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[GoS✯✯✯] New eRep Fun Map Analysis

Day 1,893, 06:37 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Simonymous

Still better than Apple Maps

If you like the article - vote and sub.
If you don't.. vote, sub and GTFO!
And now.. a "selska prachka"

For shout:

[GoS✯✯✯] New eRep Fun Map Analysis


Mike Varnenchik
Mike Varnenchik Day 1,893, 06:47

пу първи

Simonymous Day 1,893, 06:47

pakostik86 Day 1,893, 06:50


etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 1,893, 06:51

Пхахахахаха xD

dia761 Day 1,893, 06:55

Тая дали може да върви , без да се подпира xD

Stakevci Day 1,893, 06:58


NikolayMilev Day 1,893, 07:02

Фот фор дъ трол уно уан!

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Day 1,893, 07:16

haha stil beter then apple maps XD

SinSiruKi Day 1,893, 07:58

Като стана дума за Епъл.. Не знам как успях да се съглася да си го сменя за самсунг.. По добро от ябълките няма

AquaRiuZ Day 1,893, 14:00

Vote for "the selska prachka" : D

Vsemogushtia Day 1,893, 16:51

@SinSiruKi ,,Ко речи??"

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