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[Gucio News] The Cabinet!

Day 2,296, 14:01 Published in Denmark Denmark by Gucio

Good evening my Danes!

Exciting times! The elections are near, as eRep would say in the mass mail!

I've created some articles with some plans here and here. Not much left to write about the candidacy, but there's still one thing I haven't disclosed yet... It's the cabinet! Yes! The awesome people working to make sure Fapland does well during the month!

Country President - Gucio16
Queen - Maine Coon
Press secretary - Kristian Klausen
Minister of Defense - n0s3
Minister of Finance - Hr. Bubbi
Minister of Economy - Ushlau
Minister of Entertainment - Cemba
Minister of Education - Kristian Klausen
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Libertas33




EmuSV Day 2,296, 15:16


NeueN Day 2,297, 00:28

It will be a close race till the end! Hopefully you can do it! 😨

HeapSeppo Day 2,297, 08:42

Seppo is also Hand of the King. How could you forget that? 🙁

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