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#iTrade o suge grav

Day 1,823, 09:54 Published in Romania Romania by ExHasis

19:50 ExHasis Hy
19:50 ExHasis Buy Q7 Weapons
19:50 ExHasis
19:51 Brangor .access add ExHasis -2
19:51 Brangor .kb ExHasis
19:51 --- Swizzle has banned *!*@5D01603A.39F26620.DD47431A.IP
19:51 *** ExHasis was kicked by Swizzle (Requested)
19:51 !!! You have been kicked from #iTrade

Ma lamureste cineva, de ce am luat ban? Am intrat si am spus ca, cumpar arme Q7... ce dracu?!

Cand am timp o sa contactez un admin si sper sa rezolvam problema frumos.



Infatulus Day 1,823, 11:22

Ce ai facut la
"19:50 ExHasis" ?

ExHasis Day 1,823, 11:39

am pus : D sau : ) (emoticon)

Infatulus Day 1,823, 11:46

Cred ca l-ai prins pe un op nervos si ai ajuns la

"NON VOICES must use In Game Nick

Miscellaneous rules

1. Only a single message per 3 minutes"

VaIsk Day 1,823, 15:53

There is zero tolerance for constant rule breakers like you.
...and you got banned for your act day before.
It cleary says...
Miscellaneous rules
No.13 Posting newspapers for links for votes is forbidden or selling votes/subs.
Don't cry now (:

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