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Day 1,830, 01:02 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Monkeyboom Yau


Disclaimer: This is only a mock up Country Presidential campaign prepared for IPDN

By a total support from PReM Board of Council and blessing from our Party President Amli Nujhan, I am entrusted to run for the next Country Presidency Election.

As I am aware of our current inhospitable state in various sectors, we will definitely willing to take calculated risk to elevate our poor condition to much prosperous living standard. Through extensive studies we have been planning to proceed with drastic actions that may be our only way to improve our standard to be at par with the world community, if not reign supreme.

Resolution: Baby boom.

I, monkeyboom will explain to you what is babyboom… BOOOOM!!!
Babyboom has been our forever lucid dream. Not only by us but by any other nation in eWord.
It is about the increase the size of population.

There are three types of baby boom:
1- False baby boom
Normally we would have seasonal multies; and/or real but passive players who are only clickers. They do not consume market stuff or contribute to any sort of activity... Useless!
2- New players
This is normally what we are thinking of. That we can persuade our siblings, cousins, friends, neighbours, … to join us play this confounded game. They are supposed to be our responsibility to raise and educate them till they become adult in this game. Usually the welfare spent on them is way more than what they can contribute to the economy. Their contribution to the market is relatively small as they only consume lower Q stuffs in minimal amount. Even sadder when only a handful choose to stay.
So little success; so much frustration.

3- ‘Powerful but risky’ baby boom
They are readily active players from another country, persuaded to come here and be eMalaysians!
They spend actively in the market, positively contributing to the economic growth. They are also war goers with significant high battle influence. They are capable to stand on their own feet by owning some useful companies.
If you want to see huge tax contributors, then they are the ones.

To proceed with, obviously I’m speaking of the 3rd babyboom.
There were times when we have so many foreign players in eMalaysia. Names such as Dr Straaatman, Bolliver Sockwash, Myntax Urne… and some pain in the ass like Fruitcommando. Whoever they were they did made a huge difference in economic and military affair to strengthen eMalaysia as a whole.
The risk… PTO.
Similarly when the Turks came PTOing us, they came flocking in with more than 50 hardcore players. Indeed the economy went active but they were not sharing the wealth with other people outside their particular group. They robbed the treasury and messed up our currency value to the lowest point in the history of eRepublik.
Then we were also experiencing with Hungarian and Indonesian immigrants.

Until just slightly before the Cromanian invasion those foreigners left eMalaysia. I can’t blame them for not being patriotic… They are immigrants who seek the joy of game playing.
What I’m trying to say is in those times our Treasury managed to collect up to more than MYR400K at one term. Just too far to compare with our current situation, which we are barely capable to collect only around MYR15K per term. Struggling to gather for 2MPPs at the most.

While we are desperately so weak in our military forces too… Most of our people use karate chop only.

The plan:
We have prepared a decent blue print to make our country as an entertainment destination.
It is meant to invite foreigners to share various prospects of game play here; military, economy and politics. As long they do not represent any organized body to dominantly control our politics, we will welcome those who want to be part of us. For instances; we value highly our timeless friendship to people like Atsalenios, affandede and Marcotje.
Since we are experienced enough with various PTO forms, we are ready with concise back-up plans to counter any negative PTO threat.

Let us get out of this coconut shell…

V_O_T_E__ M_O_N_K_E_Y_B_O_O_M




Elucidator Day 1,830, 02:10


mhifzan Day 1,830, 02:19

kedua 😃 o7

Firebourne Day 1,830, 03:25

About time. Good luck. We need a monkey president badly. lol...^^

Haryati Abd Hardy
Haryati Abd Hardy Day 1,830, 03:40

Voted... I was wondering where all the older players were... hibernation?

f o b
f o b Day 1,830, 05:45

Let us get out of this coconut shell…

nice bro!
voted 🙂

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,830, 06:09

You are free to give pro or contra to the above campaign, It is not necessary according to your own belief. You can change sides anytime too.
What matters is how brilliant you opinion is.

MYR1000 will be presented to each selected opinions which impress
a) Elucidator
Maximus Sammitto

RyuYuki Day 1,830, 06:47

i like the idea babyboom for third choice.
BUT how exactly we going to control them?? we need a blocker for each politic party and also
need to make sure PP must local player so that PP can control party..

The era of black n white need to be implement.. do documentation regarding those who the babyboom generation of eMy and the doc must be pass on to CP and MoI or MoSA or whatever u like to call it.

Its all black n white. So we eMy citizen will not forget about this initiative

RyuYuki Day 1,830, 06:48

and also.. if we can make it official and put it on wiki erepublik story regarding this. 🙂

like American has their red indian. Malaysia have other races.. make it official.

