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[Forward Bloc PP] One more time

Day 2,030, 23:17 Published in India India by Akshit IInd

Hi all,
I am standing for the elections this term (June-July 2013).

For the new members of the Party:-
I am an experienced player. I have served the party for one time as Party President (PP) and wish to do it again 🙂
Key Points:-
1. Create an active IRC channel for the party.
2. Start a forum for passive debates.
3. I don’t care for congress much…but will send only those who are willing to serve the country. (at least 1 noob.)
4. Blow activity into the party with the ffice (VP, Councillor, SG etc)
Vote for me..



Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 2,030, 23:18

All the best akshit 🙂

e3.14159 Day 2,031, 14:15

im a noob!

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