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[ICP] Be the part of eIndia's Future [ICA]

Day 1,957, 00:05 Published in India India by GouthamKrishnan


Hello mighty eIndians

This article is published as an Open Invitation to all eIndians to join the Indian Comrades Party and its MUIndian Comrades Army which is gonna be strongest and active party in the nearby future.

Indian Comrades Party

Indian Comrades Party created before some days is here to give voice to all eIndians with the spirit of working and fighting for eIndia.

You can get to know more about I.C.P. by reading this article :

Indian Comrades Army

With the rise of Indian Comrades Party, I would like to see a Official Military Unit for it to carry its work Military Side too and so here is the Indian Comrades Army. This Military Unit will be used for helping, guiding and providing the goods needed for the MU members to fight in India's and our allies battles. All the things will be done to help in all the ways possible. We presently have the commune system through Adhavan and Neel's commune. A huge thanks to them. A huge food dispatch will be launched soon to provide the members with foods.

The doors are open for you join and work with us to see the glorious future of eIndia. If you want any help or have any doubts, contact me anytime. Your message will be replied as soon as possible.

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ayush121212 Day 1,957, 00:20

great efforts

ComKar Day 1,957, 00:26


torres865 Day 1,957, 01:49

good one

Ahsan Day 1,957, 02:01


Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,957, 23:40

You know ICP is an awful band right? ha still nice to see you doing something. I may join if you will have me 🙂

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