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[FG4CP] I Accept! Unity time.

Day 1,870, 09:49 Published in USA USA by fingerguns


I received word last night from emdoublegee, PP for the American Military Party, that I have won their primary. That is the 3rd top party nomination I have received, and unless the rules have changed again, I think that means I will be facing off against RGR on the 5th.

I am officially the Unity Candidate, and this is due in no small part to people working on my behalf. My idea of campaigning is releasing a bunch of articles that lay out what I want to do. Apparently there's more to it than that. You have to like directly ask people to vote for you. Thanks to the people who helped, specifically Jefferson Locke. I asked him to be my CoS a while ago and he's already operating as my right hand. Also thanks to the Feds. They are the ones who encouraged me to run in the first place and the whole party has been extremely supportive and helpful. Love you guys!

Now, the problem with being a Unity Candidate is you go into the general election knowing that there are quite a few people who didn't vote for you. I won the popular vote and the Unity system, but the haters are hating. Some of them didn't vote for you just because they are good friends with your opponent. But a few of them didn't vote for you for real reasons- they disagree with your proposed policy and direction. This is an important one because there were no close primaries. I either won by a lot or I lost by a lot. So you're either totally on board with what I've been saying or you think it's the wrong direction and will only vote me because the alternative is a PTO. I would rather you vote for me because you agree with me, but I know that's going to be a long road.

I tried to make this election as substantive as possible. The 'vote for your friends' element is what it is. Nothing can be done about it. But while JJ and I agree on a lot of different things like fighting the PTO and making government run more efficiently, what I think is best for the nation going forward and what John Jay wanted to do were very different things when it comes to alliances. He wanted us to stay neutral for another month, and I see that as something of an impossibility at this point. The only way we could really continue being neutral or work on creating some new alliance would be if other nations, specifically our bros, wanted that too. And they don't. Now that doesn't mean I think we should jump into the first alliance that comes along, I simply mean that we have a lot to consider here. We want to keep our friends close. We want to maintain some level of influence. We want to have some control over the future. We need more options, and staying neutral would actually limit them.

As I have said before, I'm not sure these are the decisions I would've made had I been the one in a position to make them, but this is the situation I'm walking into. I've heard the arguments for and against CoT. I've heard the reasoning, I'm aware of the work that's already been done, and I know of the potential benefits. I've talked with our allies and I know where they stand. I've also heard the concerns about being in an alliance with nations who are friendly with our biggest enemy, and in some cases enemies of our friends. I share in these concerns and I'm not taking this lightly. I firmly believe that there is plenty of negotiating to be done and I am not afraid to walk away from a lost cause. However, I also think the world will continue to change as we participate in these negotiations. There won't be 3 alliances forever, and I know where I want the eUS and her bros to be when that time comes.

This will understandably be a large part of the next term, but it will not be the only part. Over the next few weeks, we will fight to regain bonuses that can help take the strain off of our domestic communes. We will battle this PTO threat more fiercely than we ever have. We will greatly improve communication and there will be some much-needed transparency and streamlining of the government. I've set out some ambitious goals for a single term, but I am absolutely determined and I have a clear plan to accomplish them (actually the only thing that I don't feel needs to be finished by the end of my term is full membership into an alliance...discussions will go on for as long as they need to). It will, however, require cooperation. It will require a belief that we don't have to be in love with each other to work together and be our best selves. It will also require an admission that no one individual in this game knows everything and can do it all alone. I don't and I can't. You don't and you can't. That's why we need each other.

I know very well what it means to both serve and lead a group of people. My background is in party work and I don't think it's any secret how much I love my party and how hard I work for them. I will do my absolute best for you, too. I am honored to be your candidate and look forward to working with you.

My Cabinet list may look a bit unconventional, as it is lacking a lot of official titles. Some people will fall into specific jobs that would come with titles once the work begins, but managing departments is up to the directors. They'll post a 'who is doing what' article once the term gets going.

Here is the team:

President: fingerguns
Vice President: John Killah
CoS (ATO): Jefferson Locke
CoS (gov taskmaster): Thedillpickl

Defense Team
Director: Emdoublegee
Fhaemita Malodorous
OMS: stewy

State Team
Director: Tenshibo
Paul Proteus
TJ Norton
Ambassadors: BeachBunny

Interior Team
Advisor: Duncan Crowe
Dr. Heisenberg
Chase Mason Mikeals
The Original Hawkie
Mazzy Cat

Media Team
Director: Civil Anarchy
Sir Gulden Draak
One Take Tony
One Sky


We still need team members. If you'd be interested in helping out and getting involved on any level, in any department, please fill out an application! I won't know to give you the job unless you let me know you want it.

