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Hello Eire!

New day, new interview. This time it's one of the people we call our friend. He's a great friend of our community, Irish Army and guy many of us hold special feelings for. I don't remember many people winning so many Irish hearts, but when something like that happens it usually lasts for a long, long time.

The guy I'm talking about is Drawback, he's a very active member of the Greek community, Minoan leader and the second guy I'm doing this interview series with. Anyway, the second edition of 'Espresso with Warbhoy' can start. Just a heads up, I didn't want to lecture his answers as there's some charm in them this way.

Q1) Hello Drawback, it's a pleasure to do an interview with someone like you who's being considered among our community as one of the best friends of the Republic. Let's start with the good old question. Who's Drawback in RL and how he got into this madness?

Nice to meet you too Warbhoy, it is an honour for me to be considered as a friend of Ireland and I considered Ireland family! First of all my name is Dimitris, 29 years old, working as an agronomist in a small city of Greece, Volos. I enjoy travelling among Mediterranean countries and I have a passion for football, Olympiakos FC for the win.
I cannot tell how I got into erepublik, maybe from an advertisement in some Greek blogs? Just by luck? Really cannot remember but the fun fact is that I am not a gamer, I do not play any other online games, so it is really weird how I got and stuck here.

Q2) You've been around for a quite long time and yet you never became a President. Why is that so? What do you do with your time spent here in Erepublik? What's your favourite role so far?

Yeap probably I am considered and old fag by now but how am I to become president before exohoritis does? Also I like perfection, if I am to become a president I must be 24/7 online and every plan must work as a swiss watch, you know that perfection does not exist in life so President medal won’t exist in my profile as long as I play

Q3) Greece is one of the huge countries of this game. The game must be much different playing in such a big country comparing to Ireland. How hard is it to keep your community united and goal oriented?

Greece indeed used to have a huge community, now I consider our numbers average but we still have the biggest EGO in erepublik, there are times that we have fun and times I want to break my pc cause of some behaviours..

Q4) Irish-Greek relations has been hectic through the history. Greece was one of our best friends in the start, during the EDEN times, then, when Greece changed side it went from love to the strong hatred and even some Airstrikes were involved. Recently, we're getting much closer again. What's your comment on all of that?

Sadly I have to admit that there are no country friendships just personal interests, we’ve seen SerHun going down, CRomania going down, BulGreece going down etc. For me I consider a respectful enemy better than an unwilling to help ally.. I wish we continue fight together for a long long time.

Q5) A question everyone is interested in. Why is there so much division in the Greek community since EDEN falled apart. There's been democratic majority of people who wanted to join TWO and yet there's been huge damage wise majority who wanted to stay loyal to Croatia and others from 'our side'. What happened there?!

We are a saloon, all the years playing erepublik I remember us fighting each other almost everyone against everyone and we are here today to live with these consequences, most of our respectful players left the game, many legendary MUs were destroyed etc. I also left the game for a period of time,thanks god players from other countries do not understand the greek language and we are not doomed, yet. If we try to focus why those things happened, I could easily say that RL destroyed us, people from far right wing and left parties came into the game and brought their ideology in, as a result they began bulling everyone, also the main problem with Greece is that we have many spenders (including me), we never learned to play the game for free, rarely had some serious plans and we always marched with our passion and visas, our respect for each other always came second, unfortunately as you see farm countries with tight communities dominate and not the visa ones, cause freeloaders always are searching for ways to avoid spending money, improvise, adapt etc, on other side we just click click.

Q6) Greece is one of those I'm expecting to found an alliance, to group up Anti Asteria countries and organize them in order to have more success. What's your opinion of such potential alliance? Do you see it coming soon?

That is an interesting question..
I am one of the people who strongly suggests building an alliance even with a few countries in the beginning. We need strong leadership, firm plans and everyone to respect the decisions took by the HQ, in any other way we will come to a dead end and asteria will continue to dominate. We had some big wins but we always lost the campaign and that’s because we don’t have tied bonds and anyone does whatever wants.
Ps I hate being called anti asterian, don’t make them seem bigger than they are

Q7) You're known as a friend of Ireland. Can you tell me how this started and why you like our country so much? What's the general opinion by Greek community on Ireland? Do they share your opinion?

While being on 2 click mode,I received a message from milano13 that I must help to throw Romania away from our cores, I responded and that’s how I am back, while playing for a few days I saw that you offered a hand of help in desperate times for Greece. I was surprised that a small community would open their borders and accept us so I decided to help Ireland as much as I can.. Luckily for me I met nice guys such as Slua and the Irish army so I am really happy that I took such decision! In my MU, MINOAN LEGIONS, some trolls call me, Draw the Irish huehuehue.. As for the second part of the question I believe greeks like Ireland and have the best of opinions for you.

