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[ILP PP] Many thanks for your support!

Day 1,823, 15:08 Published in Ireland Ireland by Comrade Lovely

Dear ILP Comrades,

Many thanks for electing me ILP PP.

The ILP is a campaigning party. We go out there to win votes and members to get elected and ultimately advance the collective eIrish agenda. One payoff of this is that our members suffer election fatigue. With monthly elections for congress and CP and the risk of being PTO'd if we're not sufficiently organised for the PP elections one election can seem to merge into another: you log-in to find your inboxes and feeds are filled with election spam, again.

Comrades, I hope, like me, you realise that however tiring, it would be a lot worse if we weren't active. ILP congress people did not post one rogue proposal this term, nor did we approve one dodgy citizenship application. WHS has been an extremely active CP with an excellent multi-party team, who, instead of sabotaging our relationship with EDEN, has opted instead to give us, the citizenry, the choice to decide our eRepublik future, all the while sticking to his pledge to rebuild the treasury.

That's what we need more of.

With that in mind, I am extremely pleased to announce the ILP leadership team: Gerald Smyth and Seamus Kellie - both intelligent and active eIrish citizens - who will be ILP vPPs*.

Finally, many thanks to WHS for his support and for handing the ILP over in such good shape. I hope to leave it in an even better position when it passes to somebody else.



* if it ever lets me edit the party page.


Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,823, 15:15

Congratulations on your victory Comrade


Seamus Kellie
Seamus Kellie Day 1,823, 15:47


beanbag Day 1,825, 12:50

Comment deleted

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