[HaliPotus]Taxes and Stuffs

Day 1,468, 13:16 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

In my previous article, I told you there was a lot I wish to accomplish this month.

One of those things is tackling the tax code.

You may recall a month and a half ago when congress voted to increase taxes to the max 25%. This tax is having a negative effect on the new players in the nation. 25% tax on all of our newbs? All of the people we’re supposed to be courting to remain in the game?

This tax has made the gold value problem even worse. And now it is time for a new plan. I am one of those people that the income tax does not affect. But I still strongly believe the tax is too high for our new players. I am certain we have lost plenty of players to this tax.

Introducing the man that is going to help me fix the tax code, my Secretary of Treasury, Leroy Combs.

If you recall, Leroy initially voted FOR the tax increase. With the backing of the Economic Council, the bill was likely to pass under any scenario.

I talked to Leroy about this very issue. He and I are in agreement. The current tax plan must be tailored so that it doesn’t penalize the future players of our country. Leroy is one of my best friends. He is also a long time member of the Economic Council. We will solve the tax issue.

Wow, that tax talk was hard to write without sounding like a populist 😛

There’s a lot more I would like to get done besides boring stuff. Because taxes are boring.

Introducing a man that is going to help get that amazing stuff done this month, my Chief of Staff, S0beit.

I am honored to have S0beit in my cabinet. He has done wonders in the Libertarian Party, and will continue to do wonders in the whitehouse.

Also, he’s a terrible elitist, so he fits right in with me 😉

Expect another article tomorrow with more cabinet and more issues that matter! Don’t forget to join me in #halipotus too 😃

Tax and Stuffs
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