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[IC] A troublesome question

Day 1,812, 09:59 Published in Switzerland Hungary by vasmegye
From the diary of Iron County, day 1182

"After a long period of searching finally I found the secret office of my former chef in a forest north from Nyon, Switzerland. Everything was quiet, the door was opened, papers were on the floor, it seems, the office had been robbed and ravaged. No mortal sign was found, I must state, that the puslisher of the newspaper 'Now Bring Me That Horizon', the traveler, vasmegye of Switzerland has disappeared."

Let me introduce. My name is Iron County, former co-publisher of newspaper 'Vas Népe', one of vasmegye's previous newspapers (and the other personality of his account). I was responsible for that Hungarian articles, which had only a few or no connections with foreign policy reports. Usually these articles were humuoros scripts with references to actual Hungarian homeland situations. On summer '11 I didn't followed him to the emigration to Switzerland, I remained in Hungary, and became freelancer journalist. A few of my song lyrics transliterations were published as guest articles in Hungary, but 3 weeks ago I got a new mission. One of my friends sent me a memo with the words: vasmegye is lost.

"In the fax machine I found sites from his last article, 50 days ago."

"On the floor I found some notes about his participating in the Psihihihi government. I have to call Bern."

"Calling Bern is done. The notes have right, he took part in the ATO at the party president elections, but he hasn't seen for at least 10 days. The officer who I asked, told me, ask about him in the Anti-Imperalist Movement Headquarters, which is placed in Geneva. Geneva isn't so far from here, so I take a train."

"Geneva, Switzerland. I talked with local Party President about vasmegye's whereabout. He said, that vasmegye was about to publish a government article around 25th October, but it was cancelled, and he wasn't present there in the last 10-12 days."

"Back to the office north from Nyon. I found a report about his second travel project started in August. There is a google doc, which includes the order of the travelling. According to the google doc vasmegye is at this moment in Calabria of Italy."

"I got a call some minutes ago. My infortant informed me, that vasmegye was seen somewhere in Budapest, Hungary with a princess. Interesting."

"I found two ground plans. A coffee bar and a bunker. They seem to be in the same building, but about the location there aren't any info. The question: are there relevant informations to determine vasmegye's location or not."

"I am confused. I have more questions, than I had at the morning."

I will be back. Stay tuned.


MadelineJoshua Day 1,812, 10:11


GregoryG Day 1,812, 10:42

I prefer Zurich.

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,812, 11:31


Rican Day 1,812, 13:47


Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,812, 13:51


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,812, 14:18

I like this this style. I can't wait to see what's next.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,813, 08:05

I really love your articles...

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