For those of you who have already applied, but haven't heard back yet- Thank you for your interest! All of your names and info have been put together and the department heads may still select you to work with their team. If you're not selected right away, you may still be called up mid-term, so sit tight and keep working at it!

This is going to be a good month!

Thanks for reading,

If you've missed any of my campaign and aren't sure where I stand on issues, please read the following:

Part 1/4- Communication and Cooperation
Part 2/4- Think of the Children (Interior)
Part 3/4- Some Assembly Required (Foreign Affairs and Gov structure)
Part 4/4- All of The Angles (DHS and ATO)



fingerguns Day 1,870, 09:51

First reserved for Unity

Greene12 Day 1,870, 09:56

second p/h

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 10:00

WHO COULD'VE SEEN THIS COMING.... Oh wait.... me....

Mr. Fluffer strikes again!

frejzer Day 1,870, 10:00

Who's the woman on these gif images?

Evil.Elvis Day 1,870, 10:13

it's fingerguns of course!

heysenberg Day 1,870, 10:18

Ronald Gipper Reagan stupidly assuming that Pfeiffer has ANYTHING to do with the Federalist primary or ANYTHING to do with the AMP primary.

Dumb is as dumb says.

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 1,870, 10:19

RGR you are more of a Fluffer Puppet than FG. Sometimes I think you were his illegitimate child. I can prove that as much as you can prove your facts so there.

GL FG and Fedz FTW!!!!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 10:25

If he were in the area I am sure she would have him over for dinner.

Do we really want someone who would socialize with America's self proclaimed Dictator?

On the other hand, I run the most democratic and free party in the country.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 10:25

and Pfeiffer exerts his influence over the other elitist parties... everyone knows this.....

Oblige Day 1,870, 10:27

@fingerguns - good luck.

KillAre Day 1,870, 10:28


Arm America #3
Arm America #3 Day 1,870, 10:28


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,870, 10:29


Good luck, especially working on the true unity of your country. I know the same is still going for eCan, alliances in particular.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 10:35

^ Hey Mary Chan, wtf? I am supported by Rylde, not Pfeifferguns.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 10:36

and "true unity" excludes all people who do not like her... so not really.

fingerguns Day 1,870, 10:40

RGR, you seem nervous.

Anwnimos Day 1,870, 10:42


Simulare Day 1,870, 10:50

This whole "unity" business if foolish. Game mechanics allow people from multiple parties to participate. You may not like the choices but, the game is what it is. Many of us are tired of feeling like we have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. My party has already endorsed a candidate. So what, if I don't want to support FG or RGR should I just not vote? Is that what our "republic" has been reduced to?

Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Day 1,870, 10:51


nui04 Day 1,870, 11:00


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 11:03

what's that pfeifferguns? Just keeping the pressure on. 🙂

E R M A L Day 1,870, 11:06

Voted !

Evil.Elvis Day 1,870, 11:07

MCCVII, In times of war, liberties must be cast aside to maintain the security of the nation.

If we lose the election to the Serbs and RGR because of idiots like you wanting to include a third party and dilute our voting power, then there may not be a country to give you those liberties come next elections. The logic is rather simple, so when i see people like you screaming about how democracy has been destroyed, well... I believe your word of "foolish" would be the best adjective.

P.S. You also used the word "Republic";
Does not the top 4 having separate primaries, and reaching a majority electorate opinion that FG's will represent the U.S. in the upcoming elections constitute the very definition of Republic?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 11:11

Serbs are only a fraction of our voters, so stop trying to brand our party as one thing. This is a union of Americans of MANY backgrounds, and we are standing united for a new America.. a better America....

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 11:12

Oh, and TP, what was that ole Benny Franklin said about liberty and security? I'll let you look that one up 😉

Deepchill Day 1,870, 11:14

CURRAHEE, EZC in the White House.

Soren Nelson
Soren Nelson Day 1,870, 11:14

I would like to add that Ronald Gipper Reagan is a petulant child in the body of a walrus.

Fingerguns for CP!

P/H and Pfeiffer-free

Bucephalus92 Day 1,870, 11:15

Congrats FG

I love RGR's comments, anyone who takes 2 seconds to look at them can see they have no substance.

LordRahl2 Day 1,870, 11:16

Congratulations AFA!!! Publius has won your nomination!!!


Official AFA Voting Officer

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,870, 11:18

Oh Federalist trolls..... figures.

Btw, yay comments! They are beating votes! o/

fingerguns Day 1,870, 11:20

Man, you're really freaking out, RGR.


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,870, 11:23


Evil.Elvis Day 1,870, 11:26


You let me know when Mr. Benny Franklin starts playing this game, and i'll be more than happy to prove him wrong as well.