Nerzhu1 Day 1,830, 07:11

I like the idea of babyboom project, however there are several matters that we need to know first.
1. Congress - Each can only have the max of 3 citizenship. Since we had 1 region, that means we will have only 10 congress members. Basically we can only choose 30 foreigners to come to eMalaysia, if you prefer the third option (Powerful but risky).
2. eMalaysian citizen - I know that in the beginning of eRepublik for eMalaysia, foreigners that help build our country. However, time is changing..

Nerzhu1 Day 1,830, 07:11

*from 2.
... and now we have more RL Malaysian joining eRepublik. We need to ensure that our Malaysian players are competitive enough with the foreigners that joined eMalaysia, especially in the market.
3. Language - Most Malaysian prefers the Malay language over English and most foreigners communicate with us using English. It will be difficult to keep a good relationship to one another if some foreigners decide to use their own native language (Ex. Brazil, Chile, and etc.)

MiVEX Day 1,830, 07:18


Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,830, 07:52

Good replies there:
But somehow, it's stated daringly in the article, "we are ready with concise back-up plans to counter any negative PTO threat."
(and tactically it is not wise to reveal such plans if they really exist.)

It is indeed a bold statement.
It is a challenge to anybody's to figure out what kind of strategy it could be. Or even if you may bring out your own ideas to tackle the situation... if we are under PTO threat.

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,830, 07:54

For being able to point out problems, you have sharp eagle eyes.
For being able to produce solutions, you have gems in your head.

JDT0rr3y Day 1,830, 08:51

I would like to pint out the third choice. what we are doing is basically inviting expatriate to be in eMalaysia but there must be SOP for the expats to come here, you must have screening process to determine whether they will stay for real or just fair-weather friends. we also need to ensure that these action wont bring consequences against our country. i would like to comment further but unless details, SOP or anything relevant is not presented then i cant give my 2 cents

JUJAI23 Day 1,830, 10:20

i really want to debate but now, as oldies i would prefer to tell a story.. here they are..

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,830, 10:35

The danger of trust... so to say.
It is blind.

JDT0rr3y Day 1,830, 19:50

Greed is a powerful thing it could benefit us in the short term but it might harm us in the long term its all about opputunity or catastrophe. You decide

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,830, 20:13

Greed. Is something need to play with it wisely.
In our debate here it could also taken excuses for greediness.

The economic issue: Do our intention is just to maintain our survival... or is it because of greed?
The political issue: Do our intention is to retain patriotic values... or is it interpreted as greed for power (by non allies)?

There's no wrong to gather mountain of wealth or possess a huge empire.
But it is a question of how wise; and how just you are with it.

Nerzhu1 Day 1,830, 21:46

Babyboom project can help generate the wealth needed and even more, however the probem is if you have corrupt people (due to the greediness) who decide to PTO-ed and steal all the money so suddenly (although at first they are nice and helpful to us). Just like Amli said, 'The danger of trust'. Being greedy will bring more harm than good if you can't control your own greediness. It is very tempting, since practically you have a large amount of money undisturbed in the treasury due to..

Nerzhu1 Day 1,830, 21:49

.. the third babyboom effect. What will you do? How will you manage the money flow? For what purpose does the money will be used instead of fulfilling MPP with allies?

Anyway, to know one's integrity first is a must before deciding on putting too much trust on the foreigners. Blindly accepting citizenship for the sake of the babyboom project will resulted in high risks to the nation security. Dare to take the risk, then be prepared with a contingency plan.

JDT0rr3y Day 1,831, 09:52

how can we ensure that the congress that will follow the SOP you as the future CP proposed into taking in the expats. i would like to know the SOP but if the request is refused at least i request at least an independant comittee in reviewing and overseeing these procedure and what action can be taken towards the congressman who comitted an offence since action in erepublik against a player is limited.

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,831, 10:22

This game is based on duality power split.
There were times when in the beginning of the month a CP is elected by popular votes by all citizen; but somehow later the new congress line up is elected and happened to be the opposition or even PTO force. The CP is in vulnerable position for impeachment.

Thus it is important to ensure the CP and Congress are aligned. And since the people who get into congress are decided by the Party Presidents. Party Presidents who should hold responsibility.

Nerzhu1 Day 1,831, 17:54

I did formed a special committee to handle to coming expats but is lacking the numbers since no one volunteered to joined and the problem of finding active players who can give assistance. Nevertheless, I will continue with it and will invite some players to join in the committee

@Amli Yes, I am in a very vulnerable position to be impeached by the new congress. I had informed the Party Presidents on selecting proper Congress candidates for each party.

JDT0rr3y Day 1,831, 22:12

experience is hard to get thats why volunteer is hard to get we need experienced player in the comittee

F16.Fighter Day 1,833, 05:12

VCS done..

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