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[Ideology Series] Economic Ideas of eRep

Day 1,839, 03:01 Published in Ireland Ireland by Ian E CoIeman

Est. 2010
Fortieth Edition: Sunday, December 1, 2012

What Do We Think?
Under the new political system that was introduced a little while ago, political parties have become more important since they have the power to select our congress and more decisively effect important policies. Hypothetically the way they affect those policies will be partly determined by the beliefs of each party as they will attract like minded members.
Yet when I look around eIreland’s political parties I find it difficult to tell what any party actually stands for. What is the difference between one and another?

I’ve decided to begin a series looking at different political and social factions/policies/ideologies/beliefs. Through this process I will try to classify some of the unique ideas that exist in eRepublik, and highlight what some of the confusing real-life terms used in eRepublik really mean practically speaking in eRepublik.

Ideas and eEconomy
For this first article I’ve decided to look at economic ideas - taking an indepth look at the various forms of eRepublik economic beliefs and models. Through this process there should be some learning opportunities, and at the end I’d like to work with all of the parties to see if we can work out a political map of eIreland that is more useful politically and will help us better represent citizens.

So let’s begin. Below we have a whole list of economic ideas that I’ve tried to define. I probably haven’t covered everything, but I hope you’ll be generous when you read it and find any of your more niche ideas in some of the more general definitions.

Note: most of these are not necessarily mutually-exclusive with each other, and will pertain to a lot of different topics and scopes of eRep economics.

Grand Economy

Absolute Communism(Government Communism) – Where the goal is to have no citizen in the nation operating a private company for their own profit. All resources are dedicated to communal companies where production is evenly distributed amongst the workers. All operations of the country may or may not be controlled by a central authority. Could be accomplished through extremely high taxes on private companies and workers, social movements, immigration policy, and creation of extremely efficient communes systems.

Dominance Communism – Where the goal is to have an economy dominated by communes to the extent that it defines the culture of the nation. Could be accomplished through high taxes on private companies and workers, social movements, immigration policy, and creation of extremely efficient commune systems.

Advocacy Communism – Where the goal is the preservation of economic conditions that are favorable to commune organizations and the improvement of their efficiency and effectiveness. The belief that communes should be popular and that they are a benefit to the nation and their members.

Mixed Economy Libertarianism – Where the goal is economic policies that support both commune systems and free market company owners and workers. The belief that the government should tax communes and free market citizens equally, meaning for example either zero income tax or a cooperative tax of all communes, and that economic policies should address the interests of both sectors.

Anti-Communism - Where the goal is to have no communes. The belief that communes evade taxes, and that a government tax system based solely on regular private companies would create more tax-revenue for the government and/or be more just and/or efficient and effective.

Anarcho-Capitalism- Where the goal is to have no taxes of any kind placed on companies. The belief that zero taxes would attract big business to the nation, creating an economic utopia with high wages, high capitalization, and cheap goods being bought and traded internationally. Government funds are generated through donations and/or government investment capitalism.

Commune Structures

Corporate Communism – Where the goal is a commune market based on independent commune systems competing with each other for members. Commune systems would compete through the supplies they offer, how easy their logistics are for members, and the quality of service when it comes to distributing goods efficiently and effectively. Can be based on group pooling for assets and effective group ownership of companies, although there must be one mechanical owner who also manages it.

Entity Communism – Where the goal is a commune market based on military units and political parties offering commune systems. May include elements of corporate communism intentionally or unintentionally, but is primarily centered on the communities that offer the systems. Often based on citizen’ lending out their personal companies to be used by commune systems and managed by the donor.

Supply Communism – Where the commune supplies members directly with weapons and/or food produced from that members working in commune companies. The owner receives no profit from the operations of the company.

Market Communism – Where the commune sells all goods on the free market and distributes all revenue to the workers resulting in zero profit to the owner. This allows for greater control in the purchase of food and weapons depending on each member’s needs.

Government Finance

Government Investment Capitalism – The practice of a nation’s Ministry of Finance actively participating in investment markets such as goods, gold, currency, or financial instruments, in order to self-generate income.

Government Socialism – Where the government has programs that supply goods or currency free of charge in ration to all or some of the nations citizens. Not to be confused with occasional awards for contests or draws. Wherever goods are being supplied for the purpose of growth or sustenance this is government socialism. If the goods are supplied in exchange for something fairly judged to be of equal value, it is not government socialism.

Feedback and Notes

Thanks for having a look. Leave a comment it you can think of any new ones, or listing which ideas you agree with in terms of the definition or the idea itself. I plan to write some more articles talking about other political topics and ideas (ranging from real life Irish nationalism to the use of in-game communications) before wrapping it up by getting all of eIreland’s political parties involved.

Btw: I plan to do another Know Your Candidates article before Dec 5, so be on the lookout for that!

Ian E Coleman



Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,839, 03:14

Irish eCommunism is essentially a mix of Advocacy and Dominance eCommunism along military lines.

Good article.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,839, 03:19

^Thanks. I'll be interested to see how ilp members weigh in since communism in the context of eRep can be a bit abstract (to me atleast)

And I published the article before I'd finished it since it's such a long piece. If things get added it's because I'm still adding images etc to make it readable.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,839, 03:33

Great article Ian, enjoyed reading it. Are there any absolute communist countries in eRepublik?

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 1,839, 03:42

Glad you liked it Fionn. There aren't any that I know of - it would be extremely difficult to accomplish since there's no mechanism to stop someone starting a company if they really wanted to. Most people also like to work for themselves in companies, which wouldn't work as well in an absolute communist economy - you could only make goods for your own use not for sale since no one would have much extra currency.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,839, 04:54

Absolute Communism doesn't exist.
Commune members still develop their personal infrastructure and use the markets, to top up their supplies, fund training, uprgrades, rockets etc

Elite C
Elite C Day 1,839, 12:01

Great Article

Waruda Day 1,839, 12:23


Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,840, 06:22

Great reference piece. Gratz Ian

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,840, 10:45

outstanding article Ian.

Frank Dobbs
Frank Dobbs Day 1,840, 13:58

Good work Ian. Voted

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