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[Game Change] Drop the cost of MPPs, please

Day 1,819, 13:04 Published in Portugal Portugal by jotapelx


It has been a while since I wrote a proper article for this newspaper. I really miss doing this, but this time I'm not presenting just statistics, I'm trying to expose my case regarding a request to the Admins for dropping the cost of the MPPs.

There is a sense in each country "Elite" that the income is really low, but most of the times no one is really paying attention to the fact that it is low for all countries. To understand how really bad is this problem, I've chosen a big group of countries friends and foes of Portugal (39 countries to be exact), and for more than a month I've been monitoring the income of all these countries.

I've decided to extract some statistics for each of the countries like Daily Income, Population, New citizens, Food Bonus, Weapons Bonus, all relevant taxes and regions. The purpose was to understand if any of these variables really affect the Income of each country. I was planning to create rankings, etc. but this time I'll leave it alone. The numbers are here for everyone to see if you wish to do so.

If you wish to dig additional information like patterns you are more than welcome to see the info in this gdoc it is automatically updated every day and inside there is a link to each country details, also updated daily.

As you can see the overall revenue of each country is considerably low, in some cases like the Netherlands and Norway (I expect that much of the countries missing in this list are also with these values) it's almost impossible to pay for more than 3-4 MPPs at the current MPP cost (10.000 CC) per month. And with the remaining CC it's not even possible to pay for any decent distribution inside each country let alone to mercenaries.

We clearly have a big problem in the economy module, everyone knows that, but right now it is limiting significantly other areas of the game like the military due to the impossibility of self sustainable countries and the social by not allowing the smaller countries to grown their community with decent social projects.

When Gold was at 2000 CC, each MPP would cost 5 gold. Right now, it costs 27.77 gold (at 360 cc rate) we are talking of an inflation of more than 500% for the MPPs. The price of Weapons and Food tried to adjust to the new gold rates (it is still adjusting) but the cost of the MPPs didn't change one cent, so each day it is harder and harder for the countries to be part of Alliances. The cost of war is leaving every country with the only option but to sign a NAP. In a very short term, there will be no wars whatsoever, no country can afford it.

My request to all of you is to sign a ticket to the Admins and request a big drop in the MPP cost. This cost reduction might allow the countries to use that CC in other important areas of their country needs, like distributions, social projects, etc.

Please vote this article so that it can reach a wider audience.

Best Regards,




Andrezinho.14 Day 1,819, 13:12

Thumbs UP!!!

teXou Day 1,819, 13:13

V + Sent

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,819, 13:14


Phantom Menace
Phantom Menace Day 1,819, 13:18


Sir.Chiral Day 1,819, 13:19


Fairy King
Fairy King Day 1,819, 13:20


DaddyCooL88 Day 1,819, 13:21


Vote Alert
Vote Alert Day 1,819, 13:21


evilC Day 1,819, 13:22

Great job!

KutlukBilgeKulKagan Day 1,819, 13:24

işte böyle böyle küçük esnafı bitirdiler

andreas macs
andreas macs Day 1,819, 13:25


Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 1,819, 13:25

very good

Cunyer Day 1,819, 13:26


eGo Topo
eGo Topo Day 1,819, 13:27


Shirobu Day 1,819, 13:30


2.D.G Day 1,819, 13:31

A vote from the Netherlands, it really, really needs to be lower.

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Day 1,819, 13:37

Excelente artigo.

MemeWorker Day 1,819, 13:41


vasmegye Day 1,819, 13:44

Nice job, admins, again.

Seckin.Ozturk Day 1,819, 13:47

Good job

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,819, 13:49

I must negate your article. The current development, MPPs getting costful, is making this game once more interesting as it had been in its golden days. Now you will actually think whom you will sign pacts with, no longer can you align yourself with half of the world. A good thing in my point of view.

KHAN68 Day 1,819, 13:50


ChiMiner Day 1,819, 13:57


alcarvalho55 Day 1,819, 13:58

Muito bem...boa ideia
Very well ...good ideia

armbeno Day 1,819, 13:59

+1 Ice Killa

I don't care about the price, it's secondary. Rather make a limit. Then we will see which countries that are allies and "allies".

JustRunpt Day 1,819, 14:01


MIK MOUSE Day 1,819, 14:03

what Ice Killa and Armbeno said o/

a limit would be great 😃

smaller and more alliances, that would be funnier \o/

jotapelx Day 1,819, 14:03

Ice Killa, I understand your point of view, but even if they don't change to the 5 gold MPP, the current costs are way too high.

For smaller countries it will be completely impossible to grow a community without Regions. And without CC there is no regions to fight for, or then just peace removing the only attraction in the game (the military module)

MidnightShade Day 1,819, 14:03

+1 Ice Killa

Fanaxidiel Day 1,819, 14:05


DFPMP Day 1,819, 14:08

More important than changing the cost of the MPPs, for me it is to drop the cost of the companies. If the income of the new players has decreased so much in the last few months, why doesn't the cost of making companies decrease in the same proportion? How can they grow both their citizen and their interest in the game if they can't sustain themselves and have to rely on the help of others?

DFPMP Day 1,819, 14:08

I actually agree with Ice Killa. But to return to a point where wars aren't a necessity for the country (because of the economy, the develop of the citizens, etc), the game needs to change its mechanic and i don't see that happen in the near future.

DFPMP Day 1,819, 14:09

Voted as always jotapelx!

Kyronte Day 1,819, 14:14

Good job!


Mr Cubi
Mr Cubi Day 1,819, 14:19

Votado! Good job

iAntonio Day 1,819, 14:23

To many countries have alot of MPPs but for nothing. Just to look like an alliance.
Theres to many wars anyway. Make peace and love.

doporupu Day 1,819, 14:24


Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,819, 14:29


Alfadi Day 1,819, 14:32

I love how people with no political activity aggree with a lunatic who wants to revive something old that will never be revived.

Anyways, voted.

Weekstrom Day 1,819, 14:34


Treian Day 1,819, 14:42


Thedillpickl Day 1,819, 14:44

Not to worry!

Plato will fix this shortly. He will implement the 'Whack-A-Mole' MPP feature. For every country you 'Whack' by defeating in Campaign, two or three others will attack you. Soon everyone is fighting with everyone. No need for alliance, no need for MPP's, just fight, fight, fight.

Admin doesn't care for alliances, no profit for him. 😃:D

don. mitsos
don. mitsos Day 1,819, 14:46


Last Life
Last Life Day 1,819, 14:46

votski & subskribski

Nohjis Day 1,819, 14:47

Politics will adapt to any financial reality. There are already far less wars today and the problem at hand is not so much the cost of MPPs but rather the cost of liberation and war (also financed by country revenue).

SX80 Day 1,819, 14:50

How about making it more expensive in relation to the regions you hold. Small wiped countries can easily sign MPP's, while larger countries with higher incomes need to pay high costs to maintain their allies.

armbeno Day 1,819, 14:52

@Alfadi I guess you mean me?

Interesting to hear that my opinion seems to be less valuable because I'm not active in a party. Could you please tell me what makes my opinion less valuable than yours or anybody else?

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,819, 15:06

The sooner you realize there will always be individuals trying to undermine you, the better. In my case I do not care if anyone is trying to slander me as I know that what I stand for is my rightful opinion.

HutsulUA Day 1,819, 15:19

Good job!


Alfadi Day 1,819, 15:19

No i mean people who dont want to drop the cost of MPPs.

It's crazy as it is.MPPs are to help small countries, not to make big ones stronger.

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