[IR-MoFA#12] Iran left Orion and joining Asteria (Eng)

Day 3,091, 19:31 Published in Iran Iran by Osex

Hello and Greetings to All Dear Readers

Around a year ago and with collapse of Leto alliance, Countries of Canada,Columbia,Iran ,Peru,France and Sweden on April 25th 2015 for a better and lighter future decided to form and vocalize Orion.
An alliance, that has been successful in several battles and Millitary operations. Also based on equality and fraternity that exists between the memebrs, the alliance always has been able to stand against many of foreign threats, Appear strong,stable and hold the boundaries of its memebrs agianst many attacks of her enemies .
After Columbia decided to leave the alliance and joined pacifica, On December 2015, Netherlands joined Orion as the sixth memebr and the next few months after that, Orion could successffully manage some huge and remarkable millitary operations such as the "Operation to free Canada" or "The 3 sided campagin against Iran" by the allied countries of Cyprus,Turkey and Georgia.
Time passed on and a few months after these operations, Sweden decided to left the alliance and joined paccifica too. After that we welcomed Lithuania to joined the Orion and regarding to that, Once again the alliance got back to its great path of coordinations and collaborations between her members and continued their big military's operations such as defending France and the big operation against UK.

To our Comrades In Orion
As the representative of Iran , I want to thank our allies and memebrs of Orion for the amazing year that we had passed together , For all of your non-stopping support of Iran on her tough campaigns and moments .
Iran will never forget her brothers and sisters in Orion. Borders of Orion's coutnries will always be like Iran's borders to us and we will be loyal to them .
At the end its really not a goodbye, its a see you later. We had relations with countries in this alliance far longer than the name of alliances, and changing a top name of the country page is not going to change this fact. We will be in touch and I wish this can be a bridge for a far better communication between Asteria and Orion.
Personally, I had a three great and awesome months in Orion as your SoFA and I am really grateful about that.
I wish Orion a good luck in future and a bright aftertime too. I Hope Orion continues her way with stability and greatness and finally have a future with full of successes.

Long live Orion
Thanks for all shiny moments and remarkable memories,O7

At the begining of this month and with the sweeping changes that has happend in the political and geopolitical status of the erepublik, and also by formation of the new Alliences and changed the others, Iran has finally decided to be a member of Asteria and start negotiating with the HQ.
So after a month of negotiations and discussion, Finally Iran received an official invitation from Asteria last night.
So let`s hope for a long and glorious collaboration and brotherhood between Iran and her new alliance, Asteria.

Hail China!
Hail Iran!
Hail Peru!
Hail Portugal!
Hail Romania!
Hail Serbia!
Hail Slovenia!

Hail Asteria!

P.s : As you can see here, I am so glad to announce that our Peruvian comrades will accompany Iran on this new path of glory as usual.

Yours sincerely
MoFA of eIran