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[ILP PP] Congratulations to our new congresspeople!

Day 1,833, 11:40 Published in Ireland Ireland by Comrade Lovely

Dear friends and fellow eIrish,

Thank you so much for your continued support of the ILP. We had an excellent result yesterday: 12 congresspeople elected on what was a limited election campaign and a resurgent Saoirse campaign led by the very impressive Stilpo. My congratulations to him: you seem to have steered Saoirse back towards a more honest path. I hope ILP and Saoirse can work together in this congress!

To ILP members: first, my apologies for not repeating the outstanding performance of last month when we topped the vote. I have had serious RL commitments these past weeks that have limited my gameplay time and the relative absence of campaigning is due to me and me alone. My two vPPs: Gerald Smyth and Seamus Kellie more than pulled their weight in sending mass PMs and getting out the vote. It was their hard work that won this result, not mine.

I would also like to congratulate Independent Voices. A superb result for them given their comparatively small size, picking up a lot of the IFP vote that seems to have collapsed.

Finally, I hope that all new congresspeople can agree to work in the interests of eIreland. That means NO dodgy citizenship apps accepted; NO rogue proposals such as abolishing all taxes or NEing Poland for the lulz (NEing the Brits on the other hand...); SENSIBLE proposals in co-ordination with the MoD, MoF and MoFA.

All good wishes,



Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,833, 12:00

You mean you won't back my proposal to NE Poland? I resign!

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,833, 13:03


MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,833, 13:04

Ur party really has no life at all

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,833, 13:04

Comment deleted

Gerald Smyth
Gerald Smyth Day 1,833, 13:24

Your scumbag loser troll life has no life at all.

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,833, 14:39


Well done guys

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,833, 15:22


Stilpo Day 1,833, 17:15

I got a shoutout o/

I don't personally think PMs are a good way to campaign but apparently you proved me wrong. Well played and good luck!

Damhnaic Day 1,833, 20:29

Would have been great to have a congress list published before the election, with the reasoning on the priorities given to each candidates according to some ILP norms/ideals that you haven't spoke of. The list just came out of nowhere with not other explanation then your personnal thought on the candidates, which I find a deplorable way to make politics and reminds me of horrible representative parlementarism.

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,834, 00:27

I hate to break it to you Dam but in this game, the actual mechanic, as opposed to the one you might imagine you want to play, is one of "representative parlementarism [sic]". The failure to publish articles was otherwise mine: as I made clear to ILP members (you are not one so didn't get the PM) I had/have RL commitments of the kind I couldn't/can't just escape from. I did though stick to my manifesto commitment and compile the list with WHS and the other ILP vPPs.

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,834, 05:06

the main idea of the article - Stilpo is awesome!

thank u, Comrade ^^

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,834, 10:28

He makes a good point actually CL. Theoretically you should be explaining your offering to all of eIreland since that is who you are asking to vote for your party anyway.

But congratulations to the ilp on their elections and to all those elected this month. Use your power wisely and responsibly.

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,834, 11:19

Ian - I appreciate that point. Alas, for lack of time, only ILP members and those boot camp non-affiliates and members of non top 5 parties (I know you got one) received such a rationale for voting ILP. In hindsight, I shouldn't have left it so late to choose the list and published something. Mea culpa.

MrConway Day 1,834, 13:01

When did Saoirse have a not honest campaign?

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,835, 05:11

Look at Saoirse's mighty Congress lineup:
5 of them are (successful) former CP's of eIreland's Golden Age.
Experienced military infrastructure members, strategists, international spokesppl.

Now ILP Congressppl's technical expertise/xp:
loouman is the only one to display a game expertise other than internal politics.

Your party should be delighted getting 86% of Saoirse's result under such comparison
An outstanding victory for party politics.

/shuffles away dejectedly

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,835, 10:09

Final paragraph can certainly be agreed upon.
Congratz to the new TDs

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