless to them and provide them with nothing under the new game mechanic operation, we understand that it is a sentimental issue related to RL, we have similar issues with new eAussies, but the older ones tend to think more pragmatically about the game mechanics and realise that they useless to our nation as you gain no extra resource bonus from having more than one of the same resource type and you no longer gain any significant tax income from a regional perspective either as all goods are bought off your own citizen nations market with taxes still going to the national government treasury.
We have offered the eIndonesian Government 2 proposal options:
Proposal Option 1:
eAustralia swaps WA with eIndonesia for either Papua or LSI. This is the best, easiest, efficient and most beneficial to both nations from a game mechanic perspective because:
1. Both nations would gain a resource they don’t have;
2. No rent would need to be paid by either because both would benefit additionally from the new resourse resource;
3. Neither would need to return the other region for congress elections as the number of congress seats would be the same;
4. MPPs would only be lost once when the initial region swap wars occurred;
5. Once the region swaps are done, eAustralia and eIndonesia could have Resistance Wars as Training Wars on an almost consistent basis, being careful that the Resistance Wars ended up losing to ensure that any official agreement would not be breached, and even have an MPP with each other.
Proposal Option 2:
The current agreement being discussed and put forward by the eIndonesian Government is not the best option from a game mechanic perspective overall because:
1. eIndonesia would pay $30,000 rent per month;
2. eIndonesia would return WA to eAustralia on the 20th of each month for congress elections;
3. eIndonesia may NE eAustralia to retake WA on the 26th of the month after congress elections are complete;
4. MPPs eIndonesia loses may not be resigned until the NE has completed and peace can be declared.
5. eIndonesia is responsible for covering the cost of their own lost MPPs each month by NEing eAustralia to reclaim WA.
Option 2 could see eIndonesia spending approximately $120,000 every month if MPP renewals are not handled correctly, including the monthly rent to Australia.
eAustralia would rather see Proposal option 1 accepted as it is the most efficient for both nations and especially for eIndonesia, while developing a mutual respect for each other if the agreement is kept long term.”

“What is your personal opinion about eChile? Can you share to us about your plan with this country?”

Xavier Griffith:
“I have no real opinion of eChile in any direction. They were long-time friends and our agreement between each other, while it may not have been perfect, at least gave us a place to start to re-develop our friendship together, destroyed by various governments over several months. I am in the unique position that I was 2 clicking for most of the problems so don’t view them with any animosity making it easier to work with them.”

“What are the government’s work plans that cannot be achieved until today? And how to you to make them happen right away?”

Xavier Griffith:
“Anything can be done at a moment’s notice if need be, I have contact with my Cabinet on a regular basis throughout the day via forums and email or even phone calls if need be. Anything urgent can be dealt with fairly quickly.”

“What is your dream for eAustralia?”

Xavier Griffith:
“After 5 years of constant war and stupidity, I’d like to see eAustralia settle down, involved in a regional alliance, something which I tried back in March 2012 as the Asia Pacific Alliance, of which the eworld was not ready for at the time, but CoT is similar in design. I believe a regional alliance including eAustralia and eIndonesia and all other regional nations big and small would allow us as a region to develop, offer better protection and friendship overall, and operate better for our own regional interests joining the old style Eurocentric alliances.”

“Okay, this is my last question. Do you have any messages for eIndonesian citizens, Sir?”

Xavier Griffith:
“All eNations have stupid Governments at times, no nation can say they have never had one. Sometimes stupid things get done, but there is always room to talk. RL should be kept out of the game and as a wise old eIndonesian CP, with much Honour once told me: It is just a game, RL should be left out of it and we should have fun. I would like to see eIndonesia and eAustralia change direction just once in 5 years, where there is a mutual respect between both nations, a bond of friendship formed and both working together instead of constantly attacking each other, what a change in the eWorld that would bring.”

“Once again, thank you so much Sir for this great honor.”

Xavier Griffith:
“You are welcome, Janisatya. I hope this helps eIndonesians understand me if not newer eAussies better.”

P.S: Wawancara ini diambil pada sekitar pukul 14, 15 Januari, Hari ke-1883 Dunia Baru dan telah mendapat izin untuk diterbitkan oleh Perdana Menteri eAustralia, Xavier Griffith.


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