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[Guns N Grub] srs about helping our citizens

Day 1,998, 01:34 Published in Australia Australia by Lord TJ

Sup eAus o/

To date there have been some generous donations received and some pledged. Thanks to everyone, you will be credited as they are processed.

I'm an MU Leader..

To date I have made contact with War Crew and KnightHawks but as of yet message sent to Australian Diggers has gone unanswered. The Red Guard, Aussie Marauders (formerly AFU) and 501st have yet to be contacted, but I hope to hear from them. I know they're running short. I'm assured ADF members are sweet for the next few months.

If for any reason these units are run by someone other than the in-game listed person, happy to speak to whoever the contact person is providing they can be established as having some authority (we have ways of checking that - so don't even think about defrauding the generosity of others if your intentions are so inclined).

Do you supply to private citizens NOT in an eAustralian MU?

Firstly, this is for eAustralian citizen forces. Some MUs contain citizens of different countries. I'm not going to impose an outright embargo on supplying them from Guns N Grub as that could create supply channel difficulty for QMs, although MU leaders are requested to remind their non-cit members that this is a program to benefit eAustralia and as such supported members are expected to fight for eAustralia in battles.

It goes without saying (though it needs to be said for surety) that this applies in particular to MU members who hold citizenship of another country who may not necessarily be in the same alliance as us. Standards for monitoring this are the responsibility of MUs.

What can I request?

At present, MUs can request weapons and food. The standard is Q7, but are happy to oblige different denominations at the unit's request.

Why can't we ask for CC outright?

You can, but all requests for currency will be put straight to the donors first. I have their trust to disperse such resources to perform the actual task: build up and supply eAussie forces. If I get rorted, they get rorted = I'm in the sht. No thanks - that's not on my radar.

Gold training

There has been the subject of using donated gold to train. This will hasten efforts to strengthen our fighting force, no doubt about it. However, I will be asking those who have donated gold if I have their permission to use it for that purpose prior to issuing a single bar.

Rules, rules, rules (blah!)

I'm not going to get overly bureaucratic about this, but MU leaders will have to give their undertaking that they will instruct their members to use it for the stated purpose of supporting their unit members and to fight in sanctioned eAustralian battles. Further, agree to take disciplinary action against those who don't. This is a rare opportunity to do some good - don't allow this to be mucked up for others.

For the eRepublik of Australia!

Later champs,



scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,998, 01:44


Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,998, 01:55


Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,998, 03:18

I'm always running short lol

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,998, 04:15

Ok I didn't mean YOU so much lol #justsaying

kuckuck Day 1,998, 03:45


Paul J Keating
Paul J Keating Day 1,999, 12:40

Nice work o7

Video Jack
Video Jack Day 1,999, 20:43

And yet you haven't even bothered to message the Dart-Star Inquisition. They have a new Commander, you know. You're looking at him. So maybe you did message but to the wrong guy. I hope this is your failure because otherwise it is faithless oversight. I find you lack of faith disturbing. *throws a sandwich*

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 2,000, 22:21

Bro I'm sorry I didn't see you on the list. I gladly take your sandwich (giggles *suck it up Jules*).

I'll PM you.

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