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[IA] Orders: Day 1239 - Fight... For Your Right

Day 1,239, 06:24 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

These are direct orders for the Irish Army. All citizens are encouraged to defend Eire and her allies by following these orders!

All soldiers of the Irish Army are to deploy to an EDEN country to aid Romania against Hungary in the battle for Maramures.

DAY: 1,237
Fight for Romania, Vs in Maramures

Battle Instructions:

Deploy to an EDEN country that is allied with Romania and fight in Maramures against the Hungarian Hordes.

Fight Smart!
The new battle module is based on a points system that awards one side points for every minute they hold the bar over 50% in their favor. As the battle progresses, the points awarded for each minute increases. Fight only if neither side has accumulated 1800 points, which is the total needed to secure victory. Try to hold for the last 30 minutes of the battle, when points are worth 6 times what they are in the beginning of the battle. However, if neither side has accumulated 1800 points and the battle is near 50-50, you may fight earlier than the last 30 minutes.

Fight as one by logging onto our official channel. Co-ordinated attacks can be vital during prioritised battles.

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James Ferrin- Joint MoD
Reactionist- Joint MoD
Nephworks- CoS

Always in the fight.


Irish Department of Defence
Irish Department of Defence Day 1,239, 06:25

Sorry about the pictures NOT MY FAULT

Reactionist Day 1,239, 06:31



igor7 Day 1,239, 06:34



James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,239, 07:22

I'm doing a little work right now.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,239, 07:31

I'm doing a little fighting right
Seriously, use maybe?

I'm staying in Bulgaria the last few days so I have no problem. o7

Also, what will be happening with deployment after the new MT changes? Will we be given cash instead of MTs?

Reactionist Day 1,239, 10:02

Isn't that a good question, JG. Hopefully we can just get a bunch more MPP's so we have to deploy less 😛

Nephworks Day 1,239, 11:07

We will need a big overhaul when these new resources become available. Giving me a headache just thinking about it and all the companies we will need to manage 🙁

paidi28 Day 1,239, 11:37


Spite313 Day 1,239, 12:03


Shadowfang Day 1,239, 12:09

Supply links maybe? 😛

DerBrad Day 1,239, 12:31


Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,239, 16:44


Mare Magare
Mare Magare Day 1,239, 17:01

We're still doing this "little" work : )

Bockson Day 1,239, 21:25

I hope our next orders will be to help Romania in Transilvania (if there're no higher priorities ofc).

oharold Day 1,241, 03:47

Can I join?

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