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Day 2,134, 15:09 Published in Norway Norway by Joshua Morriseau

Grab your popcorn and your drink because one of my campaign promises was that I would work better to increase the communication of our party and one of those ways was to take the time to write official Free Liberty Newsletters so I hope you will find this informative and exactly what you were promised when you voted for me.

Join Free Liberty
We encourage everybody who is looking for a political home to join us here in Free Liberty. We are currently undergoing some changes in the hopes of brining more activity back to party politics here in Norway. Because of our recent recruitment program we have been blessed to have plenty of younger players join our party. Our members are all friendly and offer help and advice when needed and we will continue to defend the "little guy" here in Norway. If you think this sounds like the kind of atmosphere you want to grow in and help grow Norway in then please join all of the other Norwegians today who are choosing to make Free Liberty their home.

Free Liberty Rises
Another of my campaign promises was to heavily recruit to grow our numbers and we have done just that. In just the past little while we have grown considerably to become the 2nd largest party in Norway with 24 members! This is huge for us considering that we were sitting at the fourth largest party just a month ago. We should all be very proud of the great job we have done so far and to continue to grow and inspire.

Tournament Gold
Recently our members voted on how we wanted to see the gold from the tournament spent. The vote had a lower turn out than I had hoped but the answer was unanimously in favour of using it to forge new relations by paying for MPP's with other nations. Since it was unanimous the Congress members of Free Liberty will continue to voice and push for the out come of the vote. We have suggested signing MPP's with nations such as the USA, Russia and the UK and will continue to work with other members of the government to work towards a solid and long term plan to sign MPP's.

Congress Elections
Once again we will be heading to the polls to elect a new Congress. Sadly this month we have been put in a different situation than the past little while in that we only have one region currently. Normally we would have two regions which meant we were able to elect a Congress of 20 members however because we only have one region that means we can only elect 10 members to the entire Congress. It is a bit of a game changer but Free Liberty is ready to work with what we have. If you cast your vote for Free Liberty we will continue working towards building a solid long term plan for signing new MPP's which will help everyone in Norway. We will not need to pay for moving costs as much to be able to fight for our allies which currently affects all citizens especially our younger citizens. As well it will help build new relationships and help us against future attacks on our sovereign nation. If you want a strong and bright future for Norway than please help us and cast your vote for Free Liberty!

Newest Members
Like I have mentioned earlier we have been lucky to gain some new members recently who you can find below. Please give them a big welcome and don't forget to add them and everyone else in the party as friends so we can stay connected.

Harald Halfdansson

Private Forums
If you didn't already know Free Liberty has private forums on the national Norwegian forums which I hope we increase the usage of. If you don't already have access please just contact me so I can get you access.

Party President Message
I want to take this time to thank everyone that voted for me as well as congratulate the other winners. I understand that it takes a lot to change the status quo however I hope that so far I have met and hopefully exceeded your expectations in me as your new leader. As well if anyone has any questions or concerns regarding our party Im always available to answer your questions so feel free to message me!

As always don't forget to V,S&S!

Kind Regards,

Joshua Morriseau
Free Liberty Party President
Minister of Propaganda
Congress Member


Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 2,134, 15:24

Good luck in the coming election! 🙂

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,134, 15:30

Thank you, you as well!

Gaucho Inti
Gaucho Inti Day 2,134, 15:25


PepaVeg Day 2,134, 16:36


Thedillpickl Day 2,134, 16:48


Broken1 Day 2,134, 17:27


Wilpanzer Day 2,135, 02:21


G. Admiral Thrawn
G. Admiral Thrawn Day 2,135, 04:08

Vote brother!

Akashaton Day 2,135, 13:31

Voted! 🙂

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