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[Gnil4CP] Getting Busy

Day 2,295, 19:06 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Get Behind the Mule (Mandatory listening)
Day 2295 of the New World
March 3, 2014

As Tom Waits sings, "You got to get behind the mule in the morning, and plow."

The Cabinet we've assembled have gotten behind that mule and have been plowing for about a week now. I told my staff that we were not going to assume victory, but we will plan for it.

Our Cabinet and Staff is ready to start showing its work on March 6. Here's what you will see:

1 - We've hammered out a proposal for a New Citizen Message that we think will do a better job than the ones we've used in the past. I'll propose it to congress on Day 1.

2 - We've already developed a brand new look for the WHPR. That will debut on Day 1 with an Inaugural Address, a Cabinet Directory, and a few other useful things. Look for another issue of WHPR on Friday, then three times per week throughout the month.

3 - We've been working on battle strategies for several of our territorial holdings. As Determination grows, we need to have a plan ironed out for keeping them or else intentionally losing them, letting the Determination reset, then regaining them. These plans are already taking shape.

4 - We've set up our entire office suite online using Google Docs. This has enabled constant communication and collaboration between departments and within departments. This office suite contains archived copies of every meaningful conversation thread we've had thanks to the awesome work of my General Secretary Harry W. Hill. This guy is as busy as a beaver, and let me tell you eUSA, our entire Government is the better for it. Show HWH your thanks by leaving him a comment in the Comments section at the end of my article.

Harry W. Hill - eAmerican Hero

5 - There are a few "issues" that we know are going to need to be faced during the first week of the term. Some of these are domestic, others are foreign. These issues have been discussed at great length with many advisers. It's not appropriate for me to detail them here.

6 - And perhaps most importantly, we have been very hard at work increasing the amount of more Greeling. eUSA is urgently in need of more Greeling. Frankly, we believe that Canada is in need of more Greeling, and we are fighting a war with them right now in order to victoriously impose more Greeling over all of Canada.

Something sort of like this, I think.

And as always, I gladly invite your participation.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Gnilraps Day 2,295, 19:07


Get Behind the Mule

Plus more Greeling

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,296, 02:20

Am I the only one that's already annoyed with all this greeling before he even took office??

SColbert Day 2,296, 07:46


Gnilraps Day 2,296, 07:46

you can't fight it. you just have to follow.

what are your plans for this next month? If you've got the energy, we've got the jobs.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,298, 09:43

Nah, I'm busy with the preparations to be ready from Day 1, writing now my Presidential message, ya know VT4CP July 2014 😉

Napalm Norm
Napalm Norm Day 2,295, 19:09

Almost enough Greeling! However I still need more.

greeling Day 2,295, 19:10


Oblige Day 2,295, 19:12

Interesting Greeling-over-Canada proposal...

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,295, 19:13

Needs more Greeling

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 2,295, 19:30

Opinions on Sirius?

Derphoof Day 2,295, 19:35

It is glorious.

BeachBunny Day 2,295, 19:33


Derphoof Day 2,295, 19:35

Greeling is needed around the world, in every nation.

It is my hope that this administration spreads the glory of Greeling all over the New World.

Pfeiffer. Day 2,295, 19:37

You could barely handle it the last time I got behind you...sure you're up for round two?

BeachBunny Day 2,295, 19:45

Greeling is needed all over the world.

We must greeling the hell out of the world!

Bucephalus92 Day 2,295, 20:14

Hail Gnilraps.

Xander Kross
Xander Kross Day 2,295, 20:17

Another flagrant misuse of Tom Waits!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,296, 02:18

A lot of We've-in', a lot of " I've already won" attitude, a lot of blah blah but no real substance.
I have a feeling it's one of those "I-need-2-publish-another-very-presidential-article-now" thing?!

Gnilraps Day 2,296, 08:12

naaa. honestly if I cared about that I'd be buying votes. I've just got that much going on.

As for the attitude, I've been telling all of our staff that we haven't won, that we are merely working so that IF we win we will be ready on Day 1. I don't want to waste 3 days (10%) of the term just getting SET UP.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,296, 07:54


ischelle Day 2,296, 07:54

Go Harry!

Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Day 2,296, 08:10

Gnilraps for CP

DMV3 Day 2,296, 08:11

Canada will expel the eUS Imperialists from our land, though we'd be more than happy to steal Greeling.

Gnilraps Day 2,296, 08:15

This is very good news indeed. I see that the lure of Greeling has begun to impose its will. Soon you will follow him anywhere.

DMV3 Day 2,296, 08:22

No, Greeling will be my own personal sex slave. He's far too sexy for Murica

Gnilraps Day 2,296, 08:35

You will have to wipe eUSA if you want Greeling. Even then you will have to rip him from our dying clutches.

Vijalob Day 2,296, 18:01

Greeling's a model? Does a little dance on the catwalk. On the catwalk.

EmuSV Day 2,296, 09:18


Tanishq Day 2,296, 11:53

Good luck 🙂

Emily DG
Emily DG Day 2,296, 16:41


YutuKaron Day 2,296, 18:39

We want more Greeling!

Good Luck in elections! Looking forward to working with you 🙂

John Largo
John Largo Day 2,296, 19:00

Canada is Greeling

T.E. Lwrence
T.E. Lwrence Day 2,296, 19:33

We do not sow.

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Day 2,296, 22:45

I'm pretty sure you are going to win so I won't point out any holes between this and a previous campaign article.

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