Q😎 A question which maybe involves RL too much, but...The name of your northern neighbours has been a huge stone to move in order to improve our relations. We've kinda always called them "Macedonia" while almost every Greek representative just couldn't stand that. Looking from our side, it would just be cynical if we changed the way we name them. What's your side of the view? Why is there so much pressure on their name? What it means to you?

Ok,the one million dollar question..
Personally I do not have a single problem with my neighbours, my problem is the nationalist propaganda that people had both in Greece and FYROM (FYROM also includes the word Macedonia) and our governments that made this problem huge. The only thing I cannot understand is why people of FYROM are not proud to be Slavs and want to be considered as Macedonians, a Greek tribe in other words while they cannot understand the greek language, they don’t have ancient macedonian names etc, yet they call themselves macedonians, ok whatever, probably if you do not have anything to be proud for the present you search in the past for something, and this goes also for Greece..
One should be proud because his is a HUMAN not just because he had bright ancestors. But also here in Greece the propaganda is over 9000, they say that people of FYROM want to conquer Thessaloniki and greek part of Macedonia etc so I cannot keep up with that issue, in every country there are morons that want to mess things and never let people live peacefully..
In terms of game, I’d like for once to cooperate with them, I think there are some really brilliant minds behind their keyboards.

Q9) Today we share our "best friends" eCroatia. We used to share Bulgarians as friends too. How do you feel about those two countries? Would you mark them as a good or bad allies?

In terms of Croatia there were times that I really got mad, but in one second I was ok, remembering the help we provided each other in hard times, I have no words to describe the bonds between Cro and Gr. For Bulgaria issue, it is very difficult to tell, I considered them our closest allies back then, but then rumors came for undertable deals with ONE countries, we needed the damage of Turkey and a big mess took place.. I think we did not treat Bulgaria as we should have done, but where is smoke there is fire, only few know what really happened then. Anyway I enjoyed the battles the came after, and I have no problem to fight side by side with them.

Q10) Greece and Turkey became friends in this game which came as a surprise to the rest of the world. It was one of the rare overpassing RL differencies. How did this happen?

Such great things happen when you throw RL policies in the bucket, as I said I don’t have a single problem with the average Turk, only with our governments that drive us on the edge of war in RL almost every year. If only you could see how much Greece and Turkey spend on military every year you would understand what I am saying, Balkans and Asia Minor could have been a paradise but instead we are like a gunpowder arsenal of the globe.

Q11) Ireland veto'ed Turkish application to EDEN twice, while Greece insisted on it. We did it to respect Bulgaria as EDEN's full member. Why Greece wanted Turkey in so badly? From today's perspective, was it a mistake since soon after that EDEN falled apart?

I am a guy that I do not judge history with what if. Decisions were made back then, I cannot tell why we insisted so hard in Turkey’s entrance because I was not in charge back then. EDEN dominated the world with Turkey but soon changes came and the so called brotherhood alliances were destroyed once and forever.
I was a member of Greek Mofa team when Eden was shut down and I can assure that this did not happen because of Tr or Bg..

Q12) What's your favourite thing to do in this game? What makes you happy and what keeps you motivated? What are your personal plans for the future and do you see yourself becoming eIrish one day?

As for the game,hehehe ok.. Bass and serious voice mode on.
I am the Eternal Elite Commander of one of the coolest Military Units in the game, MINOAN LEGIONS, not only we are cool but we have some awesome damage and planning lately. MINOAN LEGIONS for me is elife, it is the reason I play and spend money to make the life of every and each member of us easier. I also enjoy making military plans for Greece along with some other guys that we share the same view for the game. Speaking the truth I had lost respect almost for everyone in erepublik, but then I met Ireland and found hope once again. Finally I always played to help the little ones, whether it is a single player or a whole community. I had plans to make my own foundation and help every community that behave like a family, but some RL things happened and I cannot spend the hours that I want in that project, I hope I can make it in the future! My country is Greece, but my soul is Irish, and if any change is made in the legend mechanics probably my cs will be Irish too!

Q13) Last, but not the least. Who would you suggest as the next person to take part in my interview? Is there anything you'd like to add, send some kind of a message out?

My message to the eWorld is to avoid playing erepublik while having in mind RL issues, it is just a game and if Greek and Turks became allies who knows some cool things might happen, why not Croatia and Serbia or Balkans United? As for erepublik owners the only thing that I can say is to respect people’s money and time in the game,you know how to fix everything,just do it.

I would like to hear the opinion of the other side, I suggest for an interview Morrpheus or NENODS or nikol000, Han Solo would be interesting too.

PS I speak england very best

Once again, thank you Drawback! It's been a pleasure to talk to you and I'm looking forward meeting you better in the near future. A guy who loves Ireland as you do always gets the love back, so be sure you'll be loved by many. I'm looking forward seeing you in eIreland one day.

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