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[Invalidation4CP] The Essentials of Oral

Day 2,205, 16:29 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Invalidation

Foreign affairs are important. In fact its the only job that a CP actually has to do.

This is why my primary focus, almost to the exclusion of everything else, is exactly that. As CP my job is to defend our interests abroad, ensuring that our allies are true and that we are true to our allies.

Basically lip service and a lot of it. I will rim, fellate and otherwise perform any acts with the tongue required on anyone to protect the eUK.

However, while making a good impression on allies and other nations where we have an interest is the CP's only real job, that does not make it only the CP's job. Every single citizen of the eUK is an ambassador to other countries. When you make friends with a player from abroad, you broaden your horizons, and you broaden the reach of the eUK's positive image and influence. Any player do this, without need of a title or being asked to do so.

This is me asking you though, if you go out onto other countries IRC channels, or comment on their articles or forums, and make even one friend from another country during my term. Then you are contributing to make a lasting positive effect on the eUK's foreign affairs.

Alliances are all about connections between players. The more connections we have with our allies and other nations, the stronger that our bonds become and so the stronger our country becomes!

Anyone seeking to get out there and communicating with foreign players can talk to my Ministry of Foreign Affairs for guidance. They will be able to recommend places to open dialogues with players from other countries, and how to go about forging links with players from these nations.

Part of their role is to translate what is going on upon the global stage into what that means to the everyday player. If and when it is required, myself, my ministers and their staff will publish articles to clarify events. It is crucial for the eUK perspective on the changing New World is presented to our players, and this is the main job for my Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

My Ministry of Defence will not see much change from mwcerberus', I believe they have performed admirably. The communication especially has been top notch, and I would like to see this frequency and quality of MoD publication to continue!

In war it is also important to remember that every single eUK player is an ambassador for the country. People are watching and they do notice when you go and fight for them. I especially love to see the flags of our allies in the top 5 fighters, and even in the avatar borders of players currently fighting. When you go and win a Battle Hero medal, win a spot in the top 5 fighters or just contribute your influence to an ally's battle, you are showing that the eUK cares for and fights for her allies.

At the core of all international relationships in eRepublik is the players of different countries fighting for each other for mutual benefit. So remember, when you want to dump a billion damage in a UK battle at 80% to win True Patriot medals, you're depriving your country of prestige and glory it could win abroad!

There's nothing radical about the policies in this article, its harnessing essential metagame facts that already exist. Its just a matter of making players aware of what a large effect they can have globally, and encouraging them to maximise their positive impact!

* Country President lead dialogue with other nations
* Every citizen is an ambassador for eUK
* International relationships built on connections between players
* Excellent Ministry of Defence communication and coordination
* Helping players who have difficulty to direct damage

Stay tuned for my cabinet and my comments on what makes this election so unique!

Invalidation for eUK Country President, 5th December 2013!



Invalidation Day 2,205, 16:29


Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,206, 10:00

So you want to be MoFA but not have any accountability over you, which means that you need to also be CP. Because you have no interest in any other Government functions you'll be a MoFA who is stopping a real CP from also running MoHA, MoD etc etc...

Why not throw your support behind someone else (who does want to help the country with the other stuff you won't do) in exchange for the MoFA role you want?

I have no doubt that you can suck up to people very well, but you also bully people you don't like. Again that is part of the sucking up and you'll be popular with allies, but at a time of shifting alliances it could just be that the people you bully end up being lined up in the new alliance and refuse us entry because of your trolling.

We have had a MoFA like this before, Glorious Failure/Necrosis, who used trolling to destroy all links/goodwill we had with USA and Canada... for no reason at all we gained nothing out of it.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,206, 10:04

The CP in my view should also be leading things such as looking after new players and recruiting more of them. Just because you don't want to or can't imagine how to do this doesn't mean that MoFA is the only job you need to do.

I would also say that MoD communication hasn't been very visible, I think I've spent half my time this week fighting AGAINST Poland. We needed orders on which RWs were OK to fight in for the new medal and which battles were very important to fight in and not waste damage elsewhere for.

WayneKerr Day 2,206, 10:40

A player with your time spent in the game should understand where to fight without even needing daily MoD and MoD Extra articles, Max has done a fantastic job in getting information out there.

As for Freedom Fighter medals, use your brain. Look at the bar, look at the scores, if the RWing Country has a healthy lead than it's safe to assume it'd been given up on by the occupier and is safe to unleash your 25/50/75 kills...

No one is here to spoon feed you Goku!

Invalidation Day 2,206, 10:14

As per usual Goku wildly changes his definition of the CP role in order to pour vitriol on people who refuse to go along with his garbage. Not really interested in your views or advice. All of it is tainted since it has to taken in the cobtect of your being a sworn enemy of eUK.

Invalidation Day 2,206, 10:15


Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 2,206, 10:59

Thanks for conceding to my points without presenting a counter argument, I did think that I was correct but thanks for confirming.

I'm not a sworn enemy of the UK though??

Invalidation Day 2,206, 11:10

Actually what you have done is show me why you are a sworn enemy of eUK. Congratulations, your treachery increases every day it seems.

Its the rules.

ApronChef Day 2,205, 16:30

Yay Alice!


Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 2,205, 16:31

Sam010 would make a good ladyboy.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 2,205, 16:31

Also, Invalid4CP

Tiger Style
Tiger Style Day 2,205, 16:33

Yes, yes he would.

ApronChef Day 2,205, 16:39

I'd hire him.

Invalidation Day 2,205, 16:40

So sexy

Tiger Style
Tiger Style Day 2,205, 16:49

Don't touch what you can't afford.

klop123 Day 2,205, 16:31

If AC says so, it must be so, good luck! 😉

ApronChef Day 2,205, 16:33

Alice can take us to wonderland! We must put our faith where it is required!

CottonPicken Day 2,205, 16:53



Diakun Day 2,205, 17:05


Viridi Day 2,205, 18:52

chew or alice?

i will vote for both!!!11!!1!!eleven!!

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Day 2,206, 00:35

alice from touhou.. lol. 😛
Nice! Voted o7

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,206, 01:03

Good luck!

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 2,206, 08:53

I've never seen an asian Alice in Wonderland before

WookieO Day 2,206, 12:15

Oral is most important.

Alice4CP o7

B O R D O Day 2,207, 11:44


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