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Since Coutry President candidatures and which parties supports them seems to be vague and mysterious political game playing behind the eyes of the public;
the Independent Party decided to install a ´CP candidature procedure´, which all CP candidates could make use of to gain official IP support. This to ensure a form of transparency into the messy democratic process in our country.

We urge all IP members to vote on this issue (cannot access? please read this)

Our requirements for official Independent Party in-game support for a Country President candidate:
(all dates mentioned are erep-dates)

a. write a full CP-gov program before the 2nd of the month (consisting of a vision for the country and plans for every ministry)
b. write a full CP-gov cabinet-list before the 2nd of the month
c. if CP candidate is not a IP member, (s)he must either join IP, or make sure (s)he become a official candidate of another top 10 party to be considered
d. officially request IP for support as CP candidate (via PP or VPP), they will only accept the request as official when conditions a. &amp; b. &amp; c. are met.
e. IP party will vote on the 2nd out of all accepted candidates who complied with previous points (a-d), + including a neutral option to not support any candidate
f. 3rd of the month: IP party will announce who they support via their newspaper, and confirm this in-game

When all these requirements are met, the party decides on the contents of the programs who to actually support. We urge all IP members to vote on this issue on the private forum. If the vote in the party is inconclusive or not any candidate/program fits what the Independent Party seems to be good for the future of our country, the party may choose to advise to vote on a neutral candidate.

Markus Bell
Party President Independent Party
Daniel Parker
Vice Party President Independent Party
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