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[GoUK] End of the Term

Day 1,913, 08:16 Published in United Kingdom Sweden by Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris

It is hard to imagine that it has been a month already. I created Guardians of United Kingdom almost a month ago because I did not see any UK parties that seemed very fun, it did not appear that there was a party that catered for MU and war policies, nor did it seem any parties publicly accepted any body who wants to really role-play.

Guardians of United Kingdom has risen from the bottom of the political parties to now 8th spot. This is an amazing accomplishment and I shall work hard to keep the party growing.

I'am endorsing Horatio I as the new PP of GoUK as I want to the party to be as inclusive as possible and I do not wish to 'hog' the top spot in the party and I want others to have a chance being PP.

Guardians of United Kingdom is a party with a detailed platform that can be easily viewed by everyone.

Strength and Honour



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