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Hello Eire!

Espresso with Warbhoy keeps going. Today, I had it with nikol000. He's probably one of most fameous players in this game. This guy has been, and still is in charge of the strongest country in Erepublik - eSerbia. There's not much to add to this.

nikol000 has been heavily involved with most of the things which happened in eWorld and when your decisions are causing consequences in the whole world then you really need to be careful while making them. So far, he hasn't failed to make a proper call and it doesn't look like he will do that any time soon. His answers were on serbian so I had to translate them to english. Some of the sentences might not be exactly the same, but I'll give my best to pass his points.

Q1) Hello Nikol, we know each other for years and yet we've never spoke too much about each others in RL. So, tell me, who's Nikol in RL, what you do and how did you get in here to play with us?

I'm Nikola, I'm 45 years old and I live in a small town in the Netherlands. I'm a father and my passions are cars and of course Erepublik. Since my daughter was very young I spent lots of time at home so I needed something to spend my time on and that's when Erepublik came in. When I came I didn't know anyone here, but now I have this habit and lots of good friends.

Q2) You've been a member of numerous Serbian Governments during the past few years. Is it a big responsibility to be in charge of such a strong and important country? What do you recall as the hardest task of your terms?

Lots of stuff has happened while I was involved in the Governments, but let's say that MPP between Serbia and Romania is an event I can mention as a special one because it had the most effect on how the game looks right now.

Q3) Serbia has managed to keep its strength regardless of the divisions within your community. I think many still remember that old "democrats" vs. "military" internal fights. Can you explain them to the foreign people like me?

It's the internal fight every country has, a simple rivalry about who's going to be in charge and run the country. We play by the rules set by Plato so at one point we could take the power by using military as well. Of course, the winner is a side which manages to use the most of game mechanics rules in its favour.

Q4) Just few weeks ago your President Ugac got banned after he stole the money from the Serbian orgs. This isn't the first theft which happened in Serbia on a national level. What happened during the last one? Did you get your money back? What was your opinion on Ugac?

Theft attempt has been stopped almost as soon as it started and of course the money has been returned to the orgs. It was nice to see that for people there were no difference who did it, was it a friend or enemy, but what's right and what's wrong. Considering the theft itself the administration and those who were involved in it knows what happened. I can't make and conclusions about since I don't have all the facts about it, but I have no reason to doubt that game administration has punished those who took part in it.

Q5) Serbia has been fairly loyal to its allies so far. Just like Croatia you guys didn't really changed the sides. Currently you're allied to Romania, probably the most "hated" country in the world by Anti-Asteria countries. Can you tell us few words about your friendship with them and answer on the million dollar question - do you think they have Plato's help?

"The most hated" country is an expression which is a proof that the other side has finally remembered that this game isn't only being played on the battlefield, but also on many other fields, aspects of the game. I'm glad that you started to use all the possibilities of the game, but also, I think you're very late with it. Players are often making big mistakes when they're talking about the relations between the countries because the relations are mostly based on the player's relations. Romania, just like Serbia has very stable players community and also our goals are very similar. Is Plato helping Romania? I doubt that, I think Plato only helps his own pockets (which is its goal of course). But, if you use the Administration and game support to win by the rules which are the same for all, then you play smart game. Anyone can use that aspect of the game and all sides have the same chance to estimate and make decisions.

Q6) Your country is a member of Asteria, the strongest alliance in the game. You guys are around for a long time now. It grew to be the longest strong alliance until now if I remember well. What keeps you together? What's so good in Asteria? How is it possible to keep the level of organization on such a high level?

Asteria is as strong as we expect to be. The secret of our strength isn't just numbers, but also the ability to predict situations, take the resposibility and make decisions. I don't think that Asteria is stronger side in this game, but we definitely choose our wars wiser and put ourselves in the situation to be stronger side in a long term.

Q7) Speaking of Asteria.. Would you say your job as Asteria member is easier since you have the most of the damage? Do you ever miss being on a "weaker" side?

Check the answer above. Since EDEN and TWO collapsed only the smarter side wins the war. Winners are those who choose their wars wiser. Erepublik is too complexed to just say 'a stronger side' or 'a weaker side'.

Q8) Is there anything Serbia still haven't done and you want it to do? An alliance with some current enemy? Are there any goals for your country which haven't been accomplished yet?

Of course there are more goals, that's why we still play.

Q9) Ireland and Serbia has always been on different sides, however we've never got engaged in a serious war, or had any real hatred moments. I only remember one Irish Airstrike while some of our allies needed it. That being said, I don't think there are many Irish people who would say they "hate" Serbia, yet, there's always some rivalry. What's the general opinion in Serbia about eIreland? Would you say eIreland is a good or bad ally? Could you imagine having an MPP with us?

When you say Ireland it reminds me on Don Croata. Yes, you're very loyal to your allies and that's what I really respect.

Q10) Everyone knows about RL grudges between Serbia and Croatia. Even in this game these two countries are one of the rare ones who has never been allies. Can you explain this? Do you think there's any chance this might change in the future? Is there any chance for some kind of "Balkan" alliance people has been talking about for years?

It's all game and I think that RL things has as much effect as the people who brings RL stuff in the game does. We had several good periods in relations with Croatia during the game. It's strange how in those periods RL wasn't a problem. We have a very different style too. Serbia looks to the future and that's what's the biggest difference between us. As for the Balkan alliance, it's a much bigger thing than just Croatia and Serbia and if it would happen I think it would become too boring to play, I don't see any goals Balkan alliance would have.

Q11) Two of us also had some grudges like everyone, but I think they're long gone now. Would you say personal relations can affect country's relations they represent?

Of course it's all about the relations of those who represent the countries and their maturity to put the group goals above their own ones.

Q12) You've been allied with most of the Balkan countries. Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia etc. Did you prefer SerHun over SerRom? Which one of mentioned ones have been your best allies and why?

My current alliance are the best allies.

Q13) To conclude, I'd like to thank you for taking your time to answer on my questions. Is there anything you would like to add? Is there anyone you'd like to see as a guest on 'Espresso with Warbhoy'?

Great job with everything and regardless of our personal feuds and different style of playing this game I incredibly appreciate all of your efforts and time you're investing in this game. It's fair to say that the game would be much poorer without you.

Next guest? Nenods or Might and Magic.

I'd like to thank nikol000 for taking his time to answer my questions, it's not that easy to spend your time and give great answers on so many hard questions. It was a pleasure talking to you and hopefully our future talks will be in a similar tone as this interview was.

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