[Gucio News] The Plans!

Day 2,292, 14:05 Published in Denmark Denmark by Gucio

Good evening my Danes!

The elections are quite near, as only in 4 days, and it seems I shall be the one running for the Country President seat. To start off, this article is only in English sadly, my Danish is quite crap and all I can say is penises and boobs in Danish, which is no use in this case.

Sou! A question to ask, what will happen this month?
Well... This month hopefully will be quiet, or at least there are no huge changes planned. Congress wise, this month we could have had congress, but unfortunately one of the Resistance Wars has been started few minutes too late. Considering that the situation in March won’t change, I don’t see any reasons why we can’t have congress. Assuming that there will be no PTO threats, I guess we can say that there will be congress elections [YeeY Something fun]

This one is rather more difficult. Of course, there are no changes planned within the Union as far as I know, and it will still exist. LONG LIVE GERMARK. However, fortunately for us (FUN PART) there may be some slight changes with the regions. As I said in one of my previous articles;
“Thirdly, March would be a very special month for all of us. I as the president would of course invade the Germans, which would be a huge advantage for all Danes! Guess why? Free beer and Bratwurst for all!“

Cabinet... Yeah, that’s the how to call it, funny one, as I didn’t get to it yet. Though, this month’s cabinet will be quite awesome! Just as a small hint, instead of Denmark I will start using “FAPLAND” in most scenarios (specifically within the Cabinet list) (Yeah I know sounds exciting!).

What can I say more... Let the party begin ladies (and gents)!

Your Gucio
The CEO of the PL Car Garages in Denmark