WillyPedro Day 1,870, 11:35

Hail to the chief!

stewy Day 1,870, 11:44

"On the other hand, I run the most democratic and free party in the country."

Zomg I roflmfao.. anyway.. gl fg

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,870, 11:44

'So what, if I don't want to support FG or RGR should I just not vote? Is that what our "republic" has been reduced to?'

Yes, I will only vote for fingerguns late and only if it is close; otherwise I will not vote.

P.S. You also used the word "Republic";
'Does not the top 4 having separate primaries, and reaching a majority electorate opinion that FG's will represent the U.S. in the upcoming elections constitute the very definition of Republic?'

No, when primaries are run in secret on out of game forums it is a dictatorship; until primaries are held in game and in the open where citizens who are not forum members can vote we will continue to have 'Fluffer Pick Presidents'

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,870, 11:55


Evil.Elvis Day 1,870, 11:57

Maybe you should pick a different party if you think there is something suspicious about your primaries.

There is nothing "secret" about the Fed primaries, and any Fed Party member can participate. We also make sure to shout the link several times in the party feed to make sure that all those that want to participate, can.

Sounds to me like you either need to get more involved in your party to help them get better organized so that you can reach the level you wish to achieve, or just flat out find a better party. In either case, the fault belongs to you.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,870, 12:14

>RGR posts how comments are close to votes
>posted 10 times

fuck logic amirite?

Simulare Day 1,870, 12:17

pixel.. You use the word "idiot" to describe me for simply having a differing opinion. I find that extremely telling. When you can't make a convincing argument you are reduced to name calling. I trust that gives you a feeling of superiority and self worth, so, feel free to eRage away.. Just keep it confined to name calling and we can stay civil.

Another idiot once said "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." I tend to agree with that notion. Answer me this, in this war you claim to be fighting, what is the end goal? What has to happen in order for you to feel that you've won? How will you measure success? Are we going to be forced to hold our noses and vote for people like FG until RGR and his pals leave eUS or eRep for good? How long will that be? A month? A year? Forever?

I suspect that you can't answer that question because it is dependent on things well outside your control. You can ban every AFA player but you can't stop them from returning. You can try to take over a particular party but you can't stop another party from popping up in its place.

eRep game mechanics provide fertile grounds for this kind of thing to occur. Perhaps the answer is for eRep to make political office terms > 30 days. Maybe that's the kind of discussion you non-idiots should be having rather than trying to fight a war with no clearly defined or attainable objectives. Course, that just may be me showing my idiocy. Truth may be that the patients may indeed be running the asylum.

We have multiple parties for a reason. eRep gives citizens the right to join a party that most closely matches their interests and beliefs. Just because you've convinced people that someone's notion of unity is the "right way" doesn't make it so.

No one in eRepublik pulls my strings.. If that makes me an idiot, so be it.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,870, 12:18

lol RGR stop paying for votes and lets see how the comment/vote ratio stack up ; )

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,870, 12:20

fingerguns, what is your foreign policy? economic policy? and how are you more skilled to be president than RGR?

LordRahl2 Day 1,870, 12:24

RGR has not even been democratically nominated by the AFA Elnoor.

But based on the AFA elitists' track record it would be hard for her to do worse.

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,870, 12:28

LordRahl2, we are at two different levels here. When i was playing this game, you we're still farming on facebook. In over 4 years, i created and destroyed both countries and alliances (See Ukraine or EDEN). The same i can say about people. For me a person, has value based on what he can do in this game. I DO NOT GIVE A PUCK regarding what he does in reality.
So Fingerguns, at level 29...can you really lead America? Can you make it a stronger country? And how?

fingerguns Day 1,870, 12:37

Elnoor, I wrote 4 articles explaining what I plan to do. Hopefully those help.

Evil.Elvis Day 1,870, 12:44


You're right, there are some things outside of my control, like for example how the admins design this game.

I'm playing the game I was given, with the most sound strategy that my friends and I can collectively come up with to prevent our nation from being PTO'd by foreign nationals. If you think you can suggest a better one, I, and the rest of the eRep community would love to hear it.

As far a quoting some real life famous figure that died over a hundred years before this game was invented, and trying to apply his logic to the strategy of the game, well... yeah, sounds pretty "idiotic" to me. Further more, we've not removed your chance to vote for your candidate of choice, we've simply adapted it to fit the shortcomings of admin programming, ...playing the game we were given.

I, for one, will not be holding my nose when I vote for Fingerguns, in fact, I'm quite looking forward to the day when I can help put her into office.

Sp0ke Day 1,870, 12:47


Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Day 1,870, 13:15

You have my support and vote. One more loss for RGR.

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,870, 13:25

FH4CP , p/h

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