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[ISP] Congressional Run

Day 1,887, 09:18 Published in Japan Japan by Boukun Suzaku

Well, time for me to make a second try at congress. I'm already on the forums and IRC and being involved anyways 😉 I'd been fence sitting for some time on the issue but when Akki made the comment a couple times that it'd be better if I was in congress instead of the many inactive, nameless, 2 clickers we get each month that decided me. Akki an I have had some serious clashes before, and we have agreed very few times, so his "endorsement", if you want to call it that, was an eye opener.

I do not blindly follow any one person or group, nor do I vote just to be contrary.I am not one to follow party/MU dictates/policies regarding issues, but prefer to choose my vote on any given issue on its own merit, as objectively as possible. One of the most important things a person in a leadership role MUST do imo, is be able to divorce personal feelings/agendas from what the faction as a whole needs or what is good for the whole. This is something I see sorely lacking all around in eJapan. I also feel that the words/choices of an eRepublik "veteran" should not be treated as gospel by the rest of us. Not too long ago, eJapan suffered terribly because some few "veteran" players were let in, and given power, just because they were long time players.

Those of you that have seen my comments in articles or IRC already know I am not "Politically Correct" or very "warm n fuzzy". I can be quite acidic, sarcastic, and vindictive. I've also ended up in more than a few "flame wars" rather than just ignore people's provocations. While all this is true, I am also NOT the type to resort to mindless and incessant personal insults and immature behavior, such as displayed by certain current ministers.

My goals are to see this country continue to move forward, towards strength and prosperity. I want to see civil discussions and debates on important issues congress needs to vote on, not frivolous impeachment attempts, constant whining and trolling. I want to see people get over their fragile egos and participate in forums and IRC. I'm hardly perfect, or sin free, as I mentioned when it comes to trolling or bickering, but I can promise to try to remain objective and focused on what is good for eJapan both short term and long term.

If someone has questions for me, that will help them determine if they will vote for me, or if they feel I should/should not be a candidate, ask in the comments, I will answer. If an issue is especially relevant I will edit the article to address the issue in more depth.

What? You didn't REALLY think Id do an article w/o some boobs did you?



Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,887, 09:18

first denied 😛

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,887, 09:33


Agatos Day 1,887, 10:08

Support ISP!

Aryzn Day 1,887, 10:44

I wish you luck, Boukun.
You would make an exceptional congressman.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,887, 10:48

Heaven has better fan service than this...
But your close it it... Now join my harem!

*Goes back to dead status*

Oraizan Day 1,887, 11:00


Also, a vote on Boukun and ISP is a vote not wasted~

tarasino Day 1,887, 13:27

Voted for the pics!

Still, a vote for the ISP is a wasted one! Too spineless to be a true opposition, too disorganized and confused to be a constructive alternative. That's why Akki is so accomodating with you.
IMO: I you don't want to vote for the regime, vote for the SSG! At least they don't fool themselves.

Agatos Day 1,887, 13:46

Tarasino, I fear you are wrong (altough I do think SSG is the second best choice). ISP has some memebrs who have a more moderate, centrist approach and those who get right to the point and stick with it (I would say boukun and I are one of them and that our numbers are growing). Confused and disorganized? Not really. We are fur sure the most active party (just check the forum) and we were very vocal in the immigration debate. I agree with you that many are too silent, tarasiono... But we need to advance step by step as a nation (not by revolution) and ISP is the best way to do so. Active, responsible and thinking for eJapan not ourselves.

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,887, 13:53

I dont get where you are comin from thinking ISP is spineless OR disorganized.

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,887, 17:54


Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,888, 23:52

can you try that in english because it makes 0 sense when I try to translate it with 3 different online translators

Eupasos Day 1,888, 07:12

voted coz of pics !

tarasino Day 1,888, 07:20

There are three main positions a top-5 party can take in nowdays japanesse politics:
a) as one out of many, with no specicific ideas or policies. This parties usually make a big deal of symols, their "history" or "leaders" because beyond that they don't have much to offer.

as one of the parties in power, a satellite to the DNP-ULJ axis. They don't do much because they don't need to do much because of the hegemonity DNP-ULJ has atm (the power of the mob).

c) an Opposition Party, offering an alternative and/or a different vision of the country and its future. This is something this country really needs.

As i said, although the ISP tries to describe itself as a opposition party ( and as your article implies), the ISP always moves back to position 1 or/and 2 when it comes to reality.

All i said was if you vote for the ISP because you want change, you won't get it! Use your vote better and vote for a party that at least has a strong moral compass like the Shinsengumi than waste it on a party that doesn't know what it wants.

Agatos Day 1,888, 08:17

Well, tarasino I agree with you on some points, but why dont you join Shinsegumi? I wish our party leadership would be more vocal, agressive and not so moderate... But we dont have to switch parties, we can just change ISP.

Agatos Day 1,888, 08:19

Not to mention if ISP had more Congressmen it would not be forced to make compromise and reach consensus. So if you want ISP to change and become opposition then you SHOULD vote for ISP. With more members we could stand up to the DNP idiots (just the leadership of the party).

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,888, 08:21

This is a very rare moment, when I at least PARTLY agree with Tarasino-san, but what he said is true : a vote on ISP is a wasted one. I think the party became too autocratic - most of the members of ISP are thinking that they are the only citizens in eJapan, just because most of eJapan does not give a flying f**k to this forum of theirs. I want to remind all of you that DNP and ULJ are still the greatest party of eJapan, and we are still own the greater part of the congress. The congress is not the forum. If somebody does not registrate to the forums it does not mean that they are not to be viewed as congress member! I do belive that the forum is trying to do more that it is capeable of. That is why DNP refuses the demand of MoS (see more here : ).

If you are not agree with the ideas of ULJ or DNP, then vote for SSG - they are a reasonable and natural party, though they supported ISP and SOS nowadays, but because they have choosen their side, so did I.

Hail eJapan! o7

Agatos Day 1,888, 09:00

Too autocratic... Your party does what your PP wants. Everything you do, vote it is all what Geezus decides. There is no communication in your party, just a dictatorship! About the forums... In our party every member votes what he wishes the party should support. And our party votes the way it members like (on the forums or in-game, not importnat where). Where would you like the Congress to vote? By PM, articles... Every nation does it the way we do it and it has always been like that. Just becuase your party people too lazy to use the forums or come to IRC doesnt mean that you have the right to declare it unimportant. The USA Congress (RL) meets in Washington. You refusing to come to the forums is like some senator from California refusing coming to Washington beucase he doesnt live there and thinks the US Congress should meet somewhere else.

Agatos Day 1,888, 09:02

Also I would not really say ULJ is much behing you since, some of their memebrs (important members) said your PP is bad so... Akki is just one person (not that he is in love with Geezus either) not the whole party and one day he maybe wont be PP... Then what will you do? Oh well, time will tell.

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,888, 09:43

Well agatos seems to have covered the responses while I slept 😛

I dont blindly follow any one policy or or president(party or country) I address each issue based upon what is, in my opinion, best for eJapan.

Squibeel Day 1,888, 09:59

I think this conversation is quite disrespectful to the article itself.
If you think a vote is wasted on Party X then fine, it's your opinion. As for the remaining conversation, it doesn't belong here really.

Zodiarque Day 1,888, 10:20

I'm sorry to interrupt.

I honestly wish no one put the blame on the Forums in any sort of way. Forums are a mean for everyone, from every parties, to express. Forums are also the place were every Congressional discussion shall have to remain so they can be public, accessible to any citizen willing to share its ideas and for votes to be done in the open. Moderation team has worked its best so that anyone can find there a place to work for an eJapanese brighter future. So please, don't spit on me saying Forums are Party biased as you know it's false, as you know me.

I feel sorry that some feel like they have been trolled out. This is unfortunately due to our former Congresses rejecting any sort of "behavior chart" I tried to implement in the begining. So Forums are eventually a place where everybody can pretty much say whatever s/he wants to whoever s/he wants. And there is nothing Moderation team can do about that on its own initiative.

I feel also sorry that some feel like they constantely get oppositions from the others. That would be the results of Parties different views of how they wanna see their members be part of an active community. Some parties have a high rate of people willing to show off activity and some others prefer to use PM in-game which unfortunately is eventually detrimental for them because again, Congressional discussions shall remain on Forums in the open. As we cannot force anyone to make use of the Forums, there is nothing Moderation team can do about the Party unbalance of users.

Thanks for your understanding,

Zodiarque, on behalf of Moderation team of eJapan Official Forum.

PS: Here is the link ! ^^'

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,888, 10:48

Zodiarque-san, I think you misunderstood me. I have no intentions against the forum, I really like it, and I do really appreciate the work that you have done for a more active community - I have intentions against the forum-based congress, because it is not liberal nor democratic. I don't really know how did the entire forum-based congress was borned, but it sounds like that I declare that we will vote of everything via MSN, just coz I want to do so, and the congressmen who does not use MSN should f**k off, and their vote and will should be ignored and forgotten. The current Immigration Law, voted with this system is a joke, and DNP will not take it seriously until a proper voting - DNP is willing to cooperate, but only in serius and win-win solutions.

And for my personal opinion... I am very sad because of I have to start this. I did thought that this forum based congress could be organized, but as Zodiarque-san said, people don't give a sh!t about behaviour and the like. I was working on a win-win solution, bot now I see that there is no argument of reason I might win against ignorant people. I am sad... pretty sad. T,T

Agatos Day 1,888, 11:24

I don't really know how did the entire forum-based congress was borned
Since the beggining of Erepublik it has been done like that. In every nation. And nobody really said anything against it in my time... There is a proposal by Kei combining elements of every party plan on immigration... Wonna be productive and cooperate? Say what is wrong with it (USE ARGUMENTS, dont just write it is bad), we will work out something and then we can vote on it (as far as I am concerned we can do it in the article comments section). I was working on a... You say you worked on a win-win solution. You made maybe 5 posts in the immigration debate compraed to my 20. If you worked to reach a consensus, what would you call my work? Godlike? We had a very productive and arguments only debate on immigration law (and your contribution was only presenting the DNP plan and again repeating you just want your plan, doesnt sound like trying to make a win-win deal) until it started to be pleace whre bobby and veprina fighted each others and it become some kind of Cos-PTO? discussion. You can still help, you just have to work a little on the proposal and work with others to reach a deal. I am waiting for you.

Squibeel Day 1,888, 11:27

I still would advise you to take this convo elsewhere....

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,889, 00:36

Why Forums ?

Because Citizen of eJapan Lives across the Globe.

tarasino Day 1,889, 05:47

The ISP and its Appeasment politics = spineless.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,889, 07:35

Forums are helping tools. They are very usefull and esencial, but we cannot focus strictly on them.
Expand activity ingame, it will be good for you.

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,889, 10:19

so tarasino you think we need to act like DNP? Do it my way and **** off if you dont like it because I am gonna do it my way regardless of what congress or anyone else decides?? Thats how DNP does it, and we're opposed to that. Politics by its nature is the art of compromise.

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