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(Head of Ambassadors) Searching for a Ambassador to Bulgaria

Day 1,843, 08:43 Published in Saudi Arabia USA by Just D0 1t

Hello citizens of eSaudi
We are looking for a good canditate for a ambassador to eBulgaria This is very important because They are quite powerfull and other things
Messege either me or Molinos Arabes
Molinos arabes:

Saudi Moving Foward



Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia Day 1,843, 09:27

Beligum? 😁)

Anonymus Hungarus
Anonymus Hungarus Day 1,843, 11:27

Isn't it Belgium?

Just D0 1t
Just D0 1t Day 1,843, 14:35

yea 1 mistake
not a big deal

Molinos Arabes
Molinos Arabes Day 1,843, 14:46

To Bulgaria Just D0 1t .....

Abdullah Al qahtani
Abdullah Al qahtani Day 1,843, 15:19

اشرحولنا الموضوع لو سمحتوا بالعربي ... في التعليقات باختصار

Abdullah Al qahtani
Abdullah Al qahtani Day 1,843, 15:39

اهاا سفييير لبلجيكا

hazem95 Day 1,843, 22:45

And The Douche is back...

otyat Day 1,844, 06:27


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