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[J.O.C.] Junior Officers Corps and its new Head

Day 1,949, 16:13 Published in USA USA by Alastor DoUrden

So this is something new for me so please bare with me. I am as of today leading the Junior Officer Corps or J.O.C. for short. The Junior Officer Corps is a program that trains people that are looking to further their careers in the Cannon Cockers MU. The J.O.C. is basically an expansion off of the Mentor Program which is headed by my friend ArtSBobo. It was running at one point but the leaders of it got really busy in other MU affairs. That's ok because one of them is now our CO. Yes at one point Haselrig was the Head of J.O.C.

Sign up to be in the J.O.C. here.
J.O.C. Application


You will be doing various things while enrolled in the J.O.C. You will be doing various jobs that are day to day things for our officers.

There are generally 3-4 different jobs that we will have you do.

The first is a recruitment job. After you snag a recruit or two then we will move you onto the next project.

The next project is connecting to IRC. After you connect to IRC then you move onto the 3rd "Class."

This is one of the less fun ones but it is important nonetheless. You will have to send a Mass Message. You will either be assigned to send a MM to your Regiment or you may have to send one to 2-3 Regiments depending on how many people are currently enrolled in J.O.C.

There are also various Delicate/Sensitive jobs that you may have the opportunity to do. We give these out based on work ethic, personality, and where your interests are.

Here is the requirements:

1. You must be level 35 or below. If you are a higher level then you must have been with C4 and active almost daily for at least a month.

2. You must currently be in the Mentor Program or a graduate of this program.

3. Be active and helpful.

4. Be dedicated and want to serve the Cannon Cockers MU as best as you can.

5. You must be determined and hard working


#1 - Recruiting Exercise - They will be instructed on how to use the live player list to find targets. Trainees will be instructed not to target players affiliated with another MU or members of the AFA. At the conclusion of the exercise instructors will stress the fact that freelance recruiting not authorized by command is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Also, after you get your recruit, you will kind of "mentor" them. You will help them with whatever they need as long as it is within your power. If they need supplies and you have supplies to spare then send them some. Just help them around erep or C4.

#2 - IRC Exercise - Using materials provided by the instructors: & the trainee will be ordered to present themselves on the #C4-public channel to receive instruction regarding the next exercise.

#3 - Quartermaster Exercise - Trainee will create a Google Doc to simulate QM duties. For safety and privacy they will publish the spreadsheet to the web and submit the link to that sheet for inspection. The form will be identical to the standard C4 supply request form with the addition of check boxes marked "Yes and No" to the question "I have worked in a C4 commune today". The trainee will be sent 50 q2 weapons. The supply order will be 25 weapons to any officer completing the form correctly. One officer will complete the form checking yes to the commune Question. Another officer will complete the sheet marking no. The trainee must send 25 weapons to the correct officer while sending none to the one marking no.

#4 - Mass P.M. Exercise - The trainee will be provided with materials to be distributed via a mass P.M. to at least three people in the MU.

#5 - Exit Interview - The trainee will present themselves on IRC between the hours of 05:00 and 14:00 server time using the #C4-public channel for a final interview with the Commanding Officer of C4.

#6 - Apprenticeship - The trainee will have the opportunity to apprentice with a C4 department head in the trainees area of interest provided the prospective mentor is willing and available to do so. The mentor will provide approximately a week of training and lecture in his/her area of expertise. The structure and content of this instruction will be left to the mentor's discretion and will be administered at the mentor's convenience.

After you graduate we will talk with our fellow officers to see where you would do the best. Then we will put you into that department. And you are officially and officer in the Cannon Cockers.


Alastor DoUrden
Head of J.O.C.


Haselrig Day 1,949, 16:26

We are C4, o7

BeachBunny Day 1,949, 20:24

Awesome concept!

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 1,949, 23:12

Id like to stress out, J.O.C is for C4 internally, but "skills" you get here can very well be what sets you aside in a different MU

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,950, 10:05

I like cockers

PeVall Day 1,951, 05:21


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