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[ISP] Approval Ratings

Day 1,901, 09:29 Published in Japan Japan by DankChronic

It is nearing the end of the January 2013 term and the next Country President elections are beginning to close in. The Imperial Sun Party brings another issue of approval polls, we were hoping to include an immigration poll, but congress were unable to put up any option of proposals to vote. However we will include topics such as higher taxes and minimum wage that were discussed earlier in the term and late last term, CP Akki, and the CoT Alliance. Polls are shown below along with some discussion on why the ISP members voted the way they did.

Most ISP members agree that Akki has been a much better President than what we have had in the last few terms. Both his cabinet and Immigration law attempt started out strong and very active, seeing many of the ministers writing their own articles, and law discussion actually progressing. Even though the current immigration law discussion doesn’t reflect its strong start, it was still a good attempt, and has opened up the discussion on getting more congressman involved with the voting process.

The few who disapproved or undecided say he could of been more active in other areas, been more diplomatic domestically, and could have updated the public better through in-game articles which ISP members and many others outside the party have wished to see for a long time from eJapan’s President. Another factor was the lack of transparency in places that is much needed, the Ministry of Finance, nether Akki or Ministry updated the public on the nation's current financial state, information that is helpful to both congress members and businesses.

CoT Alliance approval beginning to grow in the ISP, with quick MPP approvals and eUSA invading eRoC as a CoT member have all helped raise the support for the alliance in the party. In the past those that were undecided were not sure the kinds of benefits eJapan receives from the alliance, but they do not see any downside being in the alliance which led to no one disapproving. Another reason for those that are undecided is they are not too familiar with current foreign affairs, not many updates can be found. However with the hope of eUSA’s success invading eRoC, CoT approval rating has begun to rise a little in the party.

In early January the subject of raising the taxes just a little bit came up in congress, raising taxes in an attempt to try and increase the flow of government funding. Those that approved simply stated more military spending will require more taxes. The same could be said about any government ministry program that requires a decent fund.

However those that disapprove see that it is easier to avoid taxes by simply working and shopping in other nations that have lower taxes avoiding our homeland taxes completely, and raising the taxes could just make our financial state even worse. Those that were undecided simply don’t know enough about our nation’s current financial state from the lack of transparency from the Ministry of Finance to provide a proper opinion on the matter.

Pretty much no one in the ISP saw any benefit from raising the minimum wage in eJapan. Giving less choice to the company and putting restrictions up could also restrict enough profit for businesses to sustain itself. Higher wages, higher prices, but people will buy from cheaper international markets, eventually no profit no jobs. Another reason for such disapproval that it would affect commune systems private MUs are known to use, along with any other programs relying on commune ran companies. Those undecided see the downside to raising minimum wage, but also see the struggle some people have in making enough to supply themselves for fighting, and a few who don’t have the necessary information on our nation's financial state to give a proper opinion.


Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,901, 12:37


Shirobu Day 1,901, 13:00

Very informative article "Written in Hokkaido" is like the CNN of eJapan 😛

Auraborus Day 1,901, 14:47

Great article DankChronic!

Oraizan Day 1,901, 22:43


Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,902, 00:44

No offense guys, but if you are satisfied with Akki, why are you supporting Kei, who found Akki's term unacceptable? And why we should raise our taxes while deffending the commune system which evades taxes to the government? This two questions are not meant to be insults of course, but I had the desire to ask them, as I do not see the reason. Maybe you guys will enlight me ^w^

Zodiarque Day 1,902, 03:04

Usu-chan, this and that are completely different things, I guess.

We conducted a vote on who to support separately.

I guess if we felt what Akki-sama did was acceptable, maybe more feel that what Kei-kun would do is more promising. Supporting Kei-kun means in no case opposing Akki-sama nor you either nor Hizaya-sempai by the way. I hope that everyone understand this someday. Rivals are no enemies.

Don't you agree, Usu-chan ?

Let's drink some tea ! ~~~~ヾ(* ̄▽)_旦~~オチャドーゾォー♪

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,902, 04:16

I see your point, though you wrote down the same thing with different words - it is my mistake that I use harsh words to describe my thoughts. I like tea ^w^

Zodiarque Day 1,902, 07:04

Let's always have tea together ! Sencha or Oolong !

~~旦_(∩_∩ ) イタダキマース

Heyu.JP Day 1,902, 14:14

margin of error 60%

Sanoyel Doenza
Sanoyel Doenza Day 1,903, 03:24

voted. o